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What to Look For When Choosing a Cricket Betting App

What to Look For When Choosing a Cricket Betting App


Initially, let’s understand what sports betting is. It is an intellectual bet between a player and a bookmaker: the player makes his prediction on a sporting event and bets money that the prediction will turn out to be correct. If the bet is right, he gets his money back with a profit, if he loses the bet, he loses it. Each bet the bookmaker assigns a coefficient (quotation) assessing the probability of this event. Betting on sports has really gained enormous popularity in recent times. Now every person of full age can register with a betting company and take advantage of the full range of services it provides. Today it is possible to bet on any sporting event and not only. For many players it is one of the sources of income, and some even use it as their main activity. By the way, it is really available to everyone, anyone can make a bet and get rich. But in order not to get caught by cheaters and choose the best application for this you need to know their characteristics, how they differ and what is the first thing you should pay attention to. In all this you will be able to understand after reading the information presented in this article.

There are several main factors on the basis of which the choice should be made:

  • Speed of operation;
  • Convenience;
  • Performance at low internet speeds;
  • Functionality.

Below you will find a full and detailed description of each of these points, thanks to which each of you can choose a really good bookmaker with a quality and convenient application.

Speed of operation

The application should work quickly and correctly. Long loading of the line in real time turns out to be a loss of profitable odds. Every second can be decisive. That is why this is the very first factor to pay attention to.


The main functionality should not be further from you than three clicks. Also, pay attention to the color palette of the application, it should not be very bright.


The location of sections and the presence of the main buttons are also one of the important points of convenience.

Performance at low internet speeds

It often happens that the Internet fails at the most important second. In order to avoid inconvenience and loss of money, treat this factor as responsibly as possible. Some programs do not work correctly in conditions of a poor connection – they reset authorization, require a reboot and hang up when accepting a bet. Speed fluctuations should not affect the operation of the application too much.

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The mobile app should not be inferior in functionality to the bookmaker’s site. Most often in the “economical development” bookmakers sacrifice auxiliary, but very useful sections. Some programs, for example, are deprived of video broadcasts and a match center.

Benefits of a mobile app

About 80% of people use the Internet from their cell phones. Bookmakers realized this and rushed to create mobile applications for the most popular operating systems – Android and iOS. Some succeeded better than others. The main advantage is mobility. After all, the phone today is not at all small compared to the computer and it can be carried everywhere, which means you can bet anywhere. So watch the evaluations and read about the functions of the most popular cricket betting apps and choose the one that is more suitable for you. Why do we need a mobile version when we have a website?

  • Most importantly, the line in the app loads much faster, which is very important when playing live, that is, during the match;
  • Bookmakers give various bonuses for installing the program. Here you kill two birds with one stone – you get a convenient application for betting and a freebet. You can get from INR 500 to INR 10000 for registering with a legal bookmaker;
  • When the bookmaker’s site is unavailable due to technical work, the application in some cases works as usual.

Important! Download applications only from the official sites of betting companies.

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