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The Cat is Back : Çizmeli Kedi 2 Türkçe Dublaj Izle 720p

The Cat is Back : Çizmeli Kedi 2 Türkçe Dublaj Izle 720p

The Cat is Back : Çizmeli Kedi 2 Türkçe Dublaj Izle 720p

“Puss in Boots: The Last Wish” : Çizmeli Kedi 2 Türkçe Dublaj Izle 720p

Get ready for a purr-fectly exciting and hilarious adventure as Puss in Boots returns in “Puss in Boots: The Last Wish.”  or Çizmeli Kedi 2 Türkçe Dublaj Izle 720p. This 2022 American animated adventure comedy film, brought to you by DreamWorks Animation and Universal Pictures, is the highly anticipated sequel to the spin-off film “Puss in Boots” (2011). Not only does it continue the swashbuckling escapades of our favorite feline hero, but it also marks the sixth installment in the beloved Shrek franchise.

“Puss in Boots: The Last Wish” :

An Epic Adventure Unfolds

Directed by Joel Crawford, with co-direction by Januel Mercado, and a screenplay crafted by Paul Fisher, Tommy Swerdlow, and Tom Wheeler, this film promises to be a wild ride from start to finish. Inspired by the character introduced in “Shrek 2” (2004) and drawing inspiration from the classic fairy tale of the same name, “Puss in Boots: The Last Wish” reunites us with familiar characters while introducing us to a host of new and exciting ones.

The voice cast is a star-studded ensemble, featuring Antonio Banderas reprising his role as the dashing and charismatic Puss in Boots, and Salma Hayek Pinault returning as the sly and street-smart Kitty Softpaws. But that’s not all—new additions to the cast include the talents of Harvey Guillén, Florence Pugh, Olivia Colman, Ray Winstone, Samson Kayo, John Mulaney, Wagner Moura, Da’Vine Joy Randolph, and Anthony Mendez, adding layers of humor and depth to the story.

Exploring the All-Star Voice Cast of “Puss in Boots 2”

The beloved swashbuckling feline hero, Puss in Boots, is back with a brand new adventure in “Puss in Boots 2,” and he’s bringing along a star-studded cast to make this sequel just as memorable as the original. From Antonio Banderas reprising his iconic role as Puss in Boots to new additions like Florence Pugh and John Mulaney, the voice cast of this animated film promises to deliver humor, charm, and excitement. Let’s take a closer look at the talented individuals behind the characters in “Puss in Boots 2.”

Antonio Banderas as Puss in Boots

Character Description: Puss in Boots, the daring and witty feline outlaw, returns as the film’s protagonist. He’s a hero of San Ricardo with a knack for getting into hilarious and action-packed escapades. Fun Fact: In Mama Luna’s Cat Rescue, Puss was affectionately named “Pickles.”

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Salma Hayek Pinault as Kitty Softpaws

Character Description: Kitty Softpaws is a street-smart Tuxedo cat and Puss in Boots’ ex-fiancée. She embarks on a quest to find the Wishing Star and someone she can trust. Notable Trait: Kitty is known for her quick wit and agility, making her a formidable partner for Puss.

Harvey Guillén as Perrito

Character Description: Perrito is an endearing and naïve dog who initially disguises himself as one of Mama Luna’s pet cats. He aspires to become a therapy dog. Heartwarming Moment: Perrito officially names the trio “Team Friendship” by the end of the film.

Florence Pugh as Goldilocks (Goldi)

Character Description: Goldilocks, or Goldi, leads the Three Bears Crime Family and has her sights set on using the Last Wish to reunite with her biological family. Dynamic Role: Florence Pugh brings depth and complexity to the character of Goldi.

Olivia Colman as Mama Bear

Character Description: Mama Bear is Papa Bear’s wife, Baby Bear’s mother, and Goldilocks’ adoptive mother. She plays a nurturing role in the story. Versatile Talent: Olivia Colman’s voice acting adds warmth to Mama Bear’s character.

Ray Winstone as Papa Bear

Character Description: Papa Bear is Mama Bear’s husband, Baby Bear’s father, and Goldilocks’ adoptive father. He’s a protective and loving figure. Strong Presence: Ray Winstone’s voice gives Papa Bear a reassuring and paternal quality.

Samson Kayo as Baby Bear

Character Description: Baby Bear is the son of Papa Bear and Mama Bear, and he’s Goldilocks’ adoptive brother. He brings youthful energy to the group. Comic Relief: Samson Kayo’s performance adds humor to the family dynamic.

John Mulaney as “Big” Jack Horner

Character Description: “Big” Jack Horner is a feared pastry salesman and crime lord with ambitious plans involving the Wishing Star. He’s known for his vast collection of magical items. Comic Villain: John Mulaney’s comedic talent shines through in his portrayal of the larger-than-life Jack Horner.

Wagner Moura as the Wolf / Death

Character Description: The enigmatic black hooded wolf initially appears as a bounty hunter but later reveals his true identity. He seeks revenge on Puss for squandering eight of his nine lives. Intriguing Antagonist: Wagner Moura brings a mysterious and menacing quality to the character of the Wolf.

Da’Vine Joy Randolph as Mama Luna

Character Description: Mama Luna is an elderly cat lady who initially takes Puss in. She plays a nurturing role in his life. Heartwarming Presence: Da’Vine Joy Randolph’s voice adds a sense of warmth and comfort to Mama Luna.

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Anthony Mendez as the Doctor

Character Description: The Doctor informs Puss about his eight deaths and advises him to retire from dangerous endeavors. Professional Demeanor: Anthony Mendez’s voice lends credibility to the character of the Doctor.

Kevin McCann as the Ethical Bug

Character Description: The Ethical Bug is a humorous parody of Jiminy Cricket. He attempts to act as Jack Horner’s “conscience” throughout the film. Comic Relief: Kevin McCann’s portrayal of the Ethical Bug provides laughs and light-hearted moments.

Bernardo De Paula as the Governor of del Mar

Character Description: The Governor of del Mar is a notable character in the story, adding depth to the film’s setting. Distinctive Voice: Bernardo De Paula’s voice brings authenticity to the character.

Betsy Sodaro and Artemis Pebdani as Jo and Jan Serpent

Character Description: Jo and Jan Serpent are twin criminal sisters responsible for delivering the map of the Wishing Star to Jack Horner. Dynamic Duo: Betsy Sodaro and Artemis Pebdani’s voices give life to these cunning characters.

Conrad Vernon as Gingy and Cody Cameron as Pinocchio

Character Description: Gingy and Pinocchio make appearances, adding a touch of nostalgia for fans of the Shrek franchise.

While these are the main characters and voice actors in “Puss in Boots 2,” the film is sure to feature many more colorful characters and performances. With such a talented ensemble cast, this animated sequel promises to be a delightful and entertaining addition to the “Puss in Boots” franchise. Get ready for laughter, adventure, and heartwarming moments as these characters come to life on the big screen!