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LoL Arena Is Here

LoL Arena Is Here


Get ready for the return of the fan-favorite game mode – LoL Arena! Arena is a fast-paced, action-packed mode that puts a fresh twist on the classic League of Legends experience. With brand-new features, items, and maps, players will have a chance to enjoy their favorite champions in a whole new way.

More Teams, More Fun

One of the biggest changes to LoL Arena is that Riot is doubling the number of teams. Instead of 4 teams of 2 players, there will now be 8 teams of 2 players. They believe this will lead to a diverse range of team compositions, strategies, and scenarios in each game. It should also help prevent games from feeling too repetitive.

To support the larger team size, they’ve made some changes to the user interface. The tab scoreboard will now focus on the team you’re currently facing, showing their match history and recent champion selections. You can still scout the other teams by clicking their icons in the team health panel.

Riot also adjusted the pacing of Arena to ensure games don’t drag on too long with the extra teams. You can expect changes like gold rewards, starting health, and health gain/loss rates. The goal is to keep the matches feeling fast-paced and action-packed, just like you love.

Map Updates

With more teams joining the Arena, Riot needed to create a bigger and more dynamic map to accommodate the action. That’s why They’re introducing a brand-new arena, which they’re calling “The Koi Pond.”


In addition to the new map, they’ve also expanded the shop area, giving you more options to gear up and prepare for the intense battles ahead. The Koi Pond map isn’t just bigger and more intricate – it’s also heavily themed around the upcoming Empyrean universe.


The shopping experience in Arena has been overhauled with the introduction of Anvils – special consumable items that give you a randomized selection of gear when used.

There are three main types of Anvils:

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  • Prismatic Anvils offer a random choice of Prismatic items.
  • Legendary Anvils provide a random Legendary item in your preferred class.
  • Stat Anvils give random stat boosts.

Legendary Anvils are generally cheaper than buying the full item, making them a good option if you need a specific piece. Stat Anvils lets you invest spare gold into persistent stat upgrades.

This random element in item acquisition is meant to encourage more varied builds and matchups. You’ll have to decide when to gamble on a Prismatic or play it safe with a Legendary Anvil. Use your gold wisely as you race to victory!


The fan-favorite game mode is introducing major changes, including doubling the team sizes to 8 teams of 2, a brand new Koi Pond map, and an overhauled item system featuring random Anvil consumables. These updates promise to deliver a more dynamic, varied, and unpredictable Arena experience.


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