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20 Best Anime To Watch Before Bed & Fall Asleep To –

20 Best Anime To Watch Before Bed & Fall Asleep To –

I always have trouble sleeping. That’s why I like to go to bed at around 9pm and watch a series or movie. I usually watch anime these days, because they are so relaxing. I can watch them for a long time and fall asleep easily. I have made a list of 20 best anime to watch before bed. If you haven’t watched them before, I hope you’ll like them.

How many hours you sleep has a significant impact on how healthy your brain is and how well you function throughout the day. Sleep is a crucial aspect of our lives that we often take for granted. You may not realize, but the quality of your sleep can have an impact on everything from your mood, your ability to learn, your ability to concentrate, and your overall physical health. If you feel tired during the day, you may be one of the many people who routinely oversleep.

For a lot of people, sleep is the one thing in life that they can’t really be bothered with. It’s a luxury, something that we take for granted and, to be honest, don’t think too much of. But, does that mean that you have to accept your lack of sleep? Of course not. It’s a fact that, if you want to keep up the healthy habits that you’ve developed over the years, you should take a little time out to have a quick breather around the clock and catch up on some extra sleep. This is where anime comes in. You don’t have to watch anime before bed to fall asleep; in fact, you don’t even have to watch it at all. What you actually need

The anime should be exciting and thrilling. So you’re left eager to see what happens after a commercial break, an episode or even the whole series.

However, there are many different genres in anime – and some are more suited to entertainment than excitement.

Watching a few episodes of a soothing anime can help you sink into your mattress and get a good night’s sleep. And it can be just as good as a cup of valerian root tea or a melatonin inhalation. It probably is.

And here’s our list of really relaxing anime to watch while you fall asleep.


On the 20th. Dagashi Kashi

Some people can’t fall asleep when they laugh, but for others, the small amount of endorphins released by laughing can help them feel good and fall asleep.

Dagashi Kashi is capable of a little laughter without excess.

Although protagonist Hotaru is as dirty as a cartoon girl can be, the vintage charm of the traditional Japanese restaurant where most of the series is set is decidedly comforting.

19. Promoting progress

You wouldn’t think a show that encourages exercise, like. B. Mountaineering, would be a good show before bed.

But you haven’t seen Rising to Encouragement yet.

This is a unique story about the life of a group of female climbers who visit different mountains in Japan.

In other words: Pretty girls do pretty things at great heights.

18. Sleeping with Hinako

Is there a better sleep aid right before bed?

You could say that Sleeping with Hinako is trying to do exactly that….. ….

After all, the show is essentially a point-of-view video about having sex with a hot girl in comfortable clothes.

I highly doubt that Hinako’s teaching and bathing encouraged these activities.

But if you can stand a little fanservice, Hinako will put you to sleep.

17. Cushion boys

If you don’t like cartoons for girls, check out Pillow Boys for cartoons for nighttime.

Like Sleeping with Hinako, Pillow Boys lets you share your bed with an anime character. In this case, every episode, a new person whispers information in your ear.

If you want something to fill the void while you settle in for the night, this is a good option that won’t require too much attention from you.

16. Servant x Service

Most people do not find memories of work relaxing.

But this comedy about a group of government employees may be an exception.

Anyone with a bureaucratic job knows how useless and thankless it can be – and so do these characters.

They make you feel understood and remind you of the less pleasant moments of daily office life.

But don’t start playing an anime character at work after you’ve seen the movie. You could get fired!

15. Tell me I love you

Although I’m a man with a beard and have no hair on my head, I can’t get enough of the romantic anime Shozo Ai – and Say I Love You is one of my favorites.

It follows the romance between shy Mei Tachibana and extroverted Yamato Kurosawa, a popular boy in her high school modeling class, who falls in love with her after she pushes him down the stairs.

Of course there’s a lot of drama here. And some episodes will make you suspicious.

But for the most part, Yamato and Mei’s soothing music and good vibes have a calming effect. Perfect for sleeping.

14. Roduku: A world in bloom

One of the best ways to relax and fall asleep is to watch something that is visually appealing, or better yet, is accompanied by a soothing story.

Iroduku tells the story of Hitomi Tsukihiro, the youngest member of a long line of witches. After a series of unfortunate events in her family, she loses all interest in magic and life – and with it, her ability to see colors.

To help her see the beauty in life, her magical grandmother sends Hitomi back in time so they can go to school together.

This is a well-made live show of the highest quality. P.A. Works did a fantastic job with this animated film, and the colorful magical effects are a highlight.

13. The camp has been disbanded

Camp Laid-Back is another fun element in the genre of cute girls doing cute things.

As the title suggests, the atmosphere of this show is cool and relaxed.

It tells the story of high school girls, Rin, Nadeshiko and their friends, who go on a camping trip to some of the most famous vacation spots in Japan.

Their activities, such as. B. Making marshmallows by the fire is usually fun and comforting – and when I see those girls in winter clothes, I want to crawl under a blanket to warm up.

12. Not Biori

Have you ever felt the peace and quiet of a country town? These elongated settlements, where few people live, are often so quiet that some city dwellers find them too quiet to sleep in!

This is just one of the small problems fifth grader Hotaru faces on her journey from Tokyo to Asahigaoka, a small traditional Japanese village where time seems to flow at different speeds.

It is so small that all the classes have only one classroom – and only one teacher.

Non Biyori thrives in this quiet atmosphere where nothing happens because it adds to the color of the characters.

11. The daughter of the Kobayashi dragon

Another comedy that will surely help you relax is Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, which tells the story of Miss Kobayashi’s misadventures after a dragon comes to live in her house.

The belt, of course.

Kobayashi’s life as an administrative assistant/programmer is very touching if you’re the gullible type. She is hard on herself and responsible for her guilt, a stark contrast to her carefree dragon servant Tohru.

As the series progresses, we get to know other dragons who have recently entered the human world and understand the difficulties they face in adapting.

Ms. Kobayashi’s Dragon Girl contains a lot of absurd humor, but above all it is a touching story about friendship and family.

One that should warm you up and send you to bed with a smile.

10. Father! Angel flew to me….

One of the latest additions to this list is Vataten! – A soulful series that explores the relationship between a university student, Miyako Hoshino, her downright adorable grade-school sister and her equally adorable friends.

The show is all about incessant jokes and pretty girls in costumes – and it gets better with each episode.

Miyako’s character development is fun to follow, and the description of her wonderful relationship with her younger sister is really touching.

9. Barakamon

Adolescence is said to be one of the most emotionally turbulent ages, but being a young adult can also be challenging.

After an attack by aggressive critics shatters his emotional stability, 23-year-old calligrapher Seishu Handa visits his father in the peaceful Goto Islands to regain his inner balance.

Despite the relatively tense beginning, most of the series is actually quite calm, thanks to Seishu’s calm and controlled personality (when he’s not punching critics in the face).

His interactions with the energetic and curious seven-year-old Naru are touching, as is his introduction to the island’s many inhabitants.

8. Sound in the air

When I first saw the movie Sound of Heaven, I was fascinated by the beautiful setting and magical atmosphere of Seis, which is based on the real world of Cuenca, Spain.

In the anime, the incredible places of this mountain town, such as the bridge and the monastery of Saint Paul, are beautifully recreated.

If you want great anime wallpapers, just Google images from this series!

And this beautiful setting is the perfect backdrop for the moving story of 1121 Platoon and its protagonist, Kanata Sorami, who joins the army as an insect bear.

If you like pretty girls doing pretty things in uniform, you won’t want to miss this show.

7. Usagi ball

Parents everywhere will tell you that there is nothing relaxing about having a baby.

Watching someone raise a child is something else.

Usagi Kappa follows 30-year-old Daikichi, who adopts the illegitimate Rin to avoid being disowned by the other members of his extended family.

This unique series tells the story of parenting in a somewhat realistic, yet uplifting way. Stay away from the manga if you don’t want this movie to be ruined by an abrupt ending.

6. Huka

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If you’re not afraid of big muscles and philosophical speeches in a relaxing anime, Hyouka is a real treat.

It tells the story of the members of a classic literature club after the main character Hotaru Oreki joins them to increase the club’s membership and save the club from closure.

When you watch Hyouka – or any other Kyoto animated film – you fall asleep as if a soft pillow had been placed in a clean bed for you.

His characters are so drawn and animated that they look like the coziest people in the world.

Hyouka continues with the iconic, languid protagonist setting the pace of the series – a very leisurely pace. The other three main characters have a reserve of energy.

But one look at Hotaru’s lazy, dreamy face will have you yawning in no time.

5. Natsume’s friendship book

One of the most popular series of recent years is Friend Book by Natsume, which tells the story of a 16-year-old orphaned teenager who can talk to spirits, the Yokai.

Takashi Natsume inherited this book from his grandmother.

And then, after realizing that Yokai has bound them by name, he takes it upon himself to find those spirits and free them from that contract.

Over the course of several seasons, you will gradually see Takashi grow and learn about life by visiting these Yokai. Sure, there are moments of drama and suspense, but for the most part, it’s a pretty slow and atmospheric series.

4. Aria

Sometimes it’s better to go back to the classics.

The animated series Aria was launched in 2005 on Aria Animation and quickly gained a large audience thanks to its attractive setting, beautiful scenery and charming characters.

Other releases such as Aria Natural and Aria Origins have only reinforced this recognition.

The series is set in the distant future on Mars, which has turned into a blue planet called Aqua. To be precise, the action takes place in Neo-Venice, a futuristic version of earthly Venice.

If falling in love with the angelic gondoliers of the future isn’t a vacation, I don’t know what is.

3. The flying witch

We would all love to wake up with a welcome letter from Hogwarts on our nightstand.

But what do real magic users want?

The Flying Witch explores this situation through its protagonist Makoto, a young first-year witch who moves in with her parents in the countryside – where she meets new people and explores a new reality.

You gradually fall in love with Makoto and her new friends as you watch her try to balance witchcraft with normal school life.

2. Tanaka-kun is still faceless

I’m a fan of school cartoons that take me back to a simpler time.

This fantasy series revolves around Tanaka, a sleepy high school girl who can’t stand a morning joke all day long.

During my high school years, I often fell asleep – probably because I watched cartoons in the wee hours of the morning every day. Tanaka reminds me of this, and it makes me terribly sleepy.

Because Tanaka is still asleep, the story focuses on the people around him. It’s about friends, enemies and even romantic interests.

It’s like someone replaced the standard SoL scenario with lorazepam. And it’s perfect for watching anime late at night before going to bed.

1. Musisi

Some shows are so slow and soothing that it’s hard not to fall asleep after a few episodes – even if you love the show!

This happens to most of us with Musisi.

Not only is the main character, Ginko, calm and in control, but the atmosphere of the series is sober and relaxing. It’s like staying home on a rainy day.

Ginko’s interactions with the mushi, small spirit beings made of life energy, can be tense, but somehow it never disrupts the harmony of the show.

Each episode of Musisi is like an independent story. Most of them even include lessons about our place in ecosystems and relationships in the world.

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