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Technology Advancements Make the Future of Online Gaming Full of Wonder

Technology Advancements Make the Future of Online Gaming Full of Wonder

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As great as the online gaming world is today, it’s only going to get better.

Today’s virtual world gives online gaming players a chance to step into an online casino and touch a slot machine lever or step up to a blackjack table. The only thing missing might be the smell of the cigarette smoke.

Online gambling and online video games are industries that mirror each other through the way they are experienced by players. The future of online gaming will incorporate the latest technology advancements to make the games more vibrant, easier to access, and deeper.

Here’s looking at some of the changes coming in the online gaming space.

VR Puts You There

As the price of Virtual Reality headsets drop, more players will seek to add them to their gaming repertoire. Using a VR headset that lets players feel like they are in the game and give them the ability to interact with virtual worlds in a new way.

Players can already create their own ‘skins’ – their outward appearance to other players in the game environment, and in the online gaming space, it’s fascinating to think what you can do through the power of VR.

Maybe you just wiggle your finger to indicate you want another card in blackjack, or VR can give you the power to see when another player at the poker table might be bluffing.

Play Anything, Anytime, Anywhere

Mobile gaming has surpassed console-based gaming as the fastest growing piece of the entire gaming industry. Perhaps this is because the ability to play games on your tablet or mobile device eliminates the stereotype of a slovenly player in his basement toiling away, hacking at some monster.

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Mobile games seem to skew toward female and even older players who enjoy the convenience and ability to join a quick game or a few hands at a blackjack table or slot machine spins. The technology is seamless and ready whenever you are.

Artificial Intelligence Is Everywhere

Yes, the power of Artificial Intelligence, or AI, sounds scary in some respects. We’ve all seen movies where technology ends up destroying humanity.

AI can enhance a player’s gaming experience by adapting to a player’s individual style, and it can create content instantly, creating new tasks and side quests to explore.

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For now, the biggest use of AI in the online gaming space is in graphics. AI can allow games to create real-looking spaces and interactions with the virtual world. AI is already a part of online games’ customer service, helping fix any problems that may arise in playing the game.

Hit the Blockchain

Blockchain technology has crept into the online gaming space by creating the ability for monetization of video games. Many open-space video games allow you to gain virtual currency through your gameplay. At its most basic level, think of the gold coins on the screen for players to grab by leaping over an obstacle.

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But what if you could trade the gold coins you’ve acquired in a game to another player in exchange for another game power-up? That’s how blockchain technology will influence the future of online gaming. Players will have their own marketplace where they can sell their virtual assets.

Put Your Head in the Cloud

With the power of the cloud, there’s no longer any tether to a game and its operating system or console. Gamers in the 21st Century can enjoy just about any game available without device limitations, thanks to the computing power of the cloud.

High-level video games can be enjoyed on low-end, small-screen devices, and the cloud enhances gamers’ security with its ability to store data on secure servers and saves computing space for the game since you don’t need to back up any data locally.