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RuneScape 3: An Optimal Way to 120-Necromancy

RuneScape 3: An Optimal Way to 120-Necromancy


Since RuneScape 3 is somewhat old, there are a plethora of creatures and bosses to defeat, making combat one of the game’s most prominent features. Nobody made these bosses and creatures to handle Necromancy, and that spell will obliterate whatever it encounters. Unlike other fighting methods, which have inherent advantages or disadvantages, Necromancy is invulnerable to any and all of them. If you want to make use of this talent to its fullest potential and farm the RuneScape 3 citizens, level up this skill.

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Training Tips

Get a feel for the skill’s fundamentals by doing the “Necromancy!” quest. To begin this quest, go to the Draynor lodestone and look for the blue shimmering gateway.

Visit the Grand Exchange once you’ve finished the mission and purchase fifty delicate souvenirs. After you’ve finished the instructional ritual, go once more to the City of Um. You may unlock new abilities and enhance your possession of souls within the Well of Souls by performing rituals. To put it simply, this is the key that unlocks your fighting skills. Rest assured, this method is far out of your league. When you’re at a low level, you don’t have to worry about interruptions during the rituals since the experience you get from them increases with your level.

Do this until you reach level 26, at which point you may finish the Rune Mythos and Kili Row tasks. After you do them, you’ll reach level 27. Lastly, you’ll need to level up your Smithing to 15 in order to update your death guard and skull lamp, as well as conduct 2 lesser ensoul material rituals. These will allow you to produce two lesser ensouled bars.


Combat Training

Make sure you’ve finished Kili Row and crafted a tier 20 death guard plus skull lamp before beginning combat training. Finish Kili’s Knowledge I quest and make a tier 30 death guard as well as a skull lamp when you’re 30 levels old. For this, you’ll need two smaller filled bars.

To make a tier 40 death guard as well as a skull lantern, you must finish Kili’s Knowledge II quest when you reach level 40. Additionally, the well of souls is where you may find the incantation for Threads of Fate. From the Well of Souls, you may also acquire the Conjure Putrid Zombie and Conjure Vengeful Ghost summoning skills. Once you reach level 50, finish Kili’s Knowledge III. Then, make a skull lamp and a death guard of tier 50. Level 52 unlocks the ability to control two summons simultaneously.

If you want to get the most out of your level 60 Necromancy experience, it’s best to revisit the Greater Communion Rituals and use spirit souvenirs to finish them. Additionally, you should strive to get the very potent skill known as Spectral Scythe. At levels 70 and 80, you will also have the option to enhance this skill. As usual, finish Kili’s Knowledge IV to make a skull lamp and a death guard of tier 60. Unlock Selene’s T61 courses at level 61.

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To begin the Spirit of War quest and level up your Spectral Scythe, you should gather souls using rituals at this level. In order to make armor of tier 70, you must complete this task. You may also choose to create the power armor or tank armor that we discussed before at this level. Making tier 70 armor and weapon upgrades is a must, as is finishing the quest along with Kili’s Knowledge V. You may also begin enhancing your gear at this level, and it will retain the augmentation even after you improve it.

Since it is really AFK, you may either opt to train to 120 using rituals or select fighting. To unlock Alpha vs. Omega, which unlocks Rasial’s boss battle, you’ll need 30,000 souls. Nonetheless, you should still perform rituals to earn souls. Unlocking Split Soul also requires 35,000 souls. Level up your gear and finish Kili’s Knowledge VII.

When you achieve level 90 in Necromancy, your rituals will be at their peak, producing the greatest amount of experience possible. You can’t AFK train this strategy very well since interruptions are the major source of experience. To increase your disruption experience by 6%, you need to acquire a Tome of Um 2 if you do not already have one.

For better disruption quality, which is a result of increased soul attraction, you should fill all vacant glyph slots. The soul storm disturbance, which offers the second-highest amount of experience, may spawn at 301% soul attraction. Defile takes first place; it has a spawn rate of 501% soul attraction.