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What to Know About CS:GO StatTrak Skins

What to Know About CS:GO StatTrak Skins

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You must have come across such a concept as StatTrak when you bought a new skin, or maybe you just heard about it from more experienced players. In this article, you will learn how it works, what it is for, and how to get it. Looking ahead, it can make the game more fun and exciting, especially if you want to monitor your results constantly.

What Does StatTrak Do in CS:GO

StatTrak is an additional element that makes the skin more expensive. to keep track of how many enemies you have killed using certain skins with StatTrak mode.

Externally, skins with a StatTrak counter differ from regular skins in only one small detail. This tracker looks like an LED display on a weapon and is engraved on knives. It is a decorative element and a huge motivation for players who want to achieve maximum kills.

You can watch how the value of the tracker grows with each kill. The maximum value that can be reached is 999,999, after which the counter is reset. You will not be able to track kills using someone else’s skin with a counter. It is because one of the main tasks of the counter is to personalize the weapon and make it unique only for you.

Not all weapons have skins with a counter, mainly knives, shotguns, rifles, pistols, SMGs, and LMGs.

List of The Top StatTrak CS:GO Skins

Let’s look at a few skins considered among the best for many years. Some of them are the oldest CS:GO weapon skins.

M4A4 | Howl

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The most expensive and rarest StatTrak skin is M4A4 | Howl. Well, its price corresponds to the level of its rarity because it is a Contraband skin and is beautiful.

This skin became popular as soon as it appeared in the game and then became the center of a scandalous situation. That’s why it’s so hard to get now. In addition, it does not depict the original drawing, but a reworked one since the original is protected by copyright. Those lucky ones who managed to snip off the skin with the image of a fiery wolf can make good money on this.

SSG 08 | Blood in The Water

SSG 08 | Blood In The Water is one of the most expensive skins for this sniper rifle. It was added to the game on November 8th, 2013, as part of one of the most sensational updates to CS:GO – “The Arms Deal 2”.

It has a reasonably laconic appearance with minimal use of paint. But this makes looking at the skin and viewing the details even more interesting. It is an image of a shark that has smelled blood and swims with its mouth open and ready to attack.

Karambit | Crimson Web

The well-known and beloved knife Karambit | Crimson Web, is one of the most popular and expensive knife skins in CS:GO. It appeared worldwide in 2013 as part of the “The Arms Deal” update. He was part of 11 original CS:GO cases.

Today it is a very desirable skin, especially with the StatTrаck mode. Surely every player wants to see this crimson-red blade with a small black web in their inventory.

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M4A1-S | Printstream

M4A1-S | Printstream is a skin that appeared in the game and became famous thanks to the experiments of JTPNZ. It was added to the game in 2020 as part of The Broken Fang Collection. The artist who created this skin did not expect such a buzz around his work, but ultimately, his creation became one of the top skins in CS:GO. He created a whole series of such skins at the community’s request, of which M4A1-S | Printstream and Desert Eagle | Printstream are the most popular, highly desirable, and correspondingly expensive.

Skeleton Knife | Fade

Another great, beautiful, and expensive Skeleton Knife skin | Fade. It appeared in the game in 2019, along with the launch of Operation Shattered Web. Everyone knows that the Fade skin series is extraordinary, so, unsurprisingly, this knife skin is so popular.

How to Get StatTrak Skins in CS:GO

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Getting StatTrak skins is different from how you can get regular skins. You can get classic skins in many ways by purchasing, opening a case, or even for free. You cannot get the StatTrak skin for free, but only by purchasing it. The easiest way is to buy a skin on the marketplace separately from the case. If you want to get the skin from the case, you must open the case inside your inventory; for this, you need to have a case and a key.

Yes, StatTrak skins are always more expensive than their classic counterparts, but that doesn’t mean all StatTrak skins cost a lot of money. Their price can be pretty budgetary and sky-high, just like the price of classic skins.

To Wrap Up

Well, as the examples of top StatTrak skins show, they can serve not only so that you can count the opponents you have killed but also to make money on it and do it in different ways. So it is worth remembering that each skin is unique and may become a real find for collectors, especially if it is a StatTrak skin.