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Is Fortnite Still Relevant?

Is Fortnite Still Relevant?

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When a video game enters the mainstream, we know that it’s been a success. A few years ago, there was no avoiding Fortnite, which had become a literal overnight sensation.

It seemed that everyone was playing this game, while its signature dance was suddenly being emulated by professional athletes in their celebrations.

Six years on from its release in 2017, it may appear that nobody is doing The Floss anymore, but is this a sign that Fortnite has lost its hold in the market?

Instant Hit

Upon that release date in 2017, Fortnite certainly attracted some interest from serious gamers. There was a title that could cross a number of genres, and that was a factor that boosted early sales.

Fortnite’s gameplay was able to take in Survival, Battle Royale, and Sandbox. It was a good early marketing ploy, but the multi-genre theme was backed up by real substance, and this provided top entertainment all around.

Another way in which Fortnite gained mainstream media attention was via its serious levels of prize money at its global tournaments. Back in 2019, the Fortnite World Cup was conceived with a staggering top prize of $3 million at stake.

That type of financial incentive saw many amateur players looking at the pro ranks. Professional eSports is big business, with top tournaments being televised live all around the world. TV advertising is at a premium during these events, while the sportsbooks get involved by producing a host of accompanying live betting markets.

Big prize money is still on the line, but unless you are actually playing Fortnite, you may not be quite so aware of its presence.

It’s not such a mainstream media baby these days, but just because the wider public is less aware, does that mean that Fortnite has lost its relevance?

Is Fortnite on its way out?

Before we take a look at numbers, it’s worth considering the fact that there are many players out there who generally believe that Fortnite is a dead game. There is also the factor of early adopters moving away and looking for alternatives.

We should remember that Fortnite is a relatively new release, with the first edition hitting the shelves as recently as 2017. It’s only natural that interest will drop off among a section of those initial players.

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All players are different: Many like to stay loyal to one title, while others will continue to move on and seek out the latest craze.

There has also been criticism leveled against the developers, Epic Games. Upgrades on the first release didn’t always meet with approval, and the disappearance of favorite characters in future editions may have affected sales.

The absence of wider media coverage may have also led to the belief that this is a dead game, but what is the reality in 2023?

The Fortnite Figures

Figures show that playing numbers for Fortnite reached a peak at 83 million in 2021. Since then, the title has started to drop, but that’s not entirely surprising. This was a time when the majority of the world’s population was locked inside their homes, and we all needed outlets.

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Regular video gamers could simply carry on with their current pastime, while a host of new and former players discovered a love for this type of activity. Along with many other titles, the figures for Fortnite hit their peak.

Moving into 2022 and 2023, there has been a dip, but numbers are encouraging. It’s suggested that, at any one point in time, at least one million people are playing Fortnite around the world.

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Recent reports hint at a slowdown in terms of lost players, while there are suggestions that the figures are finally starting to increase once again. Reasons may include improvements in the most recent upgrades, while the return of popular figures such as Turner has been welcomed.

Fortnite continues to enjoy loyal support from its dedicated player base, while it’s likely that others have returned to the game after unsuccessfully exploring alternatives. The best piece of news for the developers indicates that Fortnite is finally starting to attract new players after that round of early adopters began to move away.

The Future of Fortnite

While it’s a debatable point, a genuine argument can be made suggesting that Fortnite was overhyped. Could any game possibly live up to the type of promotion that saw this title burst beyond the gaming community and into the wider public consciousness?

While it would be wrong to suggest that early promotion involved a number of publicity stunts, the big prize money helped to drive early sales. To an extent, that continues in the present day, but the issue is that other games are also providing seven-figure prize purses.

In short, Fortnite may never hit those early heights again, but it is far from being an irrelevant, dead game.