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Why Indians Love Volleyball

Why Indians Love Volleyball

People from India are in love with many sports. Things like kabaddi and cricket are probably the first examples that come to mind. You can wager on the volleyball match live 1xBet, which offers excellent opportunities for matches taking place in India and the rest of the world.

Another sport that has been picking up momentum in this part of the world is volleyball. The number of people who play it at an amateur and even a professional level has been steadily increasing. This is also noted in the performance of Indian teams at a broader stage, where they are obtaining increasingly better results. Now you can visit 1xBet live to wager on any volleyball match that you want.

Excellent Past Results

Despite volleyball in India just picking up momentum, the national side has had some surprisingly good results. In fact, the national squad has won three gold medals in the Asian games. While they haven’t secured a place in the Olympics yet, it is more than likely that this will happen sooner than later. Punters can come across the best volleyball match odds from, which can be used on matches from the Asian Games and other tournaments.

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Those triumphs have made people start loving the sport. However, there was another significant occurrence that made even more people, especially young ones, start liking and practicing this sport. This took place in 2003, and was the moment when the Indian youth volleyball national team secured a historic second place. That occurrence can be seen as a turning point of Indian volleyball. The best volleyball match odds from the 1xBet bookmaker can also be taken advantage of while wagering on the Indian national squad.

Future Prospects

It is likely that the love and popularity that Indians feel for volleyball will continue increasing as time moves forward. Results of the national teams are improving, and the domestic competitions are increasing their follower base. Another highly entertaining sport is football, and at you can wager on plenty of matches.

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Some other reasons why Indians love this sport include:

● it requires very little investment to practice it;

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● it encourages physical activity;

● and there are real possibilities of becoming part of professional teams.

While disciplines like kabaddi or cricket continue to rule in India, don’t be surprised if volleyball starts to approach their levels of popularity in the future. At any moment, you can visit 1xBet and explore the dozens of volleyball matches available with great betting opportunities.