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What is Tailoring, Its Roles and Principles of Pumping in the World of Warcraft

What is Tailoring, Its Roles and Principles of Pumping in the World of Warcraft


When you play World of Warcraft, you will quickly come to the profession system, especially in the Dragonflight update, when the developers have radically revised the mechanics of the craft and made them really profitable when you can earn gold without even leaving a peaceful city.

If we take tailoring, then specialists produce magical armor and various items to enhance the crafting abilities of the hero himself and other craftsmen, which can be sold, among other things.

The main advantage of sewing is the absence of a special profession for the accumulation of resources for processing into threads and sewing products. You can leave the slot free or take another profession for leveling and additional income, for example, the creation of staves.

The only catch that can be is the accumulation of resources for pumping craft to the level of creating really valuable items for yourself or the game market. This can be done through a long grind or just buy the right amount of gold from the Skycoach service and convert it into resources.

What has Changed for the Tailoring Profession with the Release of the Dragonflight Update and Patch 10.5

Tailoring has undergone many changes, like all professions in general, due to the return of their values.

This happened for a number of reasons:

  • The developers made it possible to create items for other players without personal binding to the creator.
  • A system of specializations that allows you to master a specific branch of professions and become a true specialist in a particular section. For example, a master of magical armor, a resource specialist for other professions, a bag maker, and so on. To start, you need to get 25 levels of your profession.

Which Class is Good at Getting Fabric for Leveling a Profession

You need to take into account that the fabric is more about the extraction of a resource and not its creation from two materials.

Knocking out such materials is easier to do on heroes, who are great at collecting monsters in groups and then shooting them with AoE skills.

The Balance Druid and the Beast Mastery Hunter are the best at this.


There are two key differences between them. The Druid can strengthen himself at the expense of the extracted materials, and the Hunter can only be sold as unnecessary. Therefore, the selection of a hero exclusively by a set of resources only works if you sell all the extracted materials to artisans and not use them yourself, or you will produce magic armor and sell ready-made solutions to magicians, healers, shamans, and other casters.

Characteristics for Occupation

With the release of the Dragonflight update, all master craftsmen and resource gatherers have received a common term of characteristics.

This drastically changed the production system, as stat values added both special tools to increase potential and general advantageous circumstances that would enhance the hero and his skill.

Consider the main values ​​and their influence:

  • Overproduction is a parameter that allows you to create more items and resources as a result than was originally planned.
  • Resourcefulness is the opposite of the previous parameter, which allows you to save most of the materials, but create the same item as originally planned.
  • Inspiration – Each craftsman has a general mastery stat that determines how good items he can craft and how likely he is to craft a masterpiece. Inspiration significantly increases the chances of creating truly unique items and simply access to the best crafting in chance equivalent.
  • Speed is a less significant parameter in terms of value, but you need to understand that if you work with processing, or create goods in batches, then speed will allow you to produce large amounts of resources and finished goods that are useful for your hero and the server as a whole much faster.

All crafting and production chance situations will be accompanied by audio and visual components in the crafting interface, so you will always know and see exactly which scenario has been realized and what benefits you have received, even if you play without sound.

What Equipment will Help Develop Key Skills and Ideas in the Production of Weaving and Magical Armor

Spring Shears – an item created by an Engineer and allows you to get +132 to a random characteristic and can be transferred after creation without going to the order table.

The jacket, or tailor’s attire, is created by the fabric master himself. Increases the general parameter of inspiration and overproduction and even +10 tailoring skill in case of getting a good quality item, which is what you should strive for.

A set of needles – created by blacksmiths and give an increase to resourcefulness and speed.


You don’t have to worry about forgetting to equip useful items before starting work. The system itself determines the presence of all valuable and important items related to tailoring, equips them on the hero for the duration of production, and then removes everything back to inventory.

Development of Specialization

When you get to the Dragon Islands, immediately go to the master of your craft and learn the profession again, from that moment the development of your profession and specialization as a whole will begin.

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The general concept of learning a specialization is that you can potentially learn all the ramifications of your craft, one direction right away and the rest over time through quests.

You need to earn dragon knowledge points in order to invest them in crafting values.

You will receive the first points for primary crafting and will be able to fully explore one of the directions, but the rest will have to be received from quests, which has a cooldown within 7 days.

Conclusion by Profession Tailoring

This is an original and very profitable profession due to a wide range of applications.

It is needed by all magic classes and heroes who want to expand their inventory.

Tailors can decide for themselves which profession to take in an empty slot, since they do not depend on the craft to collect resources for their profession.

You can learn the profession of inscription to create staves if you play as a full-fledged magic class and fully provide yourself with the necessary equipment on your own.

The new crafting table system allows you to fulfill the orders of other players and simultaneously upgrade your profession and earn gold. Of course, initially, a minimum number of assignments will be available to you, since the players themselves set the qualification of the master that they want to see, but globally this is the best system for earning a profession and bringing real benefit to the entire server by responding to orders.

You can choose a specialization and become rooted in your skill and create truly unique magic equipment for your class, sew bags of large capacity, create rare materials.