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Play The Best Space Engineers Server Hosting with Friends

Play The Best Space Engineers Server Hosting with Friends

Play The Best Space Engineers Server Hosting with Friends


Space Engineers is a popular game with tens of thousands of active players a day, and a player aspect of Space Engineers is it’s server hosting. So lots of people are trying to find the best space engineers server host, and we’re here to help you.

Lots differ between Survival Servers and Host Havoc. Both have sufficient server requirements, which are the following,

  • CPU 3.2GHz, 3 logical cores – CPU 4.5GHz, 3 logical cores
  • 6 GB RAM – 10 GB RAM
  • 5 Mbps bandwidth

All of these are easily adopted by all the mentioned game hosting providers for space engineers.

Dedicated Server Hosting on Space Engineers

Many will see that like Mineraft you can manually host a Space Engineers server with your static IP address, and that’s pros and cons to doing both.

Static IP hosting can be slow and can come with troubles when connecting your friends to your Space Engineers server.

Dedicated server hosting when setting up a server to play with your friends or even setting up a server for a community.

Overall, everyone chooses having a hosted server from a game hosting provider since everything is generally better than some of the other forms of hosting a game server.

Convenience is generally the best thing about choosing a game hosting provider, when locally hosting you have to keep your computer on 24/7 which starts to use a decent amount of power depending on your computer specs.

Features With The Best Space Engineers Hosts

Here are some of the features that game hosting customers will often look for in a game hosting provider.

  • Great prices
  • DDoS Protection
  • Performance and specifications
  • Sufficient customer support for the game
  • Knowledge base for easy access
  • Control panel (Often custom control panel)

Things like DDoS protection directly impact performance. DDoS protection doesn’t always take your server offline, sometimes it can just directly impact your TPS.

Space Engineers – Why?

Space Engineers is an innovative and research-defined open world sandbox game.

The giant planet and space game, Space engineers is a sandbox game based on design, discovery and survival. Spaceships, wheeled vehicles, space stations, planetary outposts of different sizes and implementations, pilot ships and space travellers explore worlds and collect surviving means of subsistence. There is no limit to what can be created, used, and explored, in both innovative and survival modes.

Space Engineers is based on a practical physics engine with a volumetric basis: it is possible to combine, disassemble, damage and destroy everything in the game. Either in single or in multiplayer modes you can play the game.

See Also

Volumetric objects consist of structures consisting of grid-like components. Volumetric objects operate with mass, inertia and speed like real physical objects. The actual volume and storage capacities of the individual modules.

Playing With Your Friends – Hosting Details and Info

The best Space engineers server hosts include Survival Servers, Host Havoc, GameServers, RoxServers and GTX Gaming. All of these hosts have dominant features such as custom control panel, prices and server locations. At the end of the day looking at something like, you’ll see that Survival Servers is often recommended more than some of the others hosting providers.

Space Engineers hosting starts at around $0.80/Slot, and decreases the more slots you place an order on. So if you take an order of 60 Slots, you’ll pay $0.60/Slot.

Payment methods are fairly standard, debit card, credit card and some eWallets like PayPal and Skirll are accepted, game hosting providers will often have discounts on some games such as Ark.

Conclusion On Space Engineers Server Hosting

If you want to play with friends or even start a community server with hundreds of active players, choosing an official game server host is probably best, with local ip hosting you’ll see a lack of performance and other factors such as connectivity time from players, if it be friends or other Space Engineers community players.

With the lowest package at Survival Servers being $8.00 a month for 10 slots, which is ideal for playing with friends or family.

We’ve used sources from some of the game hosting comparison sites to support our argument in this article,