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The Rumor of a Paid Version of Instagram is False and Misleading from : Do You Have to Pay rs 89 Per Month to Use Instagram

The Rumor of a Paid Version of Instagram is False and Misleading from : Do You Have to Pay rs 89 Per Month to Use Instagram

The Rumor of a Paid Version of Instagram is False and Misleading from : Do You Have to Pay rs 89 Per Month to Use Instagram

The rumor about a paid version of Instagram that requires users to pay Rs 89 per month for basic access is false and misleading. This rumor has been circulating on social media and news sources, but it has no basis in truth.

Instagram’s business model relies on advertising revenue, not user subscription fees. While the platform has explored various monetization strategies, including e-commerce features, it has never charged users for basic access to the app.

It’s important to be wary of clickbait headlines and fake news stories that rely on sensational claims to attract clicks and views. Always fact-check information from multiple reputable sources before accepting it as true.

The False Claim About Instagram’s Paid Version

Recently, released a false and misleading statement about Instagram, claiming the app will introduce a paid version for Rs 89 per month. This has caused shock and confusion to users, so it’s important to address this false claim and separate the truth from misinformation. So let’s discuss the facts.

What is the rumor about Instagram’s paid version?

Despite rumors suggesting otherwise, Instagram has no plans to launch a paid version of its app. A recent misleading claim from suggested that Instagram would become a paid service, costing users Rs 89 per month, resulting in a misconception among users.

Instagram CEO, Adam Mosseri, confirmed that the claim was false, stating that the company will always be a free app. The social media giant, owned by Facebook, relies heavily on advertising revenue and has no intention of changing its existing revenue model.

It is important to be cautious of fake news and rumors circulating online, and to verify the authenticity of claims before sharing them with others, as it can lead to confusion and unnecessary panic.

Pro tip: Always fact-check social media rumors before believing them and avoid spreading false news.

Why did the false claim gain traction?

The false claim about Instagram’s paid version gained traction due to social media users’ fear of missing out (FOMO) and lack of fact-checking.

In today’s digital age, misinformation and hoaxes spread rapidly through social media platforms, and the rumor of a paid version of Instagram was no exception.

The false claim preyed on people’s FOMO, causing many users to believe they might lose access to their favorite app if they did not pay the monthly fee. However, the rumor was soon debunked by fact-checking websites and official statements from Instagram.

It is important to fact-check before spreading any rumors or hoaxes on social media to avoid causing unnecessary panic and confusion. Let’s do our part in stopping the spread of misinformation on the internet.

How did Instagram respond to the rumor?

Instagram has responded with a statement denying the rumors of a paid version of the platform. Furthermore, they have confirmed no truth to the claims made in the misleading article published by

The statement from Instagram asserts that they will always be a free platform, and they have no plans to create a paid version. They have also stressed that they will always be transparent about any changes or updates to the platform, and will communicate these to users via official channels.

It’s important to note that the rumors of a paid version of Instagram are false and misleading, and users should not believe or share such claims. Verifying information and relying on credible sources is crucial before believing and circulating any information.

The Truth About Instagram Usage

Recently, there have been rumors that Instagram is introducing a paid version of the app, and that users will have to pay Rs 89 per month to use the platform. This rumor has been spread by, but it is false and misleading.

This article will delve into the truth about Instagram usage and determine whether you have to pay to use the app.

How is Instagram free to use?

Instagram is free to use because it is a social media platform designed to provide users with a platform to share photos and videos. The app is funded through advertising and promotional partnerships with brands and companies.

False rumors have been circulating about a paid version of Instagram that would cost Rs 89 per month. However, Instagram has repeatedly denied these rumors and confirmed that the app will always be free.

Instagram’s business model cultivates a large, engaged user base that attracts advertisers and brands. For this reason, it’s in their best interest to keep the app free and accessible to everyone.

Instead of charging users for access, Instagram monetizes by displaying advertisements and sponsored posts, which has proven to be a lucrative business model.

Pro Tip: To avoid rumors and misinformation circulating on social media platforms, it’s always best to check the official statements from the company to stay informed.

What are Instagram’s sources of revenue?

Instagram’s primary sources of revenue come from advertising and sponsored content. Brands pay to display their ads on the app and work with influencers to promote their products or services. Instagram also generates revenue through its shopping feature, allowing users to buy products directly from the app.

Contrary to rumors, no paid version of Instagram requires users to pay a monthly fee of rs 89. Instagram has always been and will remain a free app that earns revenue from advertising and sponsored content. As a user, you are not required to pay for any premium features or services. : Do You Have to Pay rs 89 Per Month to Use Instagram

Contrary to the rumors of a paid version of Instagram, it is highly unlikely that it will become a paid service. The false information about a paid version of Instagram has been circulating via social media platforms and, a news source that cannot be trusted.

Facebook, the parent company of Instagram, has always prioritized ad revenue as the main source of income, making a desirable platform for businesses to advertise. Therefore, it is unlikely that they would switch to a paid subscription service and lose their vast user base.

Instagram is free to use and will always be free to use. However, users can choose to pay to promote their posts and get better reach for their content, but that is the only way to pay for services on Instagram.

Pro Tip: Always remember to fact-check the news and not easily fall for rumors on social media platforms.

The Dangers of Misleading Claims

With disinformation spreading across the internet, paying attention to the sources of information you trust has become increasingly important. Unfortunately, this has been the case with, which recently published an article claiming that Instagram would soon be introducing a paid version of its service.

We will investigate why this news is false and why it is dangerous to believe such misleading claims.

How do misleading claims hurt social media platforms?

Misleading claims can significantly harm social media platforms, losing user trust and reducing engagement. recently published an article claiming that Instagram would start charging users Rs 89 monthly for its services. The rumor is false and misleading and can negatively affect Instagram and its parent company, Facebook.

Such misleading claims can spread like wildfire on social media, leading users to question the credibility of the platform and its content. It can also lead to panic, causing users to flock to other platforms and reducing engagement and revenue for Instagram.

Therefore, social media platforms must take necessary measures to curb such misleading claims and ensure that users can access verified and accurate information.

Pro Tip:Always cross-check the information before sharing or believing in such rumors, and report such content to the platform.

What are the potential consequences of sharing false information?

Sharing false information can have serious consequences. Not only can it damage your credibility and reputation, but it can also harm others and the wider society. False information can cause confusion, distort public opinion, and undermine trust in institutions and experts. It can also contribute to spreading misinformation and conspiracy theories, creating a fertile ground for propaganda and extremist views. For example, the false claim of a paid version of Instagram can cause unnecessary panic and outrage among users, leading to a loss of trust and loyalty towards the platform.

It is important to always verify the authenticity and accuracy of information before sharing it with others. This can be done by fact-checking, consulting multiple sources, and relying on reputable and trustworthy media outlets. Pro tip: Always think twice before hitting that share button, and ensure you are not contributing to spreading false information.

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How can users identify and avoid misleading claims?

Misleading claims are rampant in the current age of digital misinformation. To avoid them, it is vital to be skeptical of claims that seem too good to be true and to verify the credibility of the sources before accepting claims as fact.

Here are some ways users can identify and avoid misleading claims:

First, check the source:Investigate the credibility of the source before trusting a claim. Look for their track record and reputation.

Verify the claim:Cross-check claims against other credible sources to ensure their accuracy.

Evaluate the language:Be wary of claims that use buzzwords or overly emotional language to sell a product.

Look for supporting evidence:If a claim is made, check for any supporting evidence to back it up.

In the case of the rumored paid version of Instagram, checking the official Instagram website would reveal that no such version exists. Nevertheless, users can avoid misleading claims and protect themselves from digital misinformation by following these steps.


After evaluating all the available evidence, we can conclude that the rumors about the paid version of Instagram are completely false and misleading and users should not believe these stories.

The only valid way Instagram makes money from its users is through Ads and sponsored posts. However, has not reached out to Instagram and hence it is misleading people by claiming the contrary.

Recap of the false claim regarding Instagram’s paid version

The rumor of a paid version of Instagram that costs Rs 89 per month is completely false and misleading. This rumor started from, but there is no truth to their claims.

Instagram has clarified that it will always be a free app, and they have no plans to offer a paid version. While there may be some optional paid features in the future, the core app will remain free to use.

Fact-checking information before spreading it online is important, especially regarding rumors about popular apps and social media platforms. By staying informed and questioning what we read, we can help prevent the spread of false information and misinformation.

My pro tip is to always verify the authenticity of news before sharing it with others to avoid confusion and preventing the posssibity of spreading fake news.

Importance of verifying information before sharing

It’s crucial to verify the accuracy and reliability of information before sharing it on social media or any other platform. Failing to do so can spread false or misleading information and cause panic or confusion among the public.

The recent rumor of a paid version of Instagram claims that users will have to pay Rs 89 per month to use the app is false and misleading. This rumor was started by a website called, which has a history of publishing fake news and misleading information.

Fact-checking and verifying information from credible sources is essential before sharing it with others. This can be done by checking the source of the information, cross-checking it with other reliable sources, and using fact-checking tools and websites.

Pro Tip: Always check the source and verify information from credible sources before sharing it with others. Spreading false or misleading information can have severe consequences.

Final thoughts and recommendations for responsible social media use

In conclusion, responsible social media use entails being mindful of the content you post and its potential implications. Before reposting or sharing rumors such as a Paid version of Instagram, one should fact-check the news from credible sources. For example, while there was a rumor that Instagram would begin charging users a subscription fee of Rs 89, the claims proved false and misleading. It is important to always verify news to avoid getting caught up in fake or misleading stories. Rumors and misinformation only contribute to spreading panic and uncertainty, which can have devastating consequences. Therefore, always be aware of the content you share and consume and remember use social media platforms mindfully to avoid becomingto  a part of the problem.