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What’s The Ideal PC Gaming Rig on The Market?

What’s The Ideal PC Gaming Rig on The Market?

There’s no denying that the best way to experience playing today’s most popular online video games is from a custom-built or prebuilt desktop computer.

Dedicated gaming PCs built with gaming in mind are far more powerful than consoles, handheld gaming devices, smartphones, and tablets, and they are the preferred choice for serious gamers.

Let’s dive straight in to discover the names of some of today’s best PC gaming rigs on the market.

Why Are Pcs (Desktop Computers And Laptops) Ideal For Gaming?

Although PCs are clunky and static devices that can’t easily be moved around, most people still regard them as the best computing devices to play online and offline video games.

They are great for playing everything from cutting-edge live dealer casino games from award-winning providers to blockbuster titles like Red Dead Redemption 2, Final Fantasy XV, Cyberpunk 2077, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

Some of the main advantages and benefits of gaming from a PC are the following:

  • Desktop computers and laptops can be customised to make them powerful enough to handle hours of playing even the most advanced graphically demanding triple-A video games (e.g., liquid-cooled fans instead of air fans to cool systems)
  • Desktop computers have more accessories and peripherals that can enhance the gaming experience
  • Gaming keyboards have more controls and allow players to create their own hotkeys
  • Gaming PC monitors, especially curved screen gaming monitors, make open-world games even more immersive
  • The graphics and animated sequences are far superior to dedicated gaming PCs
  • You can go for bottom, middle, or top-of-the-range affordable PCs to suit your gaming needs
  • PCs are easy to modify and upgrade as and when needed
  • Far more games to choose from when playing from a dedicated gaming PC

If you want to experience playing games from a decent rig, the best thing to do is order the parts individually and then build one yourself.

If you don’t think you have what it takes to build one yourself or don’t have a clue what components you will need, such as CPU, RAM, GPU, and casing, then you may want to ask the professionals and perhaps get them to build one for you based on what games you will be playing and how long you will be playing in an average session.

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Alternatively, you can purchase a prebuilt PC gaming rig from a reputable website or land-based computer specialist. The best thing to do would be to shop around to try and find the best deals before spending any money.

What Are The Ideal Pc Gaming Rigs In 2024?

Today, there are many prebuilt PCs to choose from to suit all types of gamers, but instead of listing too many, here are the names of just five top-rated PC gaming rigs you may want to consider getting before any others. They include the following impressive PCs:

  1. Alienware Aurora R16 – by far the world’s number-one, high-end gaming PC
  2. HP Omen 45L – best overall gaming PC
  3. iBuyPower TraceMesh Gaming Desktop – an excellent choice for gamers on a tight budget
  4. MSI Vision Elite RS 14NUI9-679US – choose this one if you’re looking for the latest generation gaming computer
  5. MSI MEG Trident X2 – if you’re looking for something small and compact, go for this one

Final thoughts

Building a gaming rig isn’t for everyone, but it is the cheaper option when compared to the average cost of store-bought, prebuilt gaming PCs.

If you are going to build one from the ground up instead of buying one that’s already assembled, always research which components to buy and how to install them correctly before you get stuck in.