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Two Screens for the Win! – Why Dual Monitors are Great for Online Poker

Two Screens for the Win! – Why Dual Monitors are Great for Online Poker


New to online poker? It’s great to have you aboard and in the online poker community! You might want to look at your computer setup to get the best out of the games you play. We recommend two screens as this can help newer players as they get started on their online poker journey.

Why Do I Need Two Screens?

Okay, you don’t need two screens – it’s just that you can view multiple resources, webpages, documents, and applications concurrently with two screens. Think of the financial wizards of the world; they’re consistently monitoring new information and data. It’s the same premise you want to employ with your online poker. On one screen, you will be able to Fullscreen the poker room and have another on an additional resource or two to help you. Of course, this predominantly refers to PC usage – but with advancing technology, you could always have your mobile phone as your primary screen and cast your second screen to another device. A triple-screen setup is even an option if your computer has enough HDMI ports! Although, that could be excessive.

Poker Guide or Training Resource

Whether you’re reading a generic poker list hints or accessing content from a paid-for poker training site, make the most of it! Reading it between hands or rounds will only expose you to better poker strategies and general knowledge. Don’t get too invested in the reading, however, as the other players might be waiting for you to take your turn.

By the same merit, there are lots of Poker content creators on YouTube whose videos you could watch as they often discuss elements of the game, like what to do in specific situations or how to bluff. As long as you can keep one eye on the game, then you’ll be fine.

Poker Charts

Poker charts and graphs are great resources to have on hand during a game. The most common is the pre-flop chart, which lists every single two hard combos and rates it on how good it is based on its value. Having this up on your second screen is a great way to quickly assess the strength of your hand.


There are some more advanced grids featuring more information. When you get into the habit of finding the information, you can use more detailed charts.


Artificial intelligence is pretty good right now and all the rage. In terms of online poker, you can even tell ChatGPT what cards you have and the community cards (as they come up), and it will work out a probability of winning. One of the nifty points is that it offers objective advice on the information you give it. It’s especially useful if you’re tilting due to a few poor results. This tool will help you leave the emotions out of your play. You can even add new information as it arrives, i.e. when the community cards are revealed, you can tell the AI the card, and it will re-assess the strength of your hand.

Texas Hold’em Poker Odds Calculator

Another reactive tool that is great to have open during online play is a Texas Hold’em Poker Odds Calculator. This a fairly simplistic tool where you input the cards you have and the community cards, and it works out the percentages of winning. In some variations, you can even add the cards that your opponents have, which will then re-adjust the odds. Yet, unless you’re a clairvoyant, in which case, you’ll have a lot of luck at poker.

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Another Poker Room!

Practice makes perfect, right? So, if you’ve got the funds, why not play a few hands across multiple tables on different platforms, you can even take advantage of multiple bonuses if you click here for great new poker sites to play on.


Or you could open up a free poker app just to get some practice in to see how your strategy plays out in a consequence-free zone. If it works, you can just switch over to the real game and hopefully reap the rewards.

Currency Rate Sites

If you’re gambling in a currency that isn’t your local standard or even a cryptocurrency, one good idea is to keep an eye on the current rates, especially if it’s a volatile fund. You might be down on chips, but if the rate suddenly soars, it might be time to cash out regardless. Conversely, it’s worth making sure that it’s worth gambling with that fund, as it might be pointless if the stock crashes out. Even if you’ve got a royal flush, it means nothing if Turtlecoin is trading in the dumpster.

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