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The Retro Games That Still Hold Up Today

The Retro Games That Still Hold Up Today


Also known as vintage games, retro games are in vogue. Yes, they have enjoyed a recent resurgence despite the technological innovations and improvements in the video gaming industry.

Retro games conjure up intrinsic experiences (gameplay feelings) as much as they stir up extrinsic experiences, which are more nostalgic and evocative. Of course, there are a few retro video games that have ultimately stood the test of time, and they are undoubtedly classics in their own right.

To reminisce, we have pinpointed a few games that still spark conversations among retro gamers. As a reminder, the following have been presented in no particular order, but they are some of our favorites.


Known worldwide, even if you aren’t an ardent video gaming fan, you would surely have heard of Tetris. The definitive soundtrack accompanied this simple puzzle-like game where players had to fill in spaces with different shaped objects as they dropped down on the grid, and it was a smash hit when it was released back in 1984.


There is a rather innate but charming quality attached to Tetris. While there have been multiple different versions of the game that have been launched over the years, they don’t hold a light to the original which eclipsed all expectations. Perhaps another measure of Tetris’ success is the movie that came out on Apple TV+ last year which gives off a strong impression that the game is a fun ride.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Deemed as a notable rival to the lovable, but recognizable mustachioed Mario, SEGA hit gold when they brought out Sonic the Hedgehog in 1991. Propelling itself firmly into a then- bygone era of console wars, SEGA’s proud mascot, Sonic, instantly captured the hearts and minds of its players through vibrant graphics, catchy music, and fast-paced gameplay.

The spiny speed merchant Sonic left an indelible impact, and he has outlasted many of SEGA’s other notorious characters. In a franchise that has spanned over 30 years, SEGA has supposedly sold over 1.6 billion copies of Sonic the Hedgehog which is extraordinary, and it has left many Sonic games in the dust.

Final Fantasy VI

Considered to be one of the best RPGs ever made, Final Fantasy VI is also one of the lengthiest games as it takes around 60 hours to complete. That said, the structure of and mid-game twist for Final Fantasy VI was revolutionary at the time, bucking the trend of the JRPG format.


Anyway, the characters and animations blended well together, and it scooped up several awards. Final Fantasy VI was remodeled and given a 2D touch-up on the timeless story. However, for those who prefer more retro graphics, well the original isn’t a letdown.

Creating Retro Vibes at the Casino

While retro games have imbued strong feelings among those within the video gaming community, it is fair to assert that they have also permeated their influence across other areas of the gaming industry, most notably in the ever-evolving digital casino environment.

Indeed, players can cozy up to tried and tested titles at renowned operators, and some of the more casual games available, such as real money scratch cards, have been inspired by slots. Great Win Casino is a prime example of this, as players can locate a Fishin’ Frenzy scratchcard in its library of games, and like the slot, there are ample bonus features and multipliers to keep players entertained.

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In general, casinos like to stock a mix of retro and modern titles to appeal to a wide cross-section of players.

Super Mario Bros 3

Beloved by many a generation, Super Mario Bros amassed plenty of awards and it redefined the franchise with what are now considered to be fundamental Mario mechanics and tropes. The design, music, and power-ups were brilliantly crafted, and this game is still regularly streamed today.

New discoveries continue to be made about this game, and it has certainly retained the nostalgic interests of players.

Summing Up

Despite the inexorable pace of the video gaming industry and the slew of cutting-edge titles that have hit the shelves, retro games should not be perceived as mere relics; they have continued to shape attitudes and foster strong experiences.

Tetris, for example, was a bit of a trailblazer, but as this guide has shown, retro games have brought about a sense of nostalgia, and old can be gold. If retro games can connect players and help them share new memories, then this is something that ought to be celebrated.