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3 Reasons To Try Online Poker For Real Money

3 Reasons To Try Online Poker For Real Money

3 Reasons To Try Online Poker For Real Money

Gamblers play poker for money and the adrenaline rush that comes with each round is a bonus. That’s for sure. Could poker be a game of pure luck or do skills count for something? That will depend on how you look at it. Even if you don’t win, hand reading is an invaluable skill. Learning to see through your opponent’s moves is rewarding. You may be able to accurately tell when they’re bluffing. Whether it was a win or a loss, it’s all good. As long as you’re learning something new; you’re winning. Money aside, here are 4 other reasons why you should play poker online with real money.

1. For the fun of it

We play poker because we love to play poker. Everyone playing with smaller stakes is here for the ride. All the big hitters are in the no-limit table. Like everyone in the baccarat or the roulette tables, we’re here for the adventure. I’ve never seen a “serious” gambler playing slots. You never know when the reel will stop spinning. We win some, we lose more. We don’t expect to go home with heavier pockets than we came and it’s all okay. Do you expect to go home richer after a night of clubbing or dining at a fancy restaurant? Of course not. Life’s short and we’re here for a good time.

Just like all games, poker is competitive. We all appreciate that this is a game where playing by the rules and outsmarting your opponents is rewarded. Money isn’t a measure of success. Winning is winning. When we win; we’re proud and we’re satisfied.

2. To improve on your poker skill

The biggest advantage with online poker over going to a brick and mortar casino is that no one can read your hand. They cannot tell when you’re scared, when you’re reeling in for the kill or when you’re full of remorse. At a casino table, they’ll see the delight in your eyes hitting them like a spotlight when you have both aces and they’ll brace the storm that will hit them. No one can read your hand at an online casino. Think of an online casino as a sandbox where you get to practise new strategies and techniques without having to hide your emotion. You concentrate on one thing at a time.

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We expect that many casinos will be licensed now that the new Dutch gambling law will be effective from next year. All the decent ones will be featuring iDeal as their payment processor of choice. Please look at for an updated list.

3. You can play online poker even on mobile

As long as you have an active internet connection, you can play from wherever; at the office during breaks, on the train ride home and even on the line waiting to have your luggage cleared. There’s even a live poker table where there’s a live dealer instead of playing with randomly generated cards. The rounds never stop at online casinos. Neither are they closed during pandemics that discourage social interactions. Every day is a good day.