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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Dust 2

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Dust 2

Dust 2 is a classic one of the CS:GO maps, and if you have favorites in the CS:GO collection, then you’ve come across Dust 2 and played it at some point.

The Dust 2 map is well-balanced, and the action begins right from the very first round. This particular map doesn’t have any tricky routes for opponents to use in rotation, making it relatively straightforward. Dust 2 is a defusal map with two bomb sites: A and B. 

Dust 2 has been revised countless times and is an old-time favorite for most CS:GO players. The map was revised in 2018 and has only been tweaked here and there since, with a slightly bigger change recently in the middle of the map. If you wish to improve your chances of ranking high on CS:GO, mastering Dust 2 is a must. 

We’ve gathered vital information that we feel you should know if you embark on this one-of-a-kind CS:GO journey. 

You Need to Use Clear Messages in Callouts and Communication

Learn the callouts using FPS Champion suggestions and avoid vague messages when communicating with other teammates. When sending out information, ensure it is accurate, fast, and specific. That’s why it’s crucial to learn and memorize the callouts. 

It’s Important to Know the Teams Economy

With CS:GO, there’s a game economy to always have in mind, also known as the ‘team economy.’ Unlike with most shooters, you can’t pick high-end weapons freely here. To become one of the best, you should understand and know how the game’s economic system works. 

Earlier on, we mentioned callouts and how important it’s to use the correct ones. Also, when it comes to the team economy, you ought to know the callouts associated with it too. 

Tips Especially for the Counter-Terrorist (CT) Side

Dust 2 has some tips that are specially for the CT side. Here are a few that’ll help you get ahead in the game: 

  • The CTs use utilities to counter enemy tactics. You have to learn one-way smokes, counter smokes, and counter-flashes. You should keep some utility if you have to grenade the same site. CTs usually invest their top resources in defending the A bomb site. 
  • Know that killing the opponent is essential, and avoid getting killed. Bear in mind that the A site favors players that fight from the ramp because there are multiple angles from which to peak without being seen by the opponent. 

There are more tips you can check out for the CT side. 

Tips Especially for the Terrorist (T) Side

Terrorists need to be aggressive most of the time. The Ts have to defend heavily guarded positions. 

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  • Ts also engage with utility, but they must involve smoke walls, throwing molotovs, or nading in corners where the CTs could be hiding. 
  • Know where the bomb can be planted because there’s no perfect spot to plant a C4, but some spots could be used to your advantage. Check the position of your teammates and know which position works best when defending. 
  • You also need to learn the best positions to plant your bombs. Learn to catch your opponent off-guard without sacrificing map control. 

Tips That Work for Both Sides (CT and T)

Here are a few tips that apply to both sides: 

  • It’s necessary to learn the tricky bomb planting spots. ‘This tip works for both CTs and Ts. 
  • Don’t use all five team members in a single position when defending or attacking. 
  • Don’t be a toxic member, and then start fighting with your team members.

One final tip if you want to master CS:GO maps, then you first need to master the basics. Each map works differently, and there are practice modes made by the community that you can try out to learn and master each map, including Dust 2! So, once the basics are within your fingers tips, you’ll become unstoppable.