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Twitch Streaming: How To Turn It Into A Lucrative Career

Twitch Streaming: How To Turn It Into A Lucrative Career


As a child, you might have been told that spending all day playing video games wouldn’t benefit you. Presently, it just might! Thousands of individuals currently livestream as they play video games live on Twitch. Additionally, the platform offers a wide variety of content outside of video games, including live food shows and art classes.

Even though Twitch streaming isn’t the quickest way to make money, with time and effort, it could grow into something truly remarkable.

Why is Twitch Great?

Twitch, the future of entertainment, receives content from 7.4 million different streamers each month and averages 140 million unique monthly visitors. The kind of material people connect with on the platforms is the main distinction between Twitch and its main competitor, YouTube.

Twitch is widely recognized as the live streaming hub for gaming and other types of video content. On the other hand, YouTube is well known for offering viewers taped and edited content, including music videos, lessons, and influencer “essentials” lists.

How to Make Money on Twitch

1. Twitch Bits

You can accept bits on your channel once you become a Twitch Affiliate or Partner. This is the virtual money used on Twitch, which users can purchase and donate to their favorite streamers.

Viewers can use the chat to ‘cheer’ bits to a streamer, and many streamers frequently have notifications set up to ensure they can shout out the viewer for their donation. You can also choose to add leaderboards to your channel to show who contributed the most bits. Additionally, when donating bits, viewers can perform animated emotes in chat and win Twitch badges.

2. Twitch Subscribers

Another great approach to earning money on Twitch is through the Affiliate and Partner programs, which also give you the option to accept bits. If people enjoy watching your live streaming, they can pay a monthly subscription to become members of your channel. They will receive benefits in exchange.

Membership benefits can include access to personalized emotes, subscriber badges, and ad-free streaming. Each of the three membership tiers comes with additional benefits, often more personalized emotes, though it varies by streamer.

3. Donations

Consider collecting viewer donations if your account is so new that subscriptions cannot be set up. Until you are well-known enough to attract subscribers, this might be a terrific method to start making money on Twitch. You can set up donations via a PayPal button or a Steamlabs tip page.

4. Upload Previous Streams to YouTube

You can earn extra income by posting your streams on YouTube – even streams of you unwinding to Ripper casino online casino games. You’ll receive a share of the ad revenue for each view, so the more people who watch your clips, the more revenue you can make.


You need 4,000 view hours and at least 1,000 subscribers to be eligible for YouTube’s ad revenue. Many of the Twitch monetization strategies discussed here can also be applied to your YouTube channel.

5. Twitch Ads

You can start running ads during your streams once you sign up as a Twitch Partner. This will enable you to increase your income. However, this monetization approach works best if you have a large audience because you’ll be compensated based on how many times an ad is seen.

However, running a short ad or two hourly can be a terrific way to earn extra money if you have a large stream with thousands of viewers.

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6. Brand Partnerships and Sponsorships

As the popularity and following of your Twitch channel rise, you can approach brands to talk about collaborations and sponsorships. There are numerous opportunities if you have a sizable audience because businesses are constantly looking for influencers.

Building Your Twitch Audience

After looking at some of the greatest names in streaming, it’s easy to imagine how nice it must be to play video games for a living. However, growing and retaining a successful audience on sites like Twitch takes a lot of effort and grind.

Many of today’s top streamers have spent years building their audiences incrementally and discovering new ways to develop their personas and content. They deserve their accolades for sticking with a career path that was not financially rewarding at the beginning of streaming.

The most reliable strategy to increase your audience is creating an inclusive community. The more comfortable your viewers feel with you as a streamer or personality, the more likely they will return to your channel and tune in to your stream frequently.

You can expand both your community and your audience by using the following recommendations:

  • Be reliable – Schedule your streams so viewers know when and where to find you.
  • Engage your audience – Establish a bond that will entice your viewers to return for more. You can eventually attract a following that prefers to watch you for what you have to offer rather than what you’re playing.
  • Cross-post – It’s easy to fall behind if you don’t adjust to the current streaming scene in today’s quick-paced digital age. Maintaining a presence on various social media sites and diversifying your content are excellent ways to engage key audiences and establish greater connections with them.
  • Ask for feedback – Find out what your subscribers and viewers appreciate and dislike about your content, then make adjustments.


When you first begin streaming, focus on making entertaining streams. A timetable might be helpful so that viewers are aware of when to tune in.