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Playing Marvel Avengers Game – Pro Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Playing Marvel Avengers Game – Pro Tips and Tricks for Beginners


If you love the feeling of being a superhero, here is your chance. Marvel’s Avengers is an action-packed video game launched in 2020. It is played in the third-person perspective and is available in single-player and multiplayer modes.

Since the launch of Marvel’s Avengers, it has been met with different reactions. Of course, it is filled with many actions, blazing stunts, and some cool superhero stuff. However, many have criticized it for being somewhat complicated, especially regarding its user interface. So, if you are new to the Marvel world, this article might be for you. We include tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your superhero experience.

Understand the Characters to Unlock the Perfect Hero

Like in the movies, there are different heroes to pick as your character. Each has unique abilities which you must understand and master if you are to survive. From Iron Man to Captain America and Ms. Marvel, what you don’t want to do is choose based on sentiments. You want to check their skill rating, strength, and abilities. You can experiment with different characters to see what works best for you. This will expand your overall gameplay with different strategies based on each character.

Another approach to learning more about these characters is to spend some time reading Marvel-themed comics or playing related games. Check the availability of real money pokies that integrate superheroes like X-Men, Iron Man, Avengers, and Guardians of the Galaxy. Playing these games gives you a sense of heroism as you spin to unlock your favorite superhero characters to win exciting prizes. The slots are available in different reels ( three and five) with multiple volatility options. The RTP and payouts are impressive, usually within the standard 95% or higher, which is fantastic.

Gears and Resources

Experienced players know too well that it is a wrong move to focus on gears during the game’s early stages. Unfortunately, most newbies have yet to learn about it. Instead, save what you have until the gear indicator reaches 130. You can use the auto button with the indication “Equip best Gears,” especially if you have no clue what to get. If you upgrade your gears during the game’s early stages, you will need more firepower as the game progresses. When that time comes, your “gear power level” may be too low to upgrade.


For each gear that you upgrade, always remember to dismantle and exchange them for gifts. You can do this by pressing your controller’s Y or Triangle button, and there are nine slots for dismantling each type of old gear.

Master the Basics

From standard attacks to Parrying Mechanics, Dodging, and Blocking, you must master these essential skills to level up. Marvel’s Avengers combines hero-specific characters and third-person combat skills. So, it is your job to make the most of your chosen superhero character.

For instance, you must understand the meaning of that circle of colors that pops just before an enemy attack gets to you. When it’s yellow, red, blue, and white, you can initiate a Dodge by pressing the circle button on the controller. But you can only initiate parry when the colors are yellow, blue, and white. This can be triggered by pressing your controller’s RT/R2 button.

Playing Marvel’s Avengers is a little more complicated than most other games because of its fusion of superpower heroes. So, before you get into a real competitive game, ensure you have mastered the basics with as many characters as possible.

Understand the Different Stats and Their Implications

Remember when we discussed taking time to understand the different heroes and abilities? Now, you’ll need that information in dealing with the other stats of the game. Typical examples include Might, Valor, Resolve, and Resilience.

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These are not just there for fancy. For instance, higher proficiency stats mean an improved critical and perk rate of chance. Likewise, Resolve determines your character’s max willpower and recovery rate. Willpower itself means health, which is crucial for a consistent hero progression in the game. If you want more damage done when unleashing heroic effects from a particular character, you need to level up on the Valor stats.

Perform Takedowns When the Opportunity Presents Itself

A handy tip to learn is performing takedowns on enemies. Apart from the satisfying feeling, defeating smaller and weaker foes is easier. Notice that prompt on the screen (Y + B or circle) when attacking an enemy.


Hit that combo as fast as possible on your controller to perform a takedown. More importantly, takedowns will help boost your Willpower stats (health). For every successful takedown, you earn some points.

Know Your Enemies

Masters of the game certainly understand how crucial it is to know the strengths and weaknesses of each enemy before initiating an attack. Your entire gameplay and strategy depend on it if you are to succeed. There are AIM soldiers, Adaptoids, Exo Units, Synthoids, Kree, and many other enemies. For instance, if you are facing an Adaptoid, be prepared to fight against yourself because they can easily copy your abilities and adapt to your style.

Sentinels, for example, are extremely dangerous opponents due to their formidably high melee attack stats. The next time you face one, you must check your current stats to see if you are a match and better prepare yourself on how to attack. With these pro gaming tips, you can quickly become an expert in Marvel’s Avengers.

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