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Vehicle Upgrades on a Budget

Vehicle Upgrades on a Budget

You love your car and keep it well-maintained. However, you want to make improvements that make your vehicle look upscale. Unfortunately, you don’t have unlimited funds. So, what can you do to your automobile to spruce it up on a budget? The great thing is you don’t need to pay for someone to install the items listedin this article or have mechanical prowess. This can save you more money as well. This article will list many upgrades that you can do on your vehicle that are inexpensive.

Air Fresheners

Air fresheners are used by many drivers to add a nice fragrance to the inside of a car. They are available in many different scents as well. They come in a variety of designs, like gels, hanging, and sprays. Some are even refillable, which is great if you discover a favorite scent. When auto dealerships are looking to improve the smell of vehicles for sale, they will often use air fresheners in the vehicle to cover up any undesirable odors. If you operate a car dealership or car wash and are looking to purchase Custom Printed Air Fresheners that hang on the rear-view mirror of the vehicle, consider MBR Marketing at:


Bluetooth is a technology that lets you utilize your mobile phone hands-free. You can also stream music as well. If your car isn’t equipped with it, you can buy a universal kit. These kits don’t have to connect to your vehicle’s stereo. You also have the option to utilize an adapter that does connect to your car’s stereo. Or buy an aftermarket stereo for your Bluetooth needs. If you did go the route of the aftermarket stereo, you would need a professional to install it. That might cost you more than you want, though. You would have to weigh your options depending on your budget. It would be considered a big upgrade since you would be updating your vehicle’s technological capabilities.


Upgrade your headlight bulbs to a brighter and newer kind (Xenon HID and LED). These bulbs are the standard now. Bulbs are inexpensive so don’t be scared to replace your dim or dead ones immediately.


Try purchasing a cover for your steering wheel. There are a variety of designs to choose from. They can be padded, leather, or carbon fiber, and they come in many different themes and colors. Some even glow when it’s dark. Make sure to clean your steering wheel before placing the cover over it.


Seat covers are another option to give a more custom look to the inside of your car. There are so many designs, and colors to pick from. You can even get them custom-made with one of your photos.

A dashboard cover might also help improve your car’s interior. Whether there is wear and tear or you just want to have a new look, a cover for your dashboard is a simple and cheap upgrade. There are vinyl and velour wraps available in kits for your vehicle. You can even stick it on yourself.

Floor Mats

If you want to keep your car’s interior floors clean, invest in some floor mats. They will help safeguard the carpet. Choose floor mats that match your style (and your car’s carpet if you want). The mats are usually made from carpet or rubber. Know the size of the product and whether it will fit in your vehicle before purchasing it.


Not only do hubcaps look good, but they also decrease the amount of moisture and debris that can build up. The price will vary depending on what kind you want. Only you know what’s affordable or not. There are also wheel covers. They come in chrome or color accents. Whether it’s hubcaps or wheel covers, either one will give your vehicle a new and improved vibe.


You can keep your car clutter-free with a variety of organizers. You can get them for the front of your vehicle, back seat, and trunk. You don’t want to be driving and have a bunch of your stuff move around. Having the organizers will keep your car’s interior looking clean and orderly.

Phone Mount

Okay. So, maybe your car is an older, cheaper model. It doesn’t have things like Apple CarPlay or GPS. That won’t be an issue for you if you get a phone mount. You can attach it to the air vent or dashboard. This will let you see your phone and use the apps on it. Use the Map apps to help you get to where you need to be.

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Shifter Knob

Even doing the smallest things on the inside of your car will make a difference. This includes getting a new shifter knob. You might need to change your shifter knob out of necessity (it’s falling apart as you drive).


Or you can change it for aesthetic reasons. Comfortable ones with a better grip are available as well. A shifter knob like that will boost performance.

USB Charger

Vehicles nowadays typically come with a USB charger (for your phone and other devices). If your car doesn’t have one, you can buy a charger that will plug into the interior lighter. Some even come with more than one port, so charging multiple devices at once is easy. You won’t have to be nervous about your cell phone dying while driving somewhere (especially on long trips). You’ll have a way to charge your (low battery) phone (or other devices) on the road.


You should keep your car clean. But, what else can you do? Many people associate something shiny as new. Try waxing your car after washing it. Not only will your car look glossy, but a decent waxing can preserve the paint job. At the same time, buy some shine spray for your tires. They will also gleam in the light.

In Conclusion

There are numerous things you can do to upgrade your vehicle’s appearance inside and out. What’s even better, it won’t bankrupt you. You can improve upon things for very little money. There were many suggestions in this article, but feel free to do your research on other possible upgrades. Remember, even the simplest of changes to your vehicle can make it stand out.