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Important Terminology on Casino Games Online

Important Terminology on Casino Games Online



Online casinos have long been an integral part of the lives of most people around the world. This is not surprising. The laws of most countries strictly regulate the gambling business, so it is not easy for an ordinary person to visit a classic type casino.

Casinos and gambling clubs are usually located in separate gambling zones, which are problematic for many people. Therefore, the emergence of online casinos on the Internet has become a real outlet for gamblers.

But visitors who first come to the site of a gaming club, to play pokie games, are sometimes frightened and repulsed by the lack of understanding of many terms and names. This is understandable, since everyone love to make a short abbreviation of the long words, which new players may find confusing.

Therefore, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the basic concepts that are often found in the circles of the players of online casinos:

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  • Abuser – Freebie fan. He is looking for casinos that give any gift for registration, trying to make money on this. Often creates many accounts.
  • Adaptive mathematics – adaptation of the game to the player, which depends on different parameters at a certain point in time. Disputes often arise between players whether the winnings are random or the games are “tweaked” by the casino operator. How this actually happens, only game developers know, which is a commercial secret of the companies.
  • NoDep (no deposit bonus) is usually a gift from a casino. Funds in the account without making a deposit.
  • Bonus hunter – a hunter for bonuses, he is also known as an abuser.
  • This is a gambler who abuses the bonuses offered by the casino in the hope of capitalizing on it. Often has documents for different people to create multiple accounts. Almost all casinos are fighting such players, and some even block entire countries for registration.
  • Wild – a substitute symbol, can replace any symbol on the reel and thus turn a zero combination into a winning one. In some games, the Wild can replace the missing Scatter to trigger the bonus game.
  • Wager – an arisen obligation on the number of bets after winning from free spins and / or a cash bonus.
  • RNG – random number generator
  • DOA – refers to the game Dead or Alive made by Netent, one of the masterpieces of slot building. A cult game, albeit quite boring.
  • Docks – documents required to confirm your account identity
  • Deposit – your funds on casino’s account, required to play for real money
  • Skid – a large win in gambling, usually “at a time” within one game
  • Cof or Coef – coefficient of winning probability.
  • Coin – most games have no such thing as a dollar or euro, they have coins. The coin rate can be different.
  • Micro – games from Microgaming company
  • Breakout – a round of the game that is offered in some slots after winning and makes it possible to double the amount by guessing the suit or color of the closed card. Often, after doubling, you can continue the game and thereby double the already increased amount. As a rule, you can refuse doubling without playing a round
  • Re-Spin – In some games, under certain circumstances, for example in a bonus, you can get a free re-spin, which can lead to a winning combination. There can be several re-spins in one round
  • Retrigger – In some slots in the bonus game mode, when scatters appear again, the same number of free spins is given again. If additional free spins are not provided, then the win is paid for this combination
  • Rigged (from the Norwegian word rigged) – deception. In the case of a casino, it means that the random number generator does not generate numbers randomly at all, but gives out pre-prepared combinations.
  • RTP – short for the phrase “return to player”. Payout percentage of the bet. As a rule, the indicator varies between 96-98%. In practice, all these parameters are considered to be only informative, because you can both win well in a game with a low RTP and lose a lot in a game with a high RTP.
  • Draining – the loss of all or almost all of the money
  • Scatter – this is a symbol, when dropped – triggers the bonus game.
  • Free spins – free spin. As a rule, such spins are given in the bonus game. However, this does not guarantee a big win. Before using up all the bonus offers, introduce yourself to types of casino bonuses. This way you’ll know what you are dealing with and which would be a good one to claim. There are numerous incentives and each sounds good. However, taking all the precautions and reading the requirements makes gambling more enjoyable.

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In addition to these terms, there are others. But in order to start playing at online casinos, this initial knowledge is enough. The rest can be easily understood in the course of the game itself.

Slot machines were created not to rack your brains, but so that people could relax, have fun and have a good time. Therefore, do not worry about incomprehensible terms, the meanings of which you can very quickly understand during the game itself.