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Social Media vs Dating Website: Who Wins the Battle?

Social Media vs Dating Website: Who Wins the Battle?


Most people you know have probably tried dating apps or websites at least once. But what about looking for a soulmate on social media? About 23% of those on social media have met their second halves through platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

We are here to explore the bright and dark sides of each way of finding a romantic partner. Check out what our experts found out and decide where you have higher chances to meet the love of your life, on a dating website or social media. Let’s dig deeper!

Is it Better to Meet Someone Online or in Real Life?

There is no correct answer to which way of dating is better — online or offline — as everything depends on the person. If you are the kind of guy who can impress a lady in a bar with a few pickup lines, you will probably go for real-life meetings. But if you are less confident or want to get to know a woman a bit better before you start flirting with her, the internet is your friend.

According to the latest trends, most people prefer to start their dating adventures online, with the main reasons being:

●     Convenience. While you might not always have time to go out and meet girls, you can text users on online dating services regardless of your location.

●     Affordability. Flirting with a cute lady in a bar will cost you a pretty penny, as you’re going to be the one paying for her drinks. Social media and online dating sites come at a lower price.


●     A wider range of options. The internet offers you the opportunity to build a relationship with a girl who lives in another city, country, or even part of the world.

●     Reduced pressure. People who are shy or introverted feel more relaxed because they don’t have to deal with the pressure of a face-to-face conversation.

What is the Difference Between Social Media and Dating Sites?

There are many places to look for your one and only on the internet. What option is best for you? Our dating team has compiled a list of differences between

  • dating on social media
  • using online dating sites

Check it out to know where to find true love is the easiest.

Clarity Of Your Purposes

When you start liking that girl’s Instagram posts and reacting to her stories, she might think you just find her a really interesting person without a clue that you actually have romantic intentions.

Online dating services, on the other hand, give all users a clear understanding of why they are texting each other. Moreover, in many cases, you can even state what kind of relationship you want. For instance, you may be looking for a few fun dates or something more serious.

Features And Filters

On social media sites, you can look for people with similar interests by hashtags or check out who follows the famous profiles you like. Filtering out users by age or location is not always possible.

Dating sites normally provide search filters that enable you to find beautiful girls based on specific criteria like age, interests, or even hair color. Whatever you prefer! In addition, some dating sites practice match-making algorithms, which means you’ll be suggested to meet users who might be really interesting to you.

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The Information You Reveal About Yourself

When you are chatting with someone new on social media, this person will probably check the posts and stories you made long ago. Perhaps you don’t even like that content anymore; it’s just a pity to delete the memories. In the meantime, your potential date may form an image of you based on it.

You will probably only add the information about yourself you would like your online girlfriend to know when writing a bio and choosing a profile picture on a dating site. This might boost your confidence when texting other users and help protect your privacy at the same time.

Is Social Media Good for Dating?

As some successful love stories started on social media, we can’t deny that you can meet your soulmate there, too. Nevertheless, a dating website is a much better choice for a number of reasons, including:

●     Clear intent. Dating platforms are made specifically for finding romantic relationships.

●     Useful features. You are provided with special tools, like a convenient dating chat with a video option and search filters.

●     Protection of privacy. The other users will only know the information you decide to reveal in your profile.

If you want to find someone special and have an exciting romantic experience online, it’s a good idea to sign up on a dating website. We wish you a lot of love!