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What to expect from Dota 2 in 2022

What to expect from Dota 2 in 2022

Back in 2013, American games developer Valve released the much-anticipated sequel to Dota, a full decade after the original graced the gaming monitors of players around the world. Since then, it has become of the most popular esports games on the planet! Not only that, but Dota 2 tournaments are the most lucrative of any games currently in play, with upwards of 40 million USD being made available at any given tournament. The crazy thing is they barely even advertise, in stark contrast to other multiplayer favourites like League of Legends. So, as the 2022 system of tournaments is being arranged, what tournaments should we expect in the new year, lets take a look.

Dota 2 has a new DPC system 

2021 saw the new DPC or “Dota Pro Circuit” introduced after major delays due to the pandemic. The new circuit changed from 3 seasons to 2, and the minors were replaced by regional championships that we will discuss more. Although since the new system has come into play, it has been under plenty of scrutiny from players across the DOTA 2 landscape.

In days gone by, in Dota 2 online betting, the season consisted of many different tournaments, with the 12 teams accumulating the most DPC points getting a direct ticket to “The International” or TI for short. 

Last year, as previously touched upon, the tournament system was replaced by a league system, with each region having its own six week long DPC league. As a result, the teams with the most points went to the majors for the international competition. 

Points could be earned in both the regional league and the majors. On a positive note, 2022 will see three leagues as originally planned instead of the two in 2021.

With the advent of the leagues, cybersport has become more like a traditional sport. Nevertheless, the new system has a few problems, such as unbalanced league point distribution and majors or leagues that are too long. Despite this, the new system is still ploughing along in Dota 2.


In 2021, eSports has, by no other choice, learned to live with the coronavirus. Major championships have returned, and more and more competitions are taking place in LAN format. Now competitive gaming continues to evolve further. Next year there will be even more exciting events. 

It is just worth clarifying that not all organizers of esports tournaments and e-sport bets Vulkanbet stick to a strict long-range plan, especially in a pandemic environment. Much of the information is unknown, and some tournament operators have yet to reveal their plans. 

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Dota Pro Circuit 2021/2022 

is a Dota 2 tournament in which teams from the same region battle for the DPC points needed to qualify for the majors and The International. The inaugural DPC 2021/2022 season for SEA will feature 16 teams. 

The Dota 2 2021/2022 league will be played in a best-of-3 format. The best teams will qualify for the first Dota major in 2022. The prize money is $280,000. 


  • ● SEA; 
  • ● China; 
  • ● South and North America; 
  • ● Western and Eastern Europe. 
  • Dates: 
  • ● Dota Pro Circuit 2021/2022: Season 1 – 29.11.2021 – 23.01.2022; 
  • ● Dota Pro Circuit 2021/2022: Season 2 – 14.03.2022 – 24.04.2022; 
  • ● Dota Pro Circuit 2021/2022: Season 3 – 06.06.2022 – 17.07.2022.