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Weirdest Stories and Facts About Gambling

Weirdest Stories and Facts About Gambling

Gambling is one of the oldest activities known. It dates back to the Palaeolithic period. The earliest mention of gambling was in 3000 BC: it was the time when six-sided dice appeared in Mesopotamia.

Today, there are many types of gambling: casino gambling at, lotteries, sports betting, horse racing, and others. All you need is a low deposit casino and a stable Internet connection to start playing. Now the gambling industry is an international commercial activity popular with thousands if not millions of players. So, many stories involve gambling in our history.

These stories are intriguing and unusual. Hope, you will like them as they are educational and interesting alike.

Sounds of Loss

The King of England, Henry VIII, went down in history as a passionate lover of ladies and bloodshed. But not all know that he was a fan of gambling. Henry was a very unsuccessful gambler, if not the most.

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The King of England competed with both monarchy leaders and commoners. As a rule, Henry has always lost.

Once, he even lost the cherished Jesus bells of old St. Paul’s church on a roll of the dice against Sir Miles Partridge. When citizens found it out, they became angry. To cool their ardour, he tried to deceive the nation that the bells were worthless. However, people did not believe him, and Gambler №1 could not reassure them.

What Gambling May Come?

This story is about a British man — David Bradford, and his wife, Denise. They’ve been married for 35 years when Denise found out her husband was a compulsive gambler who lost £500,000 in 30 years.

At first, the lady was shocked, but finally, she found the strength to forgive him. A full-time housewife, Denise could not believe it until a faithful call in April 2014.

David re-mortgaged the family home and stole about £53,690 from his employer. Gambling fuels him to dare to commit more crimes. He ended up with nothing: David could not even afford to fix the boiler in his house.

After 30 years of addiction, David did not give up. While in prison (for the crimes committed), he visited support groups and joined Gamblers Anonymous.

This story has a happy ending: together with his son, Adam, they have founded a charity organisation that helps people in need. They raise money to help people facing gambling addiction.

The Great Piggy Bank Robbery

The story about Sharon may seem quite ordinary: she has struggled with a gambling addiction since the 90s. Nothing foretold troubles: one night, she came home and quarrelled with her husband. After the incident, she decided to air out and headed to the local pub with slot machines. After one gambling session, she earned $190 and thought it was bloody easy.

From this moment, Sharon turned a harmless hobby into a full-time job. Things were getting worse and worse: addiction worsened, her husband left, she did not care about her children, and forgot about friends. All that mattered to her was gambling.

One night she sneaked into her daughter’s bedroom to take away her Piggy Bank. The girl woke up and was scared to death, and the woman dropped the savings from the Piggy Bank. When Sharon realised that, she ran away to the garage.

After a while, her daughter came to the garage. The baby gave all the money she had to the mum, who was off to the pokies.

Prisoners Gambling

You might think there’s nothing unusual about gambling in prisons. Yes, prisoners often bet on something day by day. However, it was not of interest to inmates in Nevada State Prison who could gamble at a real casino directly in prison.

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Nobody knows how it was possible to open a casino that was operating with no licence. Not a single organisation would allow the casino to work as all the dealers there were felons. However, it kept running till 1967 when it was finally closed.

The casino had a poker room, a sportsbook, and even craps and blackjack league.

The money earned from gambling went to the inmates’ welfare fund, and prisoners lived comfortably.

A land-based casino located in prison was absolutely against the law. Surprisingly, it survived that long.

The Smallest Casino in the World

Everybody knows about the biggest casinos in the world. The palm for the first place is split between two famous casinos — Vegas and Macau. But what about the smallest gambling venue in the world? Do you know where it is?

The smallest casino in the world is in Birmingham, namely, in the “black cab” taxi. There is not much space inside, but the company that runs the business could put a table, a slot machine, a bar, and a dealer inside.

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The taxi is to bring people from any place in Birmingham to the Grosvenor Casino. However, if you don’t intend to visit the casino, you may stay inside and gamble in a taxi. If clients want, a driver can take them around the city while they are playing slots or table games with a live dealer. All the profit made by the casino is given to charities. Great decision, right?