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XCOM 2 Console Commands & Cheats

XCOM 2 Console Commands & Cheats

XCOM 2 Console Commands & Cheats

XCOM 2 is an action video game that uses the turn-based gameplay. The game was released by 2K Games in February 2016. It is the second version of the XCOM and so it seems advanced and improved one. Here you are in the avatar of an avenger who collects his team and fights against the aliens’ invasion.

XCOM 2 Console Commands

Here you explore, research, find resources, gather gears and weapons, and much more. XCOM 2 commands and cheats help you by making this easy to achieve. There are a lot more competition and difficulties and it all brings frustration at every point. Using the cheats you can get rid of it and enjoy the game like never before.

How To Activate XCOM 2 Console?

It’s an easy process to get the commands console in XCOM 2, here are the steps:

  • Go to your game and right click it to select Properties
  • Now, look for the option saying ‘’Set Launch Options’
  • There you will see a box with some space. There type: allowconsole
  • Now, click that OK or apply button and open up the game.
  • Once it is there on the screen, press any key ^ or ~ and your console will show up.
  • Now you are ready to enter any commands or cheat you want.

XCOM 2 Console Commands and Cheats

PowerUp – using this command you can all the units powerful and infinite amount of ammo.

TakeN Damage – just like the previous one, the command makes your units indestructible.

giveresource Corpse Advent Trooper # – just type the amount you want in place of # and it will assign you the corpses.

giveresource Abilitypoint # – similarly, enter the amount you want as your ability points.

giveresource Intel # – this one is to get Intel, the amount depends on you.

giveresource EleriumCore # – the command gives you elerium Cores in any number.

Light Plate Armor # – try this command to get any number of Spider suits

MediumPlatedArmor # – this one is for Predator armor. Take any quantity you want.

Heavy Plated Armor # – just replace the number with # and get E.X.O. suits.

Light Powered Armor # – this one is for Wraith suits.

Medium Powered Armor # – if you want some Warden armor then use this command and type your requirement.

Heavy Power Armor # – the command gives you W.A.R. suits in the desired quantity.

AddItem BattleScanner # – get BattleScanners in any number you want.

AddItem Mind Shield # – this one is for Mind Shields.

AddItem HazmatVest # – Hazmat Vests.

AddItem Stasis Vest #    – Stasis Vests, just replace # with the quantity.

Reload Upgrade # – just enter your number it will give you that amount of Autoloaders.

Aim Upgrade #   – want to get the amount of Scopes? Go with this command.

ClipSize Upgrade # – using this one player can get any number of Extended Mags.

Crit Upgrade #    – if you want to have the Laser Sights then try this command.

FreeKillUpgrade # – this one assigns the player Repeaters as much as he wants.

Free Fire Upgrade # – Hair Triggers can be achieved when you enter this command into the console.

Miss Damage Upgrade # – this one gives you stocks in any quantity.

Skip – this one disable the AI from taking the turn.

Toggle Unlimited Actions – now you are free to use unlimited actions but take care of the circumstances as it may be applied to AI as well.

Force Crit Hits – now, every hit you make will be a critical one but again AI can use it too.

Toggle_fow – you are not limited to any area and using this command you can view the entire map.

See Also

Restart Level – if you do not perform well in any mission and want to replay it then use this command.

Heal Soldiers – this one in no time will heal all the hurt soldiers.

LevelUpBarracks # – use this command and level up all your soldiers.

SetStratagyFacilitiesSuperSpree – this one seems really cool as it allows the player to instantly build all facilities at free of cost. You can toggle it on or off.

Enablecheats – this one enables you to use the commands and cheats.

giveresource Elerium Dust # – get Elerium Crystals in any amount you want.

giveresource CorpseFaceless # – any quantity of Faceless corpses.

giveresource CorpseMuton #    use this command for Muton corpses.

additem EpicPCS Agility # – if ever you want to gain Superior Agility.

additem EpicPCS Conditioning # – just for Superior Conditioning

additem EpicPCSFocus # – similarly, Superior Focus.

additem EpicPCSPerception #    – Superior Perception

additem EpicPCSSpeed # – Superior Speed and the quantity you want it in.


XCOM 2 console commands and cheats provide you an amazing way to enjoy the game flawlessly. It is like your entire wish come true by just entering the command into that console. So, enjoy your game really well and do share your comments.