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Top 5 Blackjack Wagering Systems

Top 5 Blackjack Wagering Systems

Top 5 Blackjack Wagering Systems

One of the most enjoyable casino games of all time, Blackjack, has several wagering systems that make the game massively attractive. Hence, it’s no wonder that the game is popular among the masses. Moreover, Blackjack has relatively easy rules and low odds in favor of the house, and that’s why it is a hit amongst the players.

Blackjack system

Nowadays, multiple online casino sites have introduced Blackjack due to the massive demand of the players. Many versions of Blackjack have been released on different apps, too. The virtual game makes it easier for gamblers to play from the comfort of their homes.

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What are the 5 Best Wagering Systems in Blackjack?


One of the most accessible wagering systems, flat-betting, is quite popular amongst gamblers because of its simple, straightforward terms. In this system, one has to wager each hand with the exact amount of the last time.

Hence, it lets you have definite control over your expense, and you will also be able to have an accurate budget ready depending on how much amount you gamble every time. Flat-betting has minimal risks when it comes to betting your money in the game.

Positive Progression

If you want to use your winning streak to earn the most in the payouts, then the positive progression system is excellent for you. In this system, you get the chance to increase the amount of your bet every time you win a hand.

But, once you lose a hand, you would be back to square one. Hence, even if the wagering system has the option to earn huge amounts, you need to know when to stop. Otherwise, there’s a high chance of losing it all at the end.

Negative Progression

Well, if you are comfortable with taking a little risk, the system of negative progression is perfect for you. But, keep in mind, each player has to maintain a considerable budget in this wagering system, which is precisely where lies the risk.

In negative progression, you would have to increase your betting amount once you lose a hand. The risk would eventually lead to you winning a hefty amount due to the substantial investment you made in the game.

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Oscar’s Blackjack

Here, you get to start a brand new wagering series after you win a unit. But, you would have to consecutively win a series of bets in the unit to get the chance of commencing a new series.

Now, winning an entire series is not an easy job to do. It mostly depends on your luck, and make sure to have some strategies ready before you start playing.


An alternative method to the Negative Progression system, Martingale, is also quite popular amongst players. In this system, you get to double the betting amount whenever you lose a hand.

But, if you win one, you would have to continue with the same amount as the last one. Also, you can increase the amount when you would be sure of your game.


Well, even with the systems mentioned above, it’s never guaranteed that you would be able to win every game of Blackjack. However, knowing these systems intricately will allow you to gain an upper hand over the other players, even in online casino sites.