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Packing Up the Console to Give in to PC Gaming

Packing Up the Console to Give in to PC Gaming

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Console gaming has always had a more immersive feel, and as far back as gaming goes, the dreams of many would revolve around getting a console to play among your friends. Due to the landscape of everyday life changing so much and with the much-needed help from the internet, gaming with friends has transformed completely.

Communication within the bounds of gaming has also changed, with friends now able to interact in parties or groups on applications such as Discord without having to be in the exact game as the other. This is mostly overlooked when assessing the scope of gaming and why exactly PC gaming has become so popular.

The landscape of gaming has always centered around the quality of the game, depth of the characters, features, and many more factors, but with more technology comes more innovation and more avenues for entertainment. People can now bet on League of Legends, CS:GO, or even FIFA tournaments as if they were real sports events. This makes for a much more enthralling and exciting experience for viewers and players.

Why Would Anyone Switch from Console to PC?

Console gaming has been on top for as long as gaming spans, and 10 years ago, it would have been hard to believe that mainstream gaming would begin moving towards prioritizing PC gaming, but that’s exactly what’s happened. Gaming on PC requires a broader skillset, and if watching the two gamers side-by-side, it’s clear the PC gamer looks to be much more active in using key-binds and their mouse.

The switch from a console to PC would allow the player for much more options when creating their set-up, starting with building the PC to their liking and with the ability to replace graphics cards and other vital pieces to the computer, it allows the player far more control over the systems they use.

Alongside having more control over the output of the PC and how it runs, it’s hard to forget the use a PC has. Many across the globe work using technology, and having a set-up of your own can prove extremely useful in the working world. Since the first outbreak of the Covid pandemic, many businesses in various industries named the good in allowing people to work from the comfort of their own homes, all while reducing the cost of everyday operations for business owners.

A Shift in Game Popularity

Alongside the rise in popularity for PC set-ups, a wide-scale shift has been occurring recently in which games still are popular among the community. For years, the biggest game developers producing games like FIFA, Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Grand Theft Auto Have ruled within the gaming community and all host some of the biggest player counts in all of gaming. Some produce a game each year, and many of these types of games have turned sour to many.

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Many games which have not produced sequels such as Minecraft, DayZ, PUBG, Rocket League, and many more, have seen their online player counts explode recently, with much of the gaming community sick of the same recycled content year-on-year. This does not come as a surprise, as these developers have been doing this for years, and when paired with in-your-face microtransactions, it seems much of the community has given up.

This shift in opinion is an extremely positive thing for gaming overall, as the community will continue to show love to games with great depth to them, a team that responds to their players and makes changes and amendments to the game to suit the wants of their loyal players.

The Future of Gaming is Clouded

With gamers now staying loyal to games and developers that are responsive to feedback and look to please the wider community, this may cause a complete shift and will force a move from the bigger names. With such power and financial backing, developers such as Activision could be producing games that break every gaming record known to man, but it just seems like they’ll do enough to meet some expectations and then drop their community high and dry.

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EA, the creators of various sports and first-person shooter games, are heading down an interesting path, with them having to separate from FIFA and create their own game once again, and it’s set to be a free-to-play edition of the most popular sport in the world. A major concern for fans is that without FIFA involved, the game could be likely to end up as a complete pay-to-win game that’s only focused on revenue.

With communications between millions in the gaming community at the mere click of a button, feedback to game releases, trailers, and updates is now met with a flurry of feedback, which can often be relentless hate towards games for specific choices made by the developers. Gamers hold power, and with the Battlefront 2 saga, a true display of that power was shown with EA completely conceding a paywall and making all content free.