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Top 10 Biggest Slot Machine Wins of All Time

Top 10 Biggest Slot Machine Wins of All Time

Top 10 Biggest Slot Machine Wins of All Time

Did you know that there have been massive wins in casino gambling that you may never have heard of? Have you ever wondered what the highest amount to be won in casinos could be? Well, that’s why you have us here. You’ll see the top 10 biggest slot machine wins of all time in no time.

While there are several types of games to play at the casino and win millions from, slot machines have made millionaires of gamblers than any other casino game in history. They are typically designed to make game playing a lot easier. You just have to stick your money in and win. The jackpots are substantial even when the stakes are little. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest wins.

Top 10 biggest slot machine wins of all time

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Below are some of the biggest slot machine wins of all time, most of these wins will shock you and motivate you at the same time. It doesn’t take so much to win big, all you need is to know how to play the game and stake your money where your mouth is.

Unbelievable $6 for $12.7m

Who would have believed that an amount as little as six dollars could make you a millionaire? So was the case of this woman who went to visit her niece for a birthday celebration.

When the results came out, she had won 12.7 million dollars, even though she could not believe it. Her niece had to break it down to her that she’d just made over 2,000,000% of what she dropped in the megabucks slot machine.

This shook the whole of Vegas. Up till today, the record still stands.

The two-time jackpot-winning veteran

What is it that they say about passion and consistency? This 92-year-old veteran shocked the whole of Vegas as well as the entire world when he won the megabucks slot machine jackpot twice.

He’d tried his hands at it for years after serving in the military, the first time he won it was a $4.5m jackpot, and I’m sure you think that it is not that big to make the list. The fact that he continued to play the game and broke the ground-breaking record of hitting the jackpot twice was what took us all by storm.

The second win was a $21.1m win. One would wonder what a 92-year-old would do with the money, right?

The $21m in Caesar’s Palace

This casino is known for some spectacular casino wins, and this one seems to be the one that the world talks about $21.3m win with just a $10 bet, who says big things can’t come from small places?

Would you believe it if I told you that the man who won this ground-breaking slot machine jackpot did it with his first-ever spin? Well, he chose to remain anonymous; however, news flew that it was his first.

Before we go on, did you know you could be one of these lucky winners even if it’s your first time? All you need is some knowledge about the game, a little bit of money, and consistency. And to think you can do all this betting with cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin slots make it easy to stake your bets and still be assured of security and privacy. No one follows you about when you win; it’s just you and your fresh money. There are several mouthwatering benefits you stand to get when you use Bitcoin slots, all you have to do is choose a good casino and become one of the biggest Bitcoin slot winners.

How do you win $24m with just 25cents

It is mind-blowing how this Finnish man was able to throw even the expert poker games players in awe. Although this happened because he benefited from the bonus feature, it still counts as a ground-breaking record.

What can 25cents do for you? Not so much, isn’t it? Why don’t you stake it where your mouth is? You could be the next millionaire.

Crack £13.2 off the internet

When people doubt the viability and awesomeness of online casinos, it causes me to worry a little. Jonathon, a soldier at the time of the win, finally rode his dream Bentley in 2012 after throwing a few bucks into an online casino.

To date, this is still the most prominent online casino jackpot win. Who’s going to be the next and even be the best? This record has to be broken.

It was only a mistake

This is what I like to call a healthy mistake. The kind of mistake every gambler wants to make. A mistake that lands you a whopping $27m in your bank account. This woman is in the records for winning $27.5m with 300 dollars, which she didn’t intend to bet. It is one of the biggest slot machine wins of all time, following just two others.

Cynthia Jay-Brennan’s $34.9m

This is one of the very few big jackpot winners who weren’t too shy to divulge their names. Cynthia raked in approximately $35m in just a single game. However, it was devastating when the casino gambling world later found out about the fatal accident that Cynthia had. Although she didn’t die, she lost her sister and her ability to walk to that accident.

She still holds the record for the second-biggest slot machine winner of all time.

$22m before breakfast

Johanna decided to give a slot machine a shot on a very cool morning, guess what she raked in, cooler cash!!! $22million would turn her entire life around and maybe even make her look 16 again.

The 74-year-old woman made her morning walk one to remember in 2002, and to date, she still holds the record for the 4th biggest winner.

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Another online record

Gambling is for everybody, whether you’re a farmer, a banker, teacher, or even a student like the man on number 9 of our list. The sweetest part is, he cracked this jackpot online, without having to visit any real-life casino—£ 10m in just one night of dedication and commitment. A devoted record-breaker indeed.

Give it up for the biggest slot machine winner

I said this was going to be in no particular order, right? Yeah, it feels good to save the best for last—$ 40m for a 25year old. Slot machines don’t care about how old you are.

As long as you can get the big odds right, you’re getting the figures flying. Do you remember the oldest slot machine winner on our list was 92 years old when he won it? Well, this software engineer is the youngest winner, and he happens to be the biggest.

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Anybody can win, don’t wait for the next name to be announced, be the next name, hit the next game, and, with luck, you could also make us update our list of the top 10 biggest slot machine wins.