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 The top mobile gaming companies in the world 

 The top mobile gaming companies in the world 

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past five years or so, you’ll be fully aware of just how much the smartphone gaming options of today have improved. A huge reason for this has been down to the emergence of gaming phones and even standard devices, which now offer more power in terms of an all-around gaming experience. As such, developers have been able to improve their output accordingly. 

The types of games on offer has become extensive for the average smartphone gamer. Whether you’re on android or iOS, the options are comprehensive. From brain teasers and puzzle titles to classic favourites like online roulette at, the options are mightily impressive. That’s before we’ve even touched on augmented reality releases like Pokemon Go, games like Minecraft VR using a virtual reality headset, and other releases where players can add additional accessories to their devices, like a joystick. Then there’s console-quality titles such as Fortnite making the transition over to mobile, alongside a whole host of other titles. Developers have been able to improve the games on offer thanks to the emergence of the sophisticated smartphone devices of today. 

The types of games on offer has become extensive for the average smartphone gamer. Whether you’re on android or iOS, the options are comprehensive.

With an array of mobile gaming companies pulling in big numbers off the back of some of mobile gaming’s most popular titles, the genre has become extremely competitive. Every company wants a piece of the pie. With that in mind, here is a look at some of the major players in the mobile gaming industry right now. 

King Digital Entertainment

The people behind the likes of Candy Crush, Pet Rescue, Farm Heroes and Bubble Witch, King Digital Entertainment is a world-leading interactive entertainment company with a strong focus on the mobile gaming market. Everyone knows Candy Crush, which is the title that helped elevate the company to new heights.

Candy Crush


After being previously owned by Google, Niantic’s rise from obscurity to becoming one of the biggest mobile game developers has been quite remarkable and largely down to one release, Pokemon Go. Due to its augmented reality aspect, the game received over 100 million downloads in 2016 and hogged the limelight as soon as it was released. A unique title, Pokemon Go, made Niantic into one of the biggest and best games developers around.

Pikachu from Pokemon


Based in Helsinki, Finland, Supercell is a name most smartphone gamers know about. After being founded in 2010, the company has risen up the ranks thanks to hit releases such as Clash of Clans and Hay Day. As a result of a number of popular titles, the company recorded a profit of around $1 billion and had 100 million active monthly users back in 2017.

Clash of Clans


After becoming the first Chinese tech brand to be valued at over $500 billion, Tencent hasn’t looked back since. Its most well-known game, Honor of Kings, helped lift the company, which has recorded notable success in a relatively short space of time. Gaming doesn’t make up Tencent’s entire revenue, but the company is certainly aiming to take over the space. 

Honor of Kings


A Chinese online and mobile gaming company, NetEase has enjoyed a successful leap into the mobile gaming market so far. Originally known for World of Warcraft and other Blizzard games in China, the company has registered massive success in the past with a widely downloaded game in China called Fantasy Westward Journey. 

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EA Mobile

EA is a humongous video game company in its own right, which is why its foray into the mobile gaming market with EA Mobile was always going to be fruitful. Popular titles like FIFA Mobile and Madden NFL has seen EA earn impressive numbers on mobile.

Madden NFL Mobile



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