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Inspiring Trend: Jackpot Winners Donate Their Money to Support Ukraine

Inspiring Trend: Jackpot Winners Donate Their Money to Support Ukraine

Inspiring Trend: Jackpot Winners Donate Their Money to Support Ukraine

The world continues to support Ukraine, despite all threats by the Kremlin. Surprisingly, a huge part of this support comes from regular people who are willing to help Ukrainians with their donations. In this article, we will tell you about the jackpot winners who decided to donate their money to support Ukraine. Read some truly inspiring stories of people with big hearts below.

30 Million for the State Border Service of Ukraine

Every day Ukrainians bring victory closer with real actions and deeds both on the front line and in the rear. A resident of the Zakarpattia region (Ukraine) hit the jackpot on the popular gambling site and donated her entire winnings of 30 million hryvnias to the Ukrainian defenders. 10,000 sets of military uniforms were bought with funds for border guards. This was reported in the press service of the State Border Service of Ukraine.

So, in July, a woman from the Zakarpattia region Zhanna has become a millionaire, although she had no idea that her online entertainment would bring such a fortune. But instead of buying apartments and cars, the Ukrainian lady sent all her winnings to help the Ukrainian army. The philanthropist herself notes that everyone can help, and she has used her chance to do it. Indeed, any player can contribute after getting the best wins on legal platforms like the Stake casino site.

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The other day, representatives of the Parimatch Ukraine company approached them with an offer from a client who won the jackpot, and informed them that the woman gave the winnings to help the country and that it will be sent to support Ukrainian border guards. “The production of 10,000 sets of uniforms for military personnel of the border department has already been ordered with these funds,” the publication says.

The head of the State Border Service, Serhii Deineko, admits that this story is really impressive because it is a sincere personal desire and a great personal contribution from a specific person. “When we see such a level of support from people and businesses, we are sure that together we will overcome all the difficulties, and Ukraine will win,” the chief border guard emphasises.

Canadian Winner Gave a Part of the Money to Ukrainians

A 70-year-old resident of Quebec is ready to share part of his winnings in the Lotto Max lottery and donate the funds to the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine, reports CTV News. In June, a resident of Brossard, Quebec, 70-year-old Marcel Lussier was lucky to hit a $70 million jackpot. The lucky person has already received a check from Lotto Max, and answering the question of where he plans to spend the money, he said that he would donate part of the funds to the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine.

The retired engineer, who has worked for a long time at the state company Hydro-Quebec, also plans to help people with autism. Also, the lucky guy and his wife still plan to go on a long-awaited cruise, which he had to cancel several times due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Why Is Charity Good for Personal Development?

When answering the question “Why is charity good?”, probably the first thing that comes to mind is the opportunity to change the world for the better. And although this fact is undeniable, there are at least five bonuses that the benefactor receives from good deeds:

More happiness

Charity makes you feel really good. Of course, spending money on yourself also feels good, but research shows that the level of happiness from a charity is much higher. Philanthropy has been found to alleviate depression, increase life satisfaction, and generally promote health and well-being.

A good example for children

An English proverb says, “You don’t need to educate your children – educate yourself. Your children will be just like you.” Regular charity is a great example for children to show compassion and mercy and a guarantee that your kids will grow up caring and ready to come to the rescue of those in need.

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Better financial management

Setting a certain amount for a monthly charitable donation will keep you on track and encourage you to be more careful with your spending. Anything that forces you to focus more often on your finances is a good thing, especially if it also helps others.

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The feeling of success

According to a Forbes study, people feel wealthier and more successful when they have the opportunity to help others financially. And it certainly increases self-esteem and gives confidence that you can change the world and make people happier.

Support of own moral values and beliefs

In the American study “Why we donate”, the most common reason for charity was a sense of social responsibility: 96% of respondents noted that they consider it a moral obligation to use their wealth to help the needy. And it is worth noting that this feeling is deeply rooted in the values of many developed cultures.

All the good deeds that we do out of a sense of responsibility are a great way to feel that our life is in line with our moral principles and that it is not spent in vain. Both Zhanna from Ukraine and Marcel from Canada have proved this tendency.