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Iconic Mens 80s Hair

Iconic Mens 80s Hair

mens 80s hair

Let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we? The 80s were a time of big dreams, big music, and even bigger hair. Especially when it comes to men’s 80s hair, the decade was all about making a bold statement. From gravity-defying mohawks to the iconic mullet, men’s hairstyles in this era knew no boundaries.

In fact, I’m sure many of you will remember the wild perms that were oh-so-popular at the time. Or perhaps you’re more familiar with the slicked-back look sported by stars like Don Johnson in Miami Vice? Whatever your memory holds, there’s no denying that men’s 80s hairstyles left an indelible mark on our society.

So why are we talking about these throwback styles today? Well, it seems that everything old is new again. We’re seeing a revival in 80s-inspired mens hair trends – whether it’s for nostalgia or simply because they’re just too cool to leave in the past!

Mens 80s Hair

The 80s were a time of big hair and even bigger personalities. Men’s hairstyles weren’t exempt from this trend, with a variety of bold and daring looks taking center stage. From mullets to Mohawks, men’s 80s hair was all about making a statement.

One of the most iconic hairstyles that comes to mind when thinking about men’s 80s hair is undoubtedly the mullet. It was business in the front, party in the back! The seemingly contradictory style became wildly popular, as it combined both short and long elements into one unforgettable look.

Next on my list would be the perm. Though often associated with women’s styles today, back in the 80s many men embraced this curly hairstyle. Whether they had naturally curly locks or hit up their local salon for a perm treatment, men loved rocking curls that added volume and flair to their hair.

Then there’s the unforgettable “Flock of Seagulls” hairstyle, named after the band who made it famous. This haircut was characterized by its swept-forward bangs and voluminous sides – an eye-catching look that definitely turned heads!

And let’s not forget about flat tops, where men kept their hair standing tall and flat at top for a squared-off appearance. Originally popularized by military personnel, this no-nonsense style soon found its way onto mainstream fashion.

Finally, there’s no talking about men’s 80s hair without mentioning dreadlocks. While they have roots tracing back thousands of years to various cultures worldwide, dreadlocks saw considerable popularity among certain subcultures during the ’80s.

To sum it up:

  • Mullet
  • Perms
  • Flock of Seagulls hairstyle
  • Flat Tops
  • Dreadlocks

It goes without saying that these iconic hairstyles played a significant role in shaping fashion trends during that decade – turning ordinary guys into unabashed trendsetters with their daring looks.

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Surely enough though, just like any other era, some people might cringe looking back at these styles today while others continue to celebrate them as vintage classics – such is beauty’s subjective nature! But one thing’s for sure: mens’ 80s hairstyles certainly left their mark on pop culture history!

Cultural Impact of ’80s Hair Trends for Men

The 1980s was a decade like no other, especially when it came to men’s hairstyles. Men’s 80s hair was all about making bold statements and pushing boundaries, and it certainly left its mark on our culture.

In the ’80s, guys were not afraid to let their hair grow out. In fact, long hair became a symbol of rebellion against societal norms. Think rock bands like Bon Jovi or Guns N’ Roses – their wild manes weren’t just part of their image; they were a statement.

This era wasn’t just about grungy rockers though. A more polished look was also in vogue with the rise of yuppie culture. Slicked back hair embodied the power and determination that characterized this ambitious group.

The mullet, another prominent style from this period, has had an enduring impact on pop culture as well. The “business in the front, party in the back” ethos captured the duality of ’80s men – serious yet fun-loving.