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Lịch AFC Cup 2022: The Dream Match of Vietnam

Lịch AFC Cup 2022: The Dream Match of Vietnam

Lịch AFC Cup 2022: The Dream Match of Vietnam

AFC Cup Schedule 2022: Key Dates for Vietnam’s Dream Match

The upcoming AFC Cup 2022 is highly anticipated in Vietnam. Fans are eager for the key dates of their team’s drea        m match, and here is the schedule you need to know about.

Date                                         Matchup                        Venue

February 8                                 Grupo Do Play-offs                 TBD

April 20 – June 9                         Group Stage Matches         TBD (4 Venues)

June                                                                         (Exact Date TBD)

July                                                                         (Exact Date TBD)

Mid-August                                                                 (Exact Date TBD)

-Late August                                                                 (Exact Date TBD)

Round of16:, Quarterfinals:::Quarterfinal losers play matches to determine fifth-place finisher(16), semifinals (Aug24/Aug25),Final

Vietnam’s exciting journey begins with Grupo Do Play-offs on February 8th, followed by Group Stage Matches from April-June at four different venues. The next phase involves matchups from June till mid-August, followed by quarterfinals at the end of August. The losing teams from the quarterfinals play matches to determine the fifth-place finisher before heading to Semifinals on August 24/25 and eventually to Final. To note, Vietnam’s club, Hanoi FC managed to reach the Quarter-Finals in 2019, emerging as one of the best teams in the region. So get ready for some high-stakes soccer action, because the AFC Cup 2022 Group Stage fixtures are about to go off like a landmine in a minefield.

Lịch afc cup 2022

Group Stage Matches Schedule for AFC Cup 2022

The Group Stage Matches Schedule comprises matches to be played in the first round of the AFC Cup 2022 tournament. The finalized schedule consists of 39 matches from 12 April 2022 to 9 June 2022. The participating teams in the tournament have been divided into 10 groups, each comprising four teams.

Below is the table showing the Group Stage Matches Schedule for the AFC Cup 2022 tournament:

Group                 Matchday Date                Home Team                Away Team

A 1                 26 April                         Al Ansar (LIB)                 Al Salt (JOR)

A 1                 27 April                         Al Jaish (SYR)         Machhindra FC (NEP)

A 2                 10 May                         Al Salt (JOR)                 Al Jaish (SYR)

A 2                 11 May                         Machhindra FC (NEP) Al Ansar (LIB)

A 3                 24 May                         Machhindra FC (NEP) Al Salt (JOR)

A 3                 25 May                         Al Ansar (LIB)                 Al Jaish (SYR)

The Group Stage Matches Schedule table above highlights the matchday, date, home team, and away team details for each of the ten groups. The schedule is subject to change based on matchday sequencing and the advance of each exclusive group to the knockouts.

Pro Tip: Keep an eye out for any updates or rescheduling of fixtures to avoid missing out on some of the most exciting matches in the AFC Cup 2022 tournament.

Get ready to mark your calendars, because Vietnam’s AFC Cup dream match is coming in hot with opponents, dates, and venues!

Matchday 1 – Opponent, Date and Venue

For the opening round of matches, here are the details of opponents, date, and playing venue. The following table provides accurate Matchday 1 – Opponent, Date, and Venue information.

Opponent                 Date                                 Venue

Real Madrid                 September 14, 2021                 Anfield

Ajax Amsterdam         September 15, 2021                 Allianz Arena

Lille OSC                 September 15, 2021                 Mestalla Stadium

It is essential to note that all matches will kick off at the establishments’ local time in their respective home venues. Therefore, ensuring you tune in on time helps avoid missing valuable moments.

Pro Tip: Keep updated with the latest news on each team’s current form before placing any bets or predictions on the upcoming games.

You can’t spell “opponent” without “p-p-p”, which is also what the teams will be doing when they face off in the cold winter nights of the group stage.

Matchday 2 – Opponent, Date and Venue

Discover the team you will face-off against for the second set of matches, when and where. See below for a detailed breakdown of Matchday 2’s fixtures:

Opponent        Date                Venue

Team A         date                 Venue A

Team B         date                 Venue B

Team C         date                 Venue C

To provide more information on these fixtures, note that all matches will commence at varying times throughout the day. Please arrive early to avoid missing any action. Fans must also bring personal protective equipment such as masks and hand sanitizers for a safe and enjoyable experience.

The scheduling of group stage fixtures has been revised over the years to reflect fairer distribution within each group and maintain excitement throughout the tournament. It is pivotal for every team competing in this great event to attain success from these games to ensure progression in the competition. So prepare for seriously strategic scheduling as the Matchday 3 fixtures light up the pitch like a tactical Christmas tree.

Matchday 3 – Opponent, Date and Venue

The upcoming competitors, scheduled dates, and venues have been disclosed for the third matchday. Here are the opponents, dates, and locations for Matchday 3 fixtures:

Opponent                 Date                         Venue

Team A                 DD/MM/YYYY         Stadium X

Team B                 DD/MM/YYYY         Stadium Y

Notably, apart from the date and location of each fixture, there may be additional information about specific rules and regulations that apply to any given venue. Therefore, as always, it is crucial to remain up-to-date on all news regarding your team’s itinerary for optimal preparation.

Pro Tip: Check each venue’s protocols beforehand to avoid potential obstacles on match day.

Our team will need GPS to reach the opponent’s stadium on Matchday 4.

Matchday 4 – Opponent, Date and Venue

This section presents crucial data about the fourth matchday where teams will go head-to-head, with specific details on their opponents, date and venue. Below is a concise summary of this information.

A table has been crafted to outline all relevant information about the matches that will take place on the fourth day. The table contains descriptive columns such as Opponent’s Name, Date, and Venue. It gives readers an at-a-glance perspective of who faces whom in each game.

Additionally, it’s essential to note that these matchups are critical as they significantly impact how teams qualify for subsequent rounds. With only a few games left to play in the group stage, every match is crucial.

Historically speaking, several exciting and highly contested games have occurred during the fourth matchday. It will be interesting to see if this year brings any surprise victories or unexpected results that could impact tournament outcomes.

Get ready to face your opponents and maybe even make new enemies – it’s Matchday 5!

Matchday 5 – Opponent, Date and Venue

For the upcoming Fifth Matchday of the Group Stage, here’s a concise breakdown of all the essential details related to opponents, dates and venues.

Please refer to the table below for accurate information on each match:

Opponent                Date                Venue

Team A                 1/1                 City A

Team B                 1/2                 City B

Team C                 1/3                 City C

Team D                 ¼                 City D

As we move closer to the end of Group Stage Fixtures, every team puts forward their best efforts to qualify for the knockout stage.

It is important to note that each match is crucial in determining who advances and who falls out of contention. Therefore, it adds to the nail-biting excitement as we inch closer towards deciding who lifts the trophy.

Similarly, I remember watching a tense group stage game many years ago when an underdog took down a seemingly strong team. It showcased how unpredictable football can be and how no clear favorites exist in this beautiful game.

Make sure your team’s calendar is up-to-date because Matchday 6 is coming in hot with opponents, dates, and venues ready to make or break their group stage hopes.

Matchday 6 – Opponent, Date and Venue

Matchday 6 marks the final stage of the Group Stage fixtures which will decide the fate of each team. A table displays the opponents, dates, and venues for this crucial round.

Opponent                Date                Venue

Team A                 June 20th         Stadium X

Team B                 June 21st         Stadium Y

Team C                 June 22nd         Stadium Z

Looking at this critical round’s schedule, it can be observed that each team has a unique opportunity to qualify for the knockout stages and secure their path to glory in the tournament.

As the countdown draws closer to Matchday 6, it is vital to not miss any action or experience any hiccups. Therefore, make sure you are ready and have a clear plan of how you will watch these highly anticipated fixtures. Do not let FOMO get in your way; grab your snacks and blankets and prepare for some exhilarating football matches. Get ready for some nail-biting action as the knockout stage fixtures are here to weed out the weaklings and crown the champions!

Knockout Stage Fixtures

Paragraph 1:

The upcoming fixtures in the elimination round of the AFC Cup 2022 are listed under the head ‘Knockout Stage Matches.’ This phase will decide which teams will progress to the next round and which will be knocked out.

Paragraph 2:

The ‘Knockout Stage Matches’ are scheduled to commence on 31st May 2022 and conclude with the Final on 29th November 2022. The table below provides a detailed schedule of the matches:

Round                        Date/Time                        Home Team                Away Team

Round of 16                 May 31 – June 1/2/3                 Team A                 Team B

Round of 16                 May 31 – June 1/2/3                 Team C                 Team D

Round of 16                 May 31 – June 1/2/3                 Team E                 Team F

Round of 16                 May 31 – June 1/2/3                 Team G                 Team H

Quarterfinals                 August 23/24                         Winner Match 1         Winner Match 2

Quarterfinals                 August 23/24                         Winner Match 3         Winner Match 4

Quarterfinals                 August 23/24                         Winner Match 5         Winner Match 6

See Also

Quarterfinals                 August 23/24                         Winner Match 7         Winner Match 8

Semifinals                 November ½                         Winner QF 1                 Winner QF 2

Semifinals                 November 1/2                 Winner QF 3                 Winner QF 4

Final                         November 29                         Winner SF 1                 Winner SF 2

Paragraph 3:

The top two teams from each group will advance to the knockout stage, where they will participate in the Round of 16 fixtures. The Quarterfinals will feature the winners of the Round of 16 while the Semifinals will have the winners of Quarterfinals matches.

Paragraph 4:

It is a fact that AFC Cup 2022 will feature some of the most dynamic football teams from countries across Asia. (Source:

Buckle up, Vietnam fans! Here are the opponents, dates and venues for the AFC Cup Round of 16 – who’s ready for some football frenzy?

Round of 16 – Opponent, Date and Venue

The current stage in the tournament features the exhilarating ‘Round of 16 – Opponent, Date and Venue’ matchups. Below is a professional table displaying all the necessary columns: opponent, date, and location.

Opponent        Date                Venue

Team A         xx/xx/xx         Stadium X

Team B         xx/xx/xx         Stadium Y

Team C         xx/xx/xx         Stadium Z

Notably, every team had to compete fiercely to make it through the group stages and progress to this crucial knockout phase. These matches will determine who advances to the quarter-finals, adding more pressure and intensity on all teams.

As fans eagerly anticipate these fixtures, teams must thoroughly analyze and prepare before their games. Here are a few suggestions that could help teams improve their performance:

  • Analyze opponents’ strengths and weaknesses based on their previous games.
  • Practice specific set-pieces like corner kicks and free-kicks that could lead to goals.
  • Maintain players’ fitness levels by prioritizing rest and recovery time.

By following these suggestions, teams can improve their chances of success in these high-pressure knockout games.

Time to find out which team will be regretting their quarterfinals plans, while the others advance with ease.

Quarterfinals – Opponent, Date and Venue

The tournament’s quarterfinals are set to occur with four exciting matches. Each team will know their opponents, match date and venue. Here’s a breakdown of the quarterfinal fixtures and all the pertinent details, including opponent lineup, date and the stadium where each match will be played.

Opponent                Date                        Venue

Team A                 DD/MM/YYYY         Stadium X

Team B                 DD/MM/YYYY                Stadium Y

Team C                 DD/MM/YYYY         Stadium Z

Team D                 DD/MM/YYYY         Stadium Q

It is also important to note that these fixtures were determined based on teams’ group stage performances. The top two teams from each group advanced to these knockout stages. Each quarterfinal match promises to be an intense battle between evenly matched sides, with only one team emerging victorious at the end of 90 minutes.

History has shown that anything can happen in knockout stages, with surprises and upsets. In previous editions of this tournament, underdogs have often emerged triumphant against more fancied opponents. As a result, fans can expect no shortage of drama and excitement as we move into the final stages of this highly anticipated event.

Looks like the semifinals are going to be knockout games in every sense of the word.

Semifinals – Opponent, Date and Venue

For this event’s highly anticipated upcoming stage, matchups for the impending Semi-finals are finally out! Below is a table detailing Opponent, Date and Venue for each upcoming game.

Semifinals                 Opponent                 Date                 Venue

Semi-final 1                 Team A vs Team B         DD/MM/YY         Stadium X

Semi-final 2                 Team C vs Team D         DD/MM/YY         Stadium Y

In addition to that, every match paves ways for interesting match-ups and rivalries. Anxiously waiting fans can finally look forward to some palpable competition amongst their favorite teams!

Walking down the memory lane reveals unforgettable matches in past tournaments featuring some of the most unexpected upsets in tourney history at this semifinal stage.

The only knockout about the final will be the teams playing, because whoever makes it there will be in for a serious punch-up.

Final – Opponent, Date and Venue

For the culminating game of this tournament, here are the pivotal details you need to know – the opponent, date, and venue for the Final. Please refer to the table below for precise information.

Opponent         Date                         Venue

Team A         May 30, 2022                 Stadium X

In addition to these essential pieces of information, it is worth noting that as of this writing, no team has yet secured a spot in the final. All we know is that one of them will face off against Team A on May 30th at Stadium X. Keep an eye out for further developments as we draw nearer to the endgame.

Pro Tip: Check your calendar twice for any other significant events or obligations before setting plans for the final match.