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8 Characters We’ll Like to See In Street Fighter VI

8 Characters We’ll Like to See In Street Fighter VI

The release of Luke marked the beginning of the end of the game. We can start looking forward to a new title in the popular series from next year. Street Fighter V has had an interesting progression. Upon release, it was roundly criticized for the incomplete feel of the game, and some of the new mechanics (V-Skill, V-Trigger) took some getting used to. But since 2016 till now, the game has evolved, and if you were to ask anyone how they feel about Street Fighter V, you would get an overwhelming sense of positivity. We don’t even hear as many complaints about the netcode anymore.

However, one of the places that SFV excelled was in its roster. Sure, the base roster was lacking, but we currently have 45 characters (minus Eleven), and for the most part, people are quite pleased with the selection. Also, the new Street Fighter characters introduced in the fifth installment of the game have been a hit, and many people love the likes of Laura, Rashid, and Zeku.

So, who can we expect in SFVI? Luke certainly, since they have said that the character is a peek into Street Fighter’s future, but he certainly isn’t the only one who will be in the game. So, in this list, we want to look at the other characters we would like to see in a new Street Fighter title. Our list will only contain players that are not in the current game. We already know that the likes of Ken, Ryu, and Chun li will be in the game (they have been ever-presents from the early days). If you’d like to So, here we go.


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For the longest time, Balrog was the only boxer on the roster until the advent of Dudley. This English gentleman is a lover of the art of boxing and is an absolute gentleman. Everything about Dudley screams class, from his dress to his impeccable mustache. He was a popular character in Street Fighter 4, but he was nowhere to be found in the latest game. Not only was Dudley a character with great normals, but his style was also sufficiently different from Balrog to make him his character. It was refreshing to see that he wasn’t simply a copy-paste of the other gloved man and that he was also a viable pick against opponents. We want him to join the roster and bring back that gentlemanly charm.

Evil Ryu/Violent Ken

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Yes, Street Fighter has a lot of shotos, but every single one has a personality, and depending on the skillset, they have various playstyles you can utilize. Evil Ryu and Violent Ken are different personalities, but it is highly unlikely to get the two of them in one game. Evil Ryu was last seen in Street Fighter IV and he was so much fun to use. Therefore, it would be really awesome to get Violent Ken who was last seen in Ultra Street Fighter II. From a story perspective, getting Violent Ken might be weird, but who cares, having the ability to use a stronger version of Ken that doesn’t have the same happy-go-lucky character is definitely appealing.


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Abel is one of those characters that really crept up on people. First introduced in Street Fighter IV, he soon won people over with his unique take on the grappler archetype. His punishing normals and menacing movement made him an intimidating foe and a great character to use. It was a shame that he was not in SFV as he is a great representation of a grappler character. For many, they would have preferred Abel to Luke, but that’s not going to happen, so at the very least, if Capcom can bring him back for the next installment, that would be great.


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Gen was first introduced in Street Fighter Alpha 2, returning for Street Fighter IV. He initially wasn’t the most popular character and some found his different stances a tad confusing. This all changed when Xian won Evo 2013 using this character, and he took a significant victory over none other than Tokido, who was using Akuma (Akuma was a broken character in SFIV). His popularity skyrocketed, and more people tried him out. Unfortunately, he isn’t in the latest game, but there’s hope that he will be around for the next installment. And for those who think he is too old, we have Oro in SFV, so there are no excuses.


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A former student of Sagat, Adon now strives to surpass his former mentor in the art of Muay Thai. Adon was not a fun character to play against, but he was so fascinating to watch. His speed and ability to jump with free reign (kind of how Rashid owns the air now) were a nightmare for many opponents. His hard-hitting kicks felt like Vega’s relentless hits in Street Fighter II Turbo. His exclusion from SFV is much regretted by many in the community, but as a new game is the chance of a clean slate, it is hoped that we get to see Adon and his kicks flying across the screen once again.

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First introduced in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, Remy is a very fascinating character with a tragic backstory. He hates fighting even though he indulges in it. His hatred comes from the effects the path of violence has had on his family. His father abandoned them to pursue martial arts, and in his absence, his sister died. Remy has her encased in ice in hopes that she might somehow be revived. While Remy’s fighting style closely resembles Guile and Nash’s, his unique personality and his lanky frame set him apart. This is because his normals have a lot more range, and his design is super cool. So having him perhaps in place of Nash (who honestly deserves a peaceful canon death) would not be a bad idea for Street Fighter 6 at all.


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There is a common misconception that wherever Yun goes, Yang must follow. This is not true, as we saw in Capcom vs. SNK 2, where Yang only appeared as an assistant mechanic for Yun. Yun has always been the more popular twin with his exquisite playstyle and ease of use. That said, Capcom will need to tone it down with the character if he is to really be a success. There is a tendency to overpower him, which should be avoided in any appearance. Yun in SFVI will be awesome, and it will add a bit of extra flair to what we are sure will be a decent roster.


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You might not find many people excited about Makoto joining the Street Fighter roster. She was a difficult character to master, but once you get the hang of her idiosyncrasies, she is an absolute monster. The likes of Haitani made a name using her in SFIV, which opened the eyes of many fans to her potential. Makoto is speedy, and her heavy normals make her deal damage like a truck. Also, compared to the rest of the cast who generally have crazy fireballs and moves, Makoto’s move list is relatively down-to-earth, which brings a level of relatability to the character. She will be a worthy addition to the next Street Fighter game.

Well, those are the characters we are hoping to see. Are there other characters you hope Capcom will show some love to? Or are you hoping we get a new roster headlined by Luke (like a Street Fighter III situation)? Let us know in the comments.