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The Most Entertaining Solitaire Games for Your Phone

The Most Entertaining Solitaire Games for Your Phone

A gaming mania for card lovers that started with the Solitaire game in Windows 3.0 is still alive for all card game players. Microsoft might also not have thought that a game, which was introduced to help users learn the use of the mouse, would become so big. According to Microsoft, around 35 million people still like playing Solitaire despite there being so many other popular games.

The good thing is that Solitaire games are not just entrapped in the world of Windows. You can find different versions of this card game online and in the app form. So, if you are also an avid Solitaire lover, you can enjoy the amazing world of this game by downloading any Solitaire app and playing it anywhere you want. However, in the sea of so many Solitaire apps available, it becomes hard to find the best version. That’s where this article can help you.

Here are given the best apps, along with their cons and pros:

Solitaire Bliss

Solitaire Bliss is a popular gaming platform among card gamers because they cater to all platforms, from websites, apps, Mac, and Windows. So, no matter which platform you are using, Solitaire Bliss has a solution for you. Around 36+ card games in Solitaire Bliss, like Klondike, Forty Thieves, Free Cells, etc., are enough to keep you hooked for a long time.

Over the years, the makers of this game have customized it according to the users’ feedback. So, no wonder you get exactly what you are looking for. Its special features include statistics tracking, solvable-only mode, unique card designs, customizable background, zoom-in, and zoom-out options, and a lot more. So, if you are looking for the perfect Solitaire world, Solitaire Bliss is what you need in life.

Solitaired Spider

If you like Solitaire Spider the most, then this is your ground. You can find here different variations of the Solitaire Spider with varying difficulty levels based on the types: 1 Suit, 2 Suit, and 4 Suit. If you are a master in this game, then you can go ahead with 4 Suit games and if you are just testing the waters, then type 1 Suit is perfect for you.

You can open the link and start playing right away – no headache of registration. Don’t worry if losing a game is a challenge for you because you can undo moves and seek help in the form of hints to seal your winning position. So, if you are feeling bored, this Solitaire game is all ready to serve you with challenging games. You will not regret entering this world.

Solitaire Game

As the name implies, you will find here a plethora of Solitaire games that are enough to quench your card games’ thirst once and for all. From FreeCell, Klondike, usual Solitaire, Tripeaks, Patience, to Golf Solitaire, you can play more than 100+ card games here. Yes, you heard it right! You can have a Solitaire party all night once you land here.

The colorful graphics, customizable background, and card designs make this game more interesting for the players. It has various other features besides customization, like undo, hints, and challenging other players, that make it more competitive and interesting, to begin with.

Flick Solitaire App

Flick solitaire claims to give you a card-playing experience you have never experienced before in your life. And once you start playing this game, you find that this game is not just a claim but a reality. It’s 4.6 rating by 9.6K users shows that it is really popular among people, and they find it worth their time due to its 2022-oriented features and revamping. You can confidently say that it is a perfect example of how a Solitaire game should be to give an advanced user experience.

It is also aesthetically unbeatable because its amazing decks and sound effects are designed by professional designers who have delivered par excellence services. These state-of-the-art elements give a satisfying and unique experience that amplifies the enjoyment level to a new degree. The rich concept, animation, and design have given the old classic Solitaire a new appeal that can turn non-solitaire players into Solitaire maniacs – and they will not even regret it!

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Solitaire Fish

Solitaire Fish is another fun version of the classic Solitaire game with an ocean theme. But it is not only just an ocean theme; you create a whole ocean world once you start playing this game. You can create your own underwater world by collecting different creatures, like Butterflyfish, Bonnerfish, Bannerfish, Globefish, Rainbowfish, Clownfish to Anglerfish. It means you can have a blast of double enjoyment while playing this game.

What makes this game more addictive are the many goals and thousands of challenges that unfold when you level up and achieve a milestone. Coins and stars are a few of the rewards that keep people hooked to this game and kept on exploring more challenges to get the satisfaction of becoming the top scorer. You can play this game for free, but if you get a subscription plan, you unlock various features that free players don’t experience. So, do whatever you suit, but don’t skip trying this game at least once. You will automatically be attracted to it for the second time.


So, now you know where all the card lovers should go to kill their desire to play solitaire card games to have never-ending fun and enjoyment. There are many more apps that you can try to keep your Solitaire love rolling for good. But not all apps give the same experience, so make sure to try different versions before marking one of these apps your favorite one.

It is time to get out of the debate that it is a skill game or a matter of luck. Whatever it is, it is worth giving your time because it is also a great brain game that can make your thinking and analytical abilities sharp and strong.