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Most Popular Online Casino Youtubers

Most Popular Online Casino Youtubers

Youtube is one of the largest video-streaming platforms in the world, with a staggering 2.1 billion monthly viewership. It’s a platform where anyone can post content for millions of people to see and subsequently amass a large following. There are millions of content creators with unique styles and different genres.

Today, however, we will discuss the most popular online casino YouTubers. Youtube has no strict rules and regulations around gambling; if the game or site abides by local gambling laws and industry standards and does not glamorize gambling, it can be posted. As a result, many people like to look online to learn more about their favorite hobby or watch someone else play so that they can enjoy the experience of playing a slot without having to place a wager.


AyeZee is a very popular casino streamer who currently boasts 178k subscribers on youtube and 153k followers on twitch. He was born in 1992 in the United Kingdom and has been streaming for multiple years. While streaming, he has managed to amass a large audience by recording himself playing the most popular casino games. AyeZee usually streams for around four hours a day and then posts the highlights on his youtube channel.

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This formula has seen him become successful; his streams are a much longer form of content where audiences can sit, chat and listen to his entertaining commentary, while the videos offer the best bits where he bets and sometimes wins big. He is known for his high-stakes gambling, where he can place big stakes on these games to win even more. With such high stakes and exciting, fast-paced gameplay, there’s no wonder why he’s one of the biggest online casino YouTubers.


Cody Burnett, born in Canada in 1996, is behind the mantle of Xposed. When he first began streaming, he streamed games such as Call of Duty and Fifa, but it wasn’t until 2017 he started taking the online casino world by storm. Now he has 327k subscribers and a whopping 534k followers. Similarly to AyeZee, Xposed streams live on his twitch channel for multiple hours before posting the highlights to his youtube channel.

Unlike Ayezee, Xposed is a much more relaxed personality, or at least he is while playing online casinos and, for a long time, played with moderately sized bets. But more recently, he has started to raise his wages and nowadays can place huge stakes at a time, which can see him win some great payouts during play!

Vegas Low Roller

Another popular casino-based YouTuber is VegasLowRoller. Born in Beirut, Lebanon, Daniel Lorenzo Manachi moved to Las Vegas in 2011 and created his channel. He then started posting casino-related content and created his community of loyal fans. VegasLowRoller is unique to other YouTubers as he goes into live casinos and records the machines as he gambles.

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When you watch one of his videos, his personality is immediately infectious as he comes across as a loud but warm character whose eccentric nature is charming. He narrates himself playing the games fast-paced and excitingly while placing low-stake bets. Unlike other YouTubers, VegasLowRoller is only a low-stake gambler; however, this is actually much more relatable to the audience because, as an audience member, you feel more attached to him, and he almost mimics the feeling of walking around Vegas casinos with a friend.

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An important feature of these YouTubers is that many online casino YouTubers have partnerships with the casinos. In summary, some casinos supply content creators with an unlimited amount of bet credits (within reason, of course) to use as wagers on their sites. The content creators will then make videos and streams using incredibly high wagers and, as a result, potentially win even larger prizes.

All the money the streamers use to place bets goes back to the online casino as well as them having any audience members who want to play themselves are directed to their sites. This is why it’s important to be responsible while gambling and not to try and recreate what you see in their videos. They are created for entertainment purposes only, and it is crucial to remember this.

Even though the wagers may not be entirely real for the high-stakes gambling channels, that doesn’t stop their content from being incredibly entertaining. The videos can often feel like watching someone walking across a tightrope, they’re exciting and fun, and there is a huge sense of relief when you see your favorite content creator win. There are hundreds of different personalities, so there will always be someone for you, whether you like the more relatable low-stake wagers or the excitement of a fast-paced all-or-nothing high-stakes bet.

These are just a few of the most popular creators out there; however, there are so many more just waiting to be discovered and new videos being released every single day, so if you feel like online casino content could be for you. These are some of the most highly recommended YouTubers out there right now!