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Managing Online Slots

Managing Online Slots

Online slots have become an integral part of the gambling world and have gained immense popularity among players worldwide. Their exciting gameplay mechanics, diverse themes, and the opportunity to win large sums of money attract millions of players daily.

Let’s dive deeper into online slots in Bollywood Indian casino and reveal how to control them and what buttons they have.

How Slots Work: Control Buttons

Although each slot developer offers a different game design, the control panels of all slots are almost identical. The provider can change the panel design or location, but the buttons to control the gameplay remain practically unchanged.

Traditionally, on the control panel, players have access to such basic buttons:

  • Play, Spin or Start – the controller can have any of these names written on it, and it is designed for the main thing – to start the game and start the reels. Traditionally, the button is much larger than the others and is located in the centre of the game panel. It is often depicted instead of an inscription circular arrow, which symbolizes the rotation of the reels.
  • Auto Start or Auto Spin – designed for the automatic game mode, in which each next rotation of the reels does not need to press the Start (Spin, Play). In some slots, before starting the automatic game mode, the system offers to determine the number of continuous spins, select the bet size and set limits.
  • Paylines – a button that allows you to choose the number of active lines on the playing field. Some slots are involved in the standard number of lines, which can not be changed. Other developers lay such an opportunity, allowing players to determine how many lines they want to connect at each spin of the reels.
  • Bet Line – is designed to select the bet amount per line. It should be borne in mind that when calculating the total bet on the spin will be taken into account as the number of activated Paylines and the amount of the bet on the Bet Line.

  • Bet One – sets the minimum available bet in the game.
  • Bet Max – fixes the maximum available bet that can be made in the slot.
  • Coins or Coin Value is the nominal value of coins the player puts on one line or spin.
  • Bet or Total Bet – the size of the bet on one spin of the drums. For example, if a player activates seven lines in the slot (Paylines) and puts three coins on each line (Bet Line), then at the nominal value of one coin for €0.5 (Coin Value) total bet per spin (Bet) will be – 7 × 3 × €0.5 = €10.5.
  • Win – a box on the toolbar that shows the number of winnings for a successful spin of the reels.
  • Winning Lines – a box on the panel that indicates the lines played on a particular spin. That is the active lines, on which fell winning combinations of identical symbols.
  • Balance or Coin Balance – the player’s account, the amount of money available on the game account for further play.
  • Paytable or Info – a button that opens the information section. This section contains information about the basic rules of the game, symbol values, rewards for combinations, bonus rounds, the number of lines, maximum and minimum bets and other vital points.

Unique Features and Additional Features of Slots

Most modern slots have one or more features that make the game more exciting and allow users to get bigger or more frequent wins. Developers most often add such additional options to their games:

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  • Wild Symbol, or substitute. It is an image that, in the game’s primary mode, can fulfil the role of any other picture. For example, if you need to collect three bells on the active line to win in the slot, and the player gets two bells and one wild symbol, such a chain will be counted as winning. As a rule, the action of the substitute does not apply to images with additional features, such as bonus pictures.
  • Bonus-Symbol. A picture that triggers a bonus game when falling in the right amount on the active line.
  • Scatter Symbol, or Scatter Symbol. A symbol that pays in any position on the reels, even outside the active payline. It also launches the bonus game, but such images don’t need to fall on the active line. It is enough for the scatter symbols to fall out in the right amount in any cells on the screen.
  • Multipliers. Images that increase the player’s winnings per scroll several times. Often made in the form of pictures with the inscription ×2, ×3, etc. The specified number means the value of the multiplier by which the winnings will increase. In some games, multipliers are activated only if they participate in the prize chain. In other games, it is enough that the picture with a multiplier appears on the screen.
  • Jackpot Symbol. Some slot machines provide the opportunity to win the jackpot. To get it, you often need to collect a chain of jackpot symbols on the screen or wait for them to fall out a certain number on the playing field.
  • Freespins. It is a series of free spins. That is, scrolls in which the player does not pay the bet but at the same time receive real winnings if a prize combination falls out on the screen. Start freespins often help scatter symbols.


Slot machines are the most popular type of entertainment in both land-based and online casinos. Despite the presence of many developers, styles and models of slots, they all work on the same principle and have a similar control system. Having understood this system, every player can understand how to perform even the newest and most unusual slot machines daily, replenishing the vast catalog of the entertainment gambling industry.