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Why is a Ten Year Old CSGO Still a Relevant Game?

Why is a Ten Year Old CSGO Still a Relevant Game?

Though CSGO has been out for over a decade, it remains one of the most popular FPS games. Here’s why!

Counter-Strike Global Offensive is a popular first-person shooter game created by Valve Corporation. Millions of players play the game monthly, even though the game is already very old. Some players tend to stop playing, but they eventually return to the game for many reasons. In this article, we’ll give five reasons why CSGO has stayed relevant throughout the years!

The Game Is Simple And Straightforward

The first reason CSGO has stayed relevant throughout these years is that the game is straightforward. You can download the game for the first time and already learn how it works in less than an hour. This sole reason has made CSGO insanely popular as the game is easy to understand and will help grow the player base.

Other titles, such as Valorant and League of Legends, will require you to learn all the different characters, which can ultimately take up to hundreds of hours to learn. Meanwhile, players can learn CSGO with minimum effort. Players can master recoil control and utility usage later on.

The game’s simplicity also means that non-CSGO players can easily tune in to CSGO matches and understand what is going on in the game.

It Is Now Free-To-Play

Back then, players had to pay money to download Counter-Strike Global Offensive, but as of 2018, Valve announced that CSGO would be completely free to play. This change has increased the player base of CSGO, as a famous title like CSGO became free of charge.

The game is free to play, and players don’t have to pay for any in-game purchases that will increase their chances of winning matches. Players don’t get bonus stats or advantages from spending money on the game, as the only thing you get from paying money is skins which will not increase your odds of winning games.

People love CSGO because there are no pay-to-win features, allowing for an even playing field for players of different income levels.

CSGO Has An Amazing Esports Scene

Even though the average CSGO player base has decreased throughout the years, millions of people still keep up with the esports scene even if they don’t play the game anymore. This is because the game is simple yet has an incredibly high skill ceiling.

Players who have never touched Counter-Strike can still enjoy CSGO matches, as there’s not much to understand. Despite the game being straightforward, a high-skill ceiling is still present, allowing viewers to witness amazing plays by CSGO’s best players.

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The CSGO scene has exciting tournaments where professional players and teams compete in. These teams exist with sponsors on their jerseys, just like you would see in any traditional sport, such as football and basketball. Counter-Strike also has a fully functional professional circuit, ensuring that tournaments will often happen for viewers to enjoy.

CSGO Is One Of The Best Esports To Bet On

Whether you like it or not, it is almost undeniable that the betting scene on esports titles is enormous. With CSGO being one of the best esports to bet on, many people continue betting on CSGO matches, keeping the game relevant as many viewers tune in to watch live tournament games.

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CSGO bets are generally safer than other games, as a team must win 16 rounds to win a match. Compared to Valorant, teams only have to win 13 rounds to come out victorious, meaning there is a smaller room for error. People who bet on Counter Strike GO also have many betting markets, including Match Winner, Map Winner, First 5 Rounds, Handicap, Race to Rounds, and more. These options make CSGO betting extremely exciting as players can analyze and bet on many different choices. For a decade, CSGO has remained one of the most popular esports, especially in betting.

Valve Still Updates The Game

Last but not least, the final reason we will cover in this article is that Valve is still constantly releasing updates to the game. Even though CSGO has been out for ten years, Valve is always coming up with something new to bring in new players and old players back into the game.

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Valve often releases gameplay updates to ensure the game stays healthy and relevant. These updates can include weapon changes, where certain weapons can get buffed or nerfed. Different buffs and nerfs will make CSGO players try new things to adapt to the recent changes. Adjusting to other metas will keep players entertained as they’ll have to learn new things.

Other than gameplay updates, Valve constantly releases weapon skins and Operations. With the massive CSGO weapon skins market, players always look forward to new skin releases that can pull them back to playing the game. Operations in CSGO are events that allow players to do quests in the many different game modes in CSGO. This will enable players to try out different modes instead of strictly playing the Competitive mode only.


In conclusion, there are a handful of reasons why millions of players are still playing a ten-year-old game daily. The free-to-play game is always an attractive feature that pulls in new players, and Valve constantly releases updates, such as balancing updates and operations, to keep the game active. And even though many players have stopped playing CSGO, the professional scene keeps the game relevant as retired players and players who don’t play the game can tune in to watch the fantastic esports scene that CSGO offers.