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The Five Star Rated Documentaries on HBO Max Canada that Gamers Should Watch

The Five Star Rated Documentaries on HBO Max Canada that Gamers Should Watch

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The truth can occasionally be terrifying. And regardless of whether you think they’re phony or real, the truth still exists. With its hand-picked lineup of movies and television shows, HBO Max has been drawing a lot of attention. But you shouldn’t pass up their selection of intriguing documentaries!

These movies and television programs will exemplify the diversity of the documentary genre, from the problems for equal pay faced by a women’s soccer team to the public’s obsession with plush animals. These documentaries are available on HBO Max.

The Colossal André

A detailed investigation of what it means to be larger than life, André the Giant is an original HBO documentary. It commemorates André Roussimoff’s contributions to the sports entertainment industry by describing him as a pioneer who fully appreciated how gigantism, the medical condition that caused him to stand seven feet four inches tall, could turn him into a living legend.By shedding light on Roussimoff’s acute awareness of the respect he inspired and how his persona changed the WWF franchise into the huge performance showcase that is now known as the WWE, interviews with wrestlers like Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, and Vince McMahon offer a distinctive look behind the kayfabe curtain. — Reporter for entertainment Alexis Nedd


Nothing Is Original

The best kind of love letter is effusive in the enthusiasm of its subject while remaining frank about her quirks and flaws, as is the case with HBO Films’ Everything Is Copy. Journalist Jacob Bernstein investigates Nora Ephron’s life, work, and 2012 demise. Ephron is most known to the public as the author and director of the films Sleepless in Seattle, You’ve Got Mail, and Julie & Julia, and to Bernstein as his mother.

Consultations with family and friends and well-known acquaintances (such as Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan, and Mike Nichols), as well as archival interviews and passages from Ephron’s writing, paint a picture of a brilliant and ambitious spirit who lived by the adage “Everything is Copy,” which denotes that anything that occurs in life can serve as material for a story in the future. Although you wouldn’t mistake a documentary of Bernstein for a piece by Ephron herself, it is a fitting tribute to the figure she was because of its warmth, sincerity, and wit. — Deputy Entertainment Editor Angie Han

Dark and Dreary Gardens

Brothers and featurette team Albert and David Maysles explore a run-down estate in the Hamptons in their renowned 1976 film Gray Gardens. In a bizarre and convoluted character study unlike any other, they detail the tragic and fascinating lives of a recluse mother and daughter named Edith Beale.

Historians assume that the documentary takes an intrinsically exploitative view of its characters and their apparent mental health disorders because it sensationalizes the life tales of “Little Edie” and “Big Edie,” relatives of First Lady Jackie Kennedy. However, if you’re looking for a fascinating video, Gray Gardens is a must-watch. It captures a special family at the center of a larger discussion about the demise of political aristocracy and 1960s Americana. — Entertainment Reporter Alison Foreman

Visions of Hoop

The NBA is a dream come true for two young guys from Chicago’s inner city, Arthur Agee and William Gates. Hoop Dreams delves into their lives. Early in the movie, both are courted by St. Joseph’s high school’s highly acclaimed basketball team, but over the following four years, their fates diverge drastically. Director Steve James examines racial and social inequality as well as how sports recruitment practices may border on the exploitative and put undue pressure on young athletes via the lens of Agee and Gates’ basketball careers.

The closeness James reaches with both Agee and Gates is astounding in Hoop Dreams. He follows their lives both on and off the basketball floor as they and their families deal with divorced parents, injuries sustained while playing sports, and financial difficulties. You feel as though you are living life with Agee and Gates thanks to the documentary, which makes you want them to be successful. In the exciting and dramatic basketball sequences, everything comes to a head. James makes every missed shot feel like a missed opportunity and every successful play feels like a huge accomplishment, even though these games were played decades ago. — B.E.

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What’s Incorrect about Apu

Most Simpsons fans didn’t find Apu Nahasapeemapetilon objectionable, but Hari Kondabolu’s investigation into the character’s history and impact reveals a racist caricature that hurt an entire generation of South Asian Americans. The Problem With Apu makes clear how detrimental Apu was during a time when South Asians were essentially invisible, particularly in Hollywood, where mysterious faces and obnoxious accents substituted for real representation until—well, they still do.

A proficient comedian named Kondabolu speaks with many of his successful contemporaries, including Hasan Minhaj, Aasif Mandvi, Kal Penn, Sakina Jaffrey, and many others. These individuals are all now shining examples of South Asian American talent and stories, and they all continue to bear the weight of Apu’s legacy. — P.K.

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