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Skill Games Explained

Skill Games Explained


Skill games are becoming increasingly popular, and given the projections made by industry experts like Brandstater – the co-founder of gaming publisher AppCentral – skill-based gaming is bound to make even more impressive waves in the years to come if it continues with its current traction. Succeeding in skill games is highly dependent on one’s physical skills – dexterity and reactions – as well as mental skills – logic and knowledge. Such skill-based games include Bubble Cash from Papaya Gaming and Solitaire Cash.

You have been playing some of these games without knowing they were skill games, which is where it gets interesting. We have written this article to explain better what skill games are and how you can use them to your advantage. Now, without further ado, let’s dive into the heart of the matter.

Skill Games Versus Games of Chance

Games of chance are entirely different from skill games in that your skill has no influence, and winning a game of chance is based on how accurately you can predict the game’s outcome. For instance, no proven strategy exists that pushing the button on a virtual slot machine in a particular way would increase your chances of winning; hence, players only take the gamble and live with the result of their actions.

Skill games, instead of games of chance, depend entirely on a player’s skill to win. These games have no randomness, and your strategies and implementation determine the outcome.

There is also a meeting point for skill and chance games: hybrid games. Let’s take a game of poker, for instance: the cards you draw depend highly on luck, but your ability to bluff or call your opponent’s bluff is a skill. Skill games range from arcade-style games to chess and puzzle games. Although they don’t necessarily involve monetary rewards, it’s possible to bet on skill games—and this has a different set of rules from traditional gambling.

Types of Gambling Skill Games

While some games may require only the best of luck, others require both luck and skill. Below are some gambling skill games you can play:

  1. Blackjack.
  2. Poker.
  3. Sports betting.
  4. Horse race betting.
  5. Video poker.
  6. Keno.

Keno As A Gambling Skill Game

While some may argue that Keno is a game of luck, we have reason to believe that applying some of the following strategies while playing the game may give you an advantage over your competitors:

Play The Game For The Fun Of It

You can play online keno for real money, but playing the game solely as a source of income takes the fun out of it by attaching unneeded pressure to the experience. Games, except otherwise stated, should be played as they are – games, and since keno is a hybrid game with a high house edge, you may have better luck by focusing solely on enjoying the game.

Decide On The Number Of Spots

You get a higher potential payout when you pick more numbers, but it becomes less likely that you’ll hit all your numbers. In a bid to win and hit all their numbers, some players prefer to find a middle ground, balancing their number of spots and potential winnings.

You should apply this strategy if you’ve struggled to hit all your numbers in your previous Keno games.

Find A Budget And Stick To It

People lose substantial sums when playing hybrid games or games of chance, and if you do not want to be part of the inevitable pity party, we suggest you always decide on a reasonable budget when you play these games and stick to it. Keno might be partly skill-based, but it is always wiser to be safe than sorry, especially regarding money.

Practice Your Keno Skills With Demo Games

Playing demo games before delving into real money games always gives you a measure of control when you play games, and keno is no different.


An excellent strategy is for you to practice your skills at a demo Keno game and get accustomed to the randomness that always accompanies hybrid games.

What Is the Future of Skill Games?

Now that skill-based games have wormed their way to the spotlight, it is only fitting that we expect a few more changes that they will bring, and below is a glimpse into the future of skill games.

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More Games

Brandstater, one of Forbes’ Council Members, said that solitaire mainly existed as one of the few skill-based games for almost four years, but that has changed with other games coming into the space. He further states that given more time, skill games will have more interactive and sophisticated games, and the industry will feature “the full gaming spectrum, from AAA games to hyper-casual.”

More Gaming Platforms

Although a higher percentage of skill games like Bingo Boost and 21 Blitz are only found on the Apple Store, optimists believe these games will soon be available on Google and Android application stores. When that happens, speculation indicates that the market for these games will triple in profits, but until then, we can only watch and wait.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Are The Differences Between Online Keno And Live Keno?

Only a few differences exist between online and live keno. The most obvious difference is that the online version offers players better odds than the live version.


Another difference is that online keno allows you to control the speed of your drawings, while the live version sets designated times for when drawings are offered.

Can I Play Online Keno Games For Free?

Yes, you can. Many casinos allow you to play the free versions of keno, but any winnings incurred during your playtime will be void as your game will be considered a practice run.


Traditional games are slowly paving the way for skill games in the gaming industry. While skill games may not be money-based, this industry promises fertile land to yield many returns. This novel concept also introduces some new spice in the gaming industry, as more people gear towards exhibiting their mental and physical skills in beating opponents and winning as often as possible.