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Why Online Slots are Growing in Popularity

Why Online Slots are Growing in Popularity

In recent years, the popularity of online slots has been undisputed. Slots have always been popular with gamblers in brick and mortar casinos, but since online platforms exploded in popularity, people have been playing slots online in unprecedented numbers. A report by the UK Gambling Commission confirmed that in 2018, online slots accounted for 69.3% of the revenue taken by online casinos, making them by far the most popular online game. What’s more, the overall worth of remote betting is £2.1 billion, whereas the online casino segment is worth £3.2 billion.

When faced with such statistics, it’s clear to see that the online casino industry, and slots, in particular, are so popular with gamblers right now. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why online slots are growing in popularity.


Like with many things in the modern world, you are playing online slots is much more convenient than attending a bricks-and-mortar venue to complete the same activity. If you have a smartphone and access to the Internet, you can log in to your account and play online slots pretty much anywhere in the world, at any time.

Although this is undeniably a positive when it comes to convenience, it is also a challenge for people who become easily addicted to slots, as there is very little stopping them from logging in and spending money on the games.

New Player Bonuses

The online casino market is incredibly competitive, with many companies vying for each player’s custom. The way online casinos attract new customers is by offering incredible new player bonuses, which give players free bets when they deposit a specific amount.

Players are totally spoilt for choice when it comes to online betting companies, and the vast array of new player bonuses on offer through sites like ramses book slot entices players in and keeps them active in the market as they attempt to extract as many free bets as possible from different sites. The bonuses and promotions offered by online casino sites have undoubtedly contributed to the rise in the popularity of online slots.

Huge Variety of Games

Because there are so many online casinos for gamblers to choose from, there is a huge variety of games for them to play. Some of the most popular online casino games come in the form of branded slots, where players can enjoy games that are influenced by some of their favorite TV shows and movies, including I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, and Rick and Morty, for instance.

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In the online casino industry, particular platforms buy the rights to a particular show and are able to create unique games that appeal to the fans. In addition to the branded shows, there are so many traditional slot games for players to choose from, meaning that there really is something for everyone.

Overall, online slots are so popular right now because they are convenient, offer excellent value for money, and provide gamblers with a huge variety of games.