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The History and Rules of the Game of Roulette

The History and Rules of the Game of Roulette

Today, roulette is one of the most popular gambling games, which can be found in all local gambling halls and online casinos such as LuckyBull Casino. Unfortunately, not much is known about the true origin of roulette, but the most credible theory is the legend that the ancient

Greeks used a rotating shield similar to a roulette wheel as a gambling game. So let’s go back in time and figure out when and by whom such a popular game was created today. To begin with, the word ‘roulette’ itself comes from the French language and means ‘wheel .’Most people believe that roulette was invented by 17th-century French mathematician Pascal.

According to this theory, he accidentally developed while working on his perpetual motion machine. However, the parallel between this theory and the use of roulette as a game of chance could not be drawn, so the idea was soon officially disproved.

The first thing that comes to mind for newcomers to the roulette game is that the rules are very complicated and can only be understood after playing for several years. But that’s not the case. Roulette, as a way of playing the game, and its rules are straightforward.

The only thing to consider is the variation of powers from the roulette variety itself. Currently, the three most popular forms of roulette in the world are American Roulette, French roulette, and the closest to the heart of Russians – European Roulette.

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European Roulette Rules

The rules of this type of roulette are straightforward and transparent, which is why European roulette is the most profitable among all kinds of roulette. When playing European Roulette, the casino has an advantage over the player by only 2.64%. However, it turns out that when you play for a long time, the casino mathematically gets only 2.64 cents per dollar, giving him a chance to win a lot more.

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According to the rules of roulette, players guess the number of the sector located on the wheel. Then, the croupier, or as he is commonly called, the dealer, unwinds the roulette wheel and places the ball on its edge, which starts spinning with the roulette wheel, constantly changing its location and, therefore, the sectors.

In each round of roulette, players make bets, and if the chance plays, they win, which is calculated by the formula: bet * odds. According to the rules of roulette, the following types of bets and payout rates on them:

Straight Bet

This type of bet is popular among gamblers, as the chance is made on one sector of the roulette wheel. The payout ratio for such a bet: is 35.

Split Bet

This type of bet is placed on two roulette sectors. Moreover, according to roulette rules, the player’s chip must be placed on two numbers, namely on the line that divides the border of the sectors. Payout ratio: 17

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Betting on Three Numbers or Lines

The player bets on three sectors, and in case one of them falls out, the bet multiplication coefficient will be 11.

Corner Bet

A player stakes on four sectors, and in case the ball hits one of them, he gets a winning rate equal to 8 chances.

Betting on Six Numbers

The payout coefficient in the case of winning this combination is 5.

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The basic types of bets and payout odds described in the roulette rules are listed above.