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What are Cascading Reels and How Do They Work?

What are Cascading Reels and How Do They Work?


In the early days of online slot play, players were only exposed to what were referred to as “fruit slots.” These crude games offered a minimum of pay lines and not much in the way of extra game features. Thanks to the powers that be, HTML5 software development technology came along and opened the door to many great innovative gameplay features. It was the introduction of exciting features that brought video slots to life.

Software developers have done a great job pushing the limits in recent years. They have innovated fun and interesting ways for online slot players to derive extra value from each reel spin. Let’s look at the gameplay feature called “cascading reels.” The following information will focus on introducing the feature and how it works.

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How the Cascading Reels Feature Works

It’s important to note that cascading reels are also called avalanching, tumbling, and rolling reels. Regardless of what the feature might be called on a given video slot, it always works the same way. This feature can be integrated with a wide range of game matrix variations. That includes online video slots with 4-7 reels and 3-7 rows, covering hundreds of possible pay lines.

The fun always starts with a base spin. The player will hit the spin button and give the reels a spin. As the reels come to a stop, they hold the possibility of creating winning reel/row alignments, which will result in initial payouts. That’s when the cascading features come into play.


After the initial wins have been recorded, the symbols that created the wins will cascade away and be replaced by new symbols covering the same game matrix. If there are new winning reel/row alignments, those get paid as well. What happens next will depend on each game’s specific rules.

Sometimes, the cascading feature will only get triggered once per base spin. With that said, it’s far more common to see the cascading feature continue repeatedly until no new winning reel/row alignments are created. At that point, the player returns to the base spin and starts again.

How to Find Online Video Slots That Offer the Cascading Reels Feature

If you are interested in playing online video slots with cascading reels, you might need help finding them. To be clear, due to the growing popularity of this feature, it has become much easier to find video slots with cascading reels.

The best place to start your search would be to visit the websites of top online casino software developers that tend to focus on innovative video slot features. Top software developers will have a few cascading reel slots in their game libraries. FYI: Netent, Microgaming, and Play’n Go all come to mind.

Perhaps the easiest way to find cascading reel video slots is to enter those words into a search engine. The responses you’ll get will likely include online casino sites offering cascading reel slots and the games’ names currently available.

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How to Choose the Finest Cascading Reel Slots

Once you know what’s available and where they can be found, you’ll be faced with selecting the cascading reel video slots that best suit your needs.

If things like game theme and the software developer of record are what you value most, that’s fine. However, the likelihood of winning money should always be high on your list of video slot-playing priorities. We suggest you focus on two things when selecting the best cascading reel slot options.

First, the game’s “Return to Player” or RTP percentage warrants consideration. This represents the percentage of every dollar wagered on a given slot that eventually gets returned to players in “gross” winnings over the life of the video slot. As a point of reference, the average RTP percentage is slightly over 96%.


The other thing you need to pay attention to is the slot’s volatility. If you don’t mind grinding out small wins, a slot with a low volatility rating would be fine. If you are looking for bigger payouts that might come infrequently, go with high-volatility options.


If you want to have fun playing online video slots, do yourself a favor. Look for options that offer fun and exciting game-playing features like cascading reels. You never know when a feature like this will deliver a big win.