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Where is Vietnam Ranked in Football?

Where is Vietnam Ranked in Football?

Where is Vietnam Ranked in Football?

Vietnam’s standing in global football events is an intriguing subject. The ranking of Vietnam’s football team in international tournaments fluctuates regularly. Here is an account of where Vietnam’s football ranks currently.

Tournament Ranking
FIFA World Ranking 92nd
AFC (Asian Football Confederation) Ranking 14th
SEA (South East Asia) Games Ranking 1st (Defending Champions)

Vietnam now holds a FIFA rank of the early nineties, which isn’t straightforward to maintain. The national team has been producing some great results in its matches recently and has been climbing up the AFC chart at the same time.

Last year at a tournament, Vietnam defeated Indonesia with a scoreline of 4-0. It was an incredible triumph for their SEA Games campaign that continued throughout their games to emerge victorious as defending champions. They are looking forward to further success as they maintain their dominance in Southeast Asian football.

Vietnam may not be in the top rankings of FIFA World Rankings, but at least they can take comfort in knowing they’re better at football than America is at spelling ‘Vietnam’ correctly.

FIFA World Rankings

To understand where Vietnam stands in the world of football, you need to know about the FIFA World Rankings. In order to gain a better insight into Vietnam’s current standings, we will dive deep into its performance in previous FIFA rankings. Additionally, we will also discuss the various factors that have an impact on Vietnam’s rankings in these rankings.

Vietnam’s Performance in Previous FIFA Ranks

With FIFA World Rankings constantly changing, it is essential to monitor Vietnam’s position. The national team’s recent performances have been impressively steady, thus reflecting positive growth in the overall rankings.

Below is a table showcasing Vietnam’s performance in previous FIFA ranks. The data speaks volumes about the upward trajectory of Vietnam’s national football team.

Year Ranking
2018 102
2019 98
2020 94
2021 92

Apart from making its way up in the rankings, Vietnam has also bagged impressive achievements like being one of two Southeast Asian country teams at the final round of World Cup qualifying for the first time ever.

Monitor Vietnam’s performance with vigilance so that you do not miss out on any exciting development in upcoming FIFA rankings. Stay tuned!

Sorry Vietnam, turns out winning a war doesn’t bump up your FIFA world rankings.

đội tuyển bóng đá quốc gia việt nam

Vietnam’s FIFA World Rankings can be influenced by several factors, including recent match results and performance in important tournaments. Here is a breakdown of some key elements that have an impact on Vietnam’s rankings:

Factors Affecting Vietnam’s Rankings
Recent match results
Performance in major tournaments
Success against higher-ranked teams

It is also worth noting that the FIFA ranking system takes into account the relative strength of opposition, as well as the importance and recency of matches played. This means that even if Vietnam wins against a lower-ranked team, their ranking may not necessarily improve significantly.

In regards to Vietnam’s rankings, it is interesting to note that they have steadily risen over the past few years. In September 2018, they climbed to their highest-ever position of 96th in the world. This success can be attributed to a string of impressive performances in competitions such as the AFF Championship and AFC Asian Cup.

Overall, while there are multiple factors affecting Vietnam’s rankings in the FIFA World Rankings, consistent performance, especially against more highly-ranked teams, plays a crucial role in improving their position on the global stage.

It looks like the Asian Football Confederation Rankings are giving North Korea a better chance than their missile program.

Asian Football Confederation Rankings

To gain an understanding of Vietnam’s ranking in football in the Asian region, dive into the Asian Football Confederation Rankings. This section explores Vietnam’s standing in the rankings and how it compares to other AFC nations. Discover the benefits of understanding these rankings and how they affect Vietnam’s position in the football world.

Vietnam’s Place in AFC Rankings

Vietnam’s rank according to the Asian Football Confederation Rankings is discussed in this article. The current position of Vietnam in the AFC rankings will be analysed and portrayed using a table with appropriate columns to provide an accurate understanding. In this table, the true and actual data regarding Vietnam’s performance, such as their total points and ranking will be displayed.

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Based on the table, Vietnam is currently ranked 13th in the AFC standings with a total of 1,227 points. They have displayed impressive performances over time that sees them sit above nations like Jordan and Syria among others. Generally, they have shown great potential and competitiveness in international football competitions.

A noteworthy fact regarding Vietnam’s football history is that they reached the quarter-finals at the 2019 edition of the Asian Cup for just their fourth appearance in the competition. This achievement has put them even more greatly on the global map of footballing nations.

Looks like Vietnam is the underdog in the AFC rankings, which ironically makes it the perfect team to root for.

Comparison of Vietnam’s Ranking with Other AFC Nations

Vietnam’s Rank in the AFC Nations is analysed below. A table illustrating Vietnam’s rankings and relevant data compared to other AFC nations is presented in the following paragraph.

Rank Country Points
14 Iran 1491.7
15 Saudi Arabia 1489.4
16 Australia 1482.6
102nd Palestine 19843172 th> < td >65 .6 th >

Vietnam ranks at the bottom of Asia’s top-tier football countries, with Australia, Iran and Saudi Arabia firmly seated at the top three spots. Based on recent matches and other factors that influence football rankings.

Interestingly, Vietnam climbed five spots in the Football Ranking since last month as they secured a decisive victory over Indonesia. It showcases Vietnam’s ever-increasing strength in Asian football, with many people looking forward to their performance in future matches.

Additionally, Vietnamese football has seen dramatic growth both on a national and international scale recently. One such development can be traced back to their excellent showings at different competitions including the AFC Cup and AFF Suzuki Cup.

In summary, Vietnam may still be considered an underdog by some individuals but one cannot discount their continued growth and success despite the competition from other AFC Nations.