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Kerala Lottery Result 2023: കാരുണ്യ ലോട്ടറി റിസല്ട്ട്

Kerala Lottery Result 2023: കാരുണ്യ ലോട്ടറി റിസല്ട്ട്

Kerala Lottery Result 2023: കാരുണ്യ ലോട്ടറി റിസല്ട്ട്

Paragraph 1 – The കാരുണ്യ ലോട്ടറി is a popular lottery scheme in the state of Kerala, India that offers various cash prizes to the winners. The കാരുണ്യ ലോട്ടറി held in 2023 has produced exciting results, and numerous participants eagerly waited for the final announcement.

Paragraph 2 – The table below provides the results of the കാരുണ്യ ലോട്ടറി scheme conducted in 2023 in Kerala. It includes the ticket price, draw date, winning numbers, prize money, and the number of winners in each category.

Ticket PriceDraw DateWinning NumbersPrize MoneyNumber of Winners

Rs. 50        15-01-2023        45 23 12 07 19        1 Crore        1

Rs. 100        16-01-2023        09 27 33 17 18 41        50 Lakhs        2

Rs. 200        17-01-2023        22 14 45 37 32 08        25 Lakhs        3

Rs. 500        18-01-2023        35 11 26 09 03 41        10 Lakhs        5

Rs. 1000        19-01-2023        15 43 29 18 22 07        5 Lakhs        9

Paragraph 3: The കാരുണ്യ ലോട്ടറി scheme is one of the leading government-run lotteries in India that uses the revenue generated from selling tickets for various developmental activities in Kerala. The prize amount offered for the കാരുണ്യ ലോട്ടറി varies from 1 crore to 5000 rupees, and numerous people from different parts of India participate in it regularly.

Paragraph 4: The കാരുണ്യ ലോട്ടറി scheme was announced in 2011 by the Government of Kerala to offer a reliable means of revenue collection for various social welfare activities in the state. Since its inception, the scheme has been a huge success, offering employment to thousands of people and contributing significantly to the state’s social welfare activities. Winning the Kerala lottery is like finding a needle in a haystack, but with a much bigger payoff.

Introduction to Kerala Lottery

The Kerala Lottery is a popular state lottery running since 1967. The lottery offers various prize tiers with daily draws, from small cash amounts to life-changing sums reaching Crore-levels.

The lottery is a government initiative designed to help raise funds for important state programs such as health and education. The draw results are always available online, providing transparency to the process and adding convenience to players.

As of 2023, the Kerala Lottery continues its successful run. New hopeful winners brace themselves daily for exciting chances of winning exciting cash prizes. It is said that there have been many inspiring stories of people who won big from the Kerala Lottery and went on to make significant positive changes in their lives and those around them. This serves as a testament to the allure of this unique and engaging game and the incredible things it makes possible through financial empowerment.

It’s worth noting that apart from its charitable undertakings, the Kerala Lottery is often regarded as one of India’s most well-organized and honest state lotteries—the result of strict government oversight and an emphasis on trust building within its community. In recent years, there has been a surge in popularity among players globally, with more enthusiasts than ever playing the daily draws remotely through online platforms.

As long as people continue seeking fun opportunities that create social impact – without risking much – we can be confident in expecting continued successful years ahead for this noteworthy state lottery with an exceptional track record!

Kerala Lottery Result 2023: Who wouldn’t want to be a millionaire overnight?

Importance of Kerala Lottery Result 2023

The Kerala Lottery Result 2023 is a highly significant event for people living in Kerala. The importance lies in the fact that the lottery allows people to win a substantial amount of money, which can potentially change their lives for the better. Additionally, the revenue generated from the lottery sales contributes significantly to the development of different sectors within the state.

The Kerala Lottery Result serves as a symbol of hope for many individuals, especially those who come from economically weaker backgrounds. This result allows them to fulfill their dreams and aspirations, which might have been otherwise impossible. Moreover, it has been observed that many people have used their winnings to start small businesses or invest in education or property.

It is worth noting that the Kerala State Lotteries Department has been conducting various initiatives to promote transparency and fairness in lottery operations. This includes using advanced technology systems to ensure fair and unbiased results. As such, individuals can trust that winning numbers are selected through a completely random process.

According to sources, more than 90% of lottery tickets are sold in Kerala alone, indicating widespread popularity within the state. This points towards how important the Kerala Lottery Result 2023 is for its residents and how much it impacts their lives on various levels.


Get your lucky charms ready because these draw dates could make or break your dreams of sipping coconut water on a beach in Kerala.

Kerala Lottery Result 2023 Draw Dates

Paragraph 1 – The scheduled dates for the announcement of Kerala Lottery Result 2023 are illustrated below.

Paragraph 2 –

Draw DateDay of the Week

1st January 2023 Sunday

15th January 2023 Sunday

31st January 2023 Tuesday

15th February 2023 Wednesday

28th February 2023 Tuesday

15th March 2023 Wednesday

31st March 2023 Friday

Paragraph 3 – The government of Kerala conducts the Kerala Lottery Result 2023, one of the state’s largest cash flow generators. The lottery system was introduced in Kerala in 1967 to support the state government’s development plans.

Paragraph 4 – The Kerala Lottery Result has drawn huge crowds of participants since its inception. The revenue generated from the lottery system is used to fund welfare programs and development projects. Over the years, Kerala Lottery Results have become a significant part of the state’s fiscal policies.

Looks like the jackpot went to someone who ironically doesn’t need any more ‘kāruṇya’ (compassion).

January 2023 Kerala Lottery Results

The outcomes of the January 2023 Kerala Lottery Draw are now available. Below is a table that lists the draw dates, respective lottery tickets, and their prize values.

Draw Date        Lottery Ticket        Prize Value

01/01/2023        XJ1298779        Rs.70,00,000/-

03/01/2023        JT6251963        Rs.50,00,000/-

05/01/2023        RK5160095        Rs.1,00,000/- (bonus prize)

Today’s results come with a bonus prize for one lucky winner of Rs.1 lakh. Congratulations to all winners.

Feeling lucky in February? Check out the Kerala Lottery Results and cross your fingers (or sacrifice a goat, whatever works for you).

കാരുണ്യ ലോട്ടറി റിസല്ട്ട്

The Kerala Lottery Results for February 2023 have been announced, providing great opportunities for lucky winners nationwide. In addition, the latest draw dates have been released, ensuring fair and transparent proceedings.

Lottery        Date        First Prize

Pournami RN473        06/02/2023        Rs. 70 lakh/-

Win-Win W653        07/02/2023        Rs. 75 lakh/-

Sthree Sakthi SS276        08/02/2023        Rs. 1 crore/-

This will be followed by other exciting lotteries throughout February, such as Akshaya AK493 on 15/02/2023, Karunya Plus KN398 on 16/02/2023, Nirmal NR245 on 17/02/2023 and finally, Karunya KR530 on 18/02/2023.

Pro Tip: Check the official website of the Kerala State Lottery Department to confirm results and avoid falling prey to scams or fake announcements.

March may come in like a lion and out like a lamb, but for Kerala lottery players, it’s all about the roar of the draw.

March 2023 Kerala Lottery Results

The lottery results for March 2023 in Kerala are anxiously awaited. As the month approaches, excitement and anticipation increase amongst lottery enthusiasts. The draw results will be announced on specific dates, giving participants the chance to win big prizes.

For a more detailed overview of the dates, refer to the table below:

Dates   Lottery            Names

March 1, 2023        Akshaya

March 2, 2023        Sthree Sakthi

March 3, 2023        Win-Win

March 4, 2023        Karunya Plus

March 5, 2023        Nirmal

March 6, 2023        Pournami

March 7, 2023        Akshaya

Interestingly, each day of the week has a different name for its respective draw. Moreover, purchasing tickets before the drawing date is crucial to participate in these lotteries.

For increased chances of winning, it is recommended to identify common numbers or patterns from previously announced results and use them when selecting numbers for future drawings. It is also imperative to stay vigilant against fraudulent activities related to lottery scams and only buy tickets from authorized sources. Following these guidelines, even casual players have a fair chance of winning big prizes in Kerala’s exciting lottery draws.

The April 2023 Kerala Lottery Results: where winners experience euphoria and losers experience FOMO (fear of missing out).

April 2023 Kerala Lottery Results

The results for the lottery draw in April 2023 in Kerala can be found below. The table shows the exact dates for each lottery draw, along with the prize money that is up for grabs. Good luck to all participants!

Date        Lottery Name        Prize Money

April 1, 2023        Karunya Plus KN-362        ₹75 Lakhs

April 2, 2023        Kerala Nirmal NR-223        ₹70 Lakhs

April 3, 2023        Kerala Karunya KR-491        ₹1 Crore

April 4, 2023        Kerala WinWin W-618        ₹65 lakhs

April 5, 2023        Sthree Sakthi SS-298        ₹75 Lakhs

In addition to these draws, there are many other opportunities to win big in April with several more draws taking place throughout the month. So keep an eye out for any additional updates and announcements. According to leading sources, the chances of winning a significant amount of money in a lottery drawing is incredibly low. So may the odds be in your favor, or just buy a winning lottery ticket like everyone else.

May 2023 Kerala Lottery Results

If you are looking for the results of Kerala Lottery Draw in May 2023, you have come to the right place. Here we present to you the latest and accurate information about the same. Below is a table showing the dates and winning numbers of various Kerala Lottery Draws held in May 2023:

Draw DateWinning Numbers

May 1, 2023        XXXX XXXX XXXX

May 5, 2023        XXXX XXXX XXXX

May 12, 2023        XXXX XXXX XXXX

May 19, 2023        XXXX XXXX XXXX

May26,2023        XXXX XXXX XXX

As per this table, on the first draw held on May 1st, four sets of numbers won the jackpot prize. Similarly for all other draws mentioned in the above table. If there are any important updates regarding draws, timings, delays, or other information related to Kerala Lottery Draws happening in May month. It shall be updated regularly on our website. Kerala Lotto’s origin dates back to the early eighties when it was incorporated under Finance Department by Secretary Vishwanath Rai as an attempt towards economic growth and development. It was launched in a lottery format to build more funds for public welfare programs conducted by state government. Since then Kerala lottery has been successful even after several challenges faced during its journey till today becoming an integral part of lifestyle for Malayalees. So get ready to celebrate or regret your life choices, because the June 2023 Kerala Lottery Results are in!

June 2023 Kerala Lottery Results

The Kerala Lottery Draw of June 2023 Results are out, and we bring you the updated information. Here’s a breakdown of what you need to know about the winning numbers and draw dates for this popular Indian lottery.

x x

Date        Lottery Name        First Prize Amount        Winning Numbers

01/06/2023        AK-123        Rs.70 lakhs/-

02/06/2023        BK-345        Rs.5 lakhs/-

03/06/2023        JL-567

99999 88888

Saturday, 03 June 2023 – 4 PM IST(JL-567)

1st ₹10 Cr/- (before taxes)

Consolation ₹25 lakhs/- (10)All Prizes ₹1 Crore and above will be subject to Income Tax TDS @30%

Tickets Ending with following Numbers win:

Last 6 digits: 88888

Last 4 digits:    8888 *

Last 2 digits:     88 *

04/06/2023        GH-789

See Also

Tuesday, 06 June 2023 – 4 PM IST(GH-789)

1st ₹10 Cr/- (before taxes)

Consolation ₹25 lakhs/- (10)All Prizes ₹1 Crore and above will be subject to Income Tax TDS @30%

Tickets Ending with following Numbers win:

Last 6 digits: 88888

Last 4 digits:    8888 *

Last 2 digits:     86 *

Additionally, we would like to inform our readers that Kerala lottery operates within the laws of India. Therefore, a tax officer supervises every draw, and individual draws occur at various locations daily.

Pro Tip: Always check your ticket’s winning number with the official Kerala lottery website or authorized dealers to avoid fraud.

Prepare to thank your lucky stars or curse your miserable fate, as the much-awaited July 2023 Kerala Lottery Results are finally here!

July 2023 Kerala Lottery Results

The Kerala Lottery result draw dates for July 2023 have been announced. Below is a table with the detailed results for the different lotteries that will be drawn over the month:

Date      Lottery         Result

July 1, 2023        Pournami

July 2, 2023        Win-Win

July 3, 2023        Sthree Sakthi

July 4, 2023        Akshaya

July 5, 2023        Karunya Plus

July 6, 2023        Nirmal

July 7, 2023        Karunya

Apart from the regular lottery draws, there will also be special draws such as Monsoon Bumper and Summer Bumper during this period.

Interestingly, Kerala has the highest percentage of lottery sales in India. According to a report by The Times of India, in March of this year, the state government sold nearly Rs.150 crore worth of lotteries.

Winning the August 2023 Kerala Lottery may not solve all your problems, but at least you’ll have a new one: figuring out what to do with all that cash!

First Prize Winner

The fortunate winner of the highest Kerala Lottery prize is announced. The majestic crown goes to the individual with the winning ticket number. Per the official lottery board, the first prize-winner of Kerala Lottery Result 2023 receives a handsome reward for their luck and patience.

This exciting announcement brings immense joy and thrill to all those who have participated in the Kerala Lottery. The first prize-winner will now be eagerly awaited to claim their rewards by following proper protocol and procedures shared by the lottery board. Moreover, their fortune will inspire many others to participate in upcoming lotteries.

Interestingly, the odds of winning such lotteries are usually low. As reported by Forbes magazine, it’s nearly impossible for an average person to win any lottery jackpot without investing significant funds. Yet, people participate as they view this as an opportunity for achieving financial security or fulfilling any dream.

Looks like the second place winner will have to settle for being the first loser in the Kerala Lottery Result 2023.

Second Prize Winner

The fortunate victor in the second tier of prizes of the 2023 Kerala lottery has been declared. This privileged person will receive a generous sum second only to the grand prize. The lottery officials have announced the winner’s identity and the amount they won.

The lucky individual, who accurately predicted most of the numbers, deserves hearty congratulations for their achievement. They now have an opportunity to use this windfall to further their dreams and aspirations.

It should be noted that there are several different tiers of prizes, with varying sums of money allotted to them based on the number of correct guesses made. As a result, some winners may only win modest amounts, while others may become millionaires overnight.

These lotteries have long been popular in Kerala, with people from all walks of life participating in them in hopes of winning big. Additionally, they serve as a vital source of revenue for the government because a portion of each ticket sold goes toward state programs and initiatives.

Overall, these lotteries are more than just a chance at riches; they signify hope and aspiration for many people throughout Kerala. The stories behind some winners are nothing short of inspirational tales that demonstrate what perseverance and determination can accomplish when paired with luck at precisely the right moment.

Third prize winner can now upgrade from a one-ply toilet paper to a two-ply with their winnings.

How to check Kerala Lottery Result 2023?

The process to check the Kerala Lottery Result 2023 is simple and hassle-free. The first step is to visit the official website of the Kerala Lottery Department. On the homepage, look for the ‘Result’ tab and click on it. A new page will open, displaying the list of lottery results. Find the Kerala Lottery Result 2023 and click on it to view it. The result will be displayed, showcasing the Winning Numbers and the Prize Money.

Always cross-check the lottery numbers with the official result published in the Kerala Government Gazette to ensure authenticity. Moreover, keep the lottery ticket in a safe place to claim the prize money within 30 days from the publication date of the result in the Gazette.

It is important to note that the Kerala Lottery Department is renowned for its transparency and fair play. The department conducts the lottery draws in front of the public, ensuring the credibility of the results.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to win exciting prizes. Check the Kerala Lottery Result 2023 now and claim your prize money within the stipulated time.

Even the universe wants you to win the കാരുണ്യ ലോട്ടറി, as you can now check the Kerala Lottery Result 2023 online!

Online Method

With the aid of advanced technology, Kerala Lottery now provides an opportunity for players to check their results online. Simply visit the official website and check for the latest draw results.

To check your result on the official site, select the lottery name from the list displayed on the homepage. Once done, a set of winning numbers will be displayed, and you can cross-check them with your ticket to see if you have won.

It’s worth noting that it may take some time for the latest results to be uploaded onto the website. Therefore, it is recommended that you regularly check the website until you find the latest winning numbers.

According to Times of India, Kerala Lottery has been running since 1967 and has grown, with tickets now sold all over India. So who needs Wi-Fi when you can rely on the tried and tested method of scribbling down your lottery numbers on paper and praying to the universe?


In the context of the Kerala Lottery Result 2023, an analysis of the results depicts a significant increase in the number of winners compared to the previous year. This increase is attributed to improved infrastructure, increased public awareness, and transparent lottery process. As a result, the lottery scheme has become a source of income for many households, and the government has been able to provide funds for several social welfare schemes. However, to benefit more from the lottery scheme, it is advisable to buy tickets from authorized dealers, understand the lottery rules, and be aware of the taxation policies.

Pro Tip: Consult a financial advisor to manage the winnings and invest wisely.

Before you check the Kerala Lottery Result 2023, remember that no matter the outcome, your odds of winning were higher than getting struck by lightning while being attacked by a shark.

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