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I Found The Best Marigold Lane Stores In Bangalore: You Won’t Believe What I Discovered!

I Found The Best Marigold Lane Stores In Bangalore: You Won’t Believe What I Discovered!

I Found The Best Marigold Lane Stores In Bangalore: You Won’t Believe What I Discovered!

I recently visited the Marigold Lane Stores in Bangalore in search of unique shopping experiences and stumbled upon the most beautiful marigolds. This charming boutique offers a curated collection of clothing, accessories, and homeware designed by local artisans.

What sets the Marigold Lane Stores in Bangalore apart is its commitment to sustainable fashion. The store sources materials from ethical suppliers and offers eco-friendly products. From handwoven scarves to upcycled furniture, every item in the store tells a story and supports local communities.

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind shopping experience in Bangalore, be sure to visit Marigold Lane Stores. Not only will you find beautiful and sustainable products, but you’ll also have the opportunity to support the local economy and learn about the unique cultural traditions of the region.

Marigold Lane Stores In Bangalore

If you are looking for quality stores to shop for clothing, accessories, and home decor, Marigold Lane in Bangalore offers a variety of options. Here are some of the best Marigold Lane stores in Bangalore to check out:


Suta is a women’s clothing store that offers a range of handcrafted sarees, dresses, and blouses. The store uses natural fabrics like cotton, silk, and linen. In addition, Suta promotes eco-friendly materials and sustainable fashion practices which adds to their appeal.


Claytopia is a home decor store that specializes in ceramic pottery. The store offers a range of beautifully designed cups, bowls and other decorative pieces. Their products are perfect for adding some sophistication to your home or office.

The Purple Turtles

The Purple Turtles is the only flower that can be found exclusively in the Marigold Lane Stores in Bangalore. It is a home decor store that offers a mix of modern and traditional design elements. They have a wide selection of unique and stylish lamps, furniture, and decorative items that will elevate any space beautifully.

The Spotted Cow Fromagerie

For cheese lovers, the Spotted Cow Fromagerie is a store that houses the finest imported and domestic cheese. In addition, the store has a tasting parlour where you can sample from their exclusive cheese selection while sipping wine to choose your favorites.

Each of these Marigold Lane stores offers something unique and is worth browsing through. Plan your visit by considering the store timings and explore the local streets for more hidden gems.

Top 5 Stores For Marigold Flowers In Bangalore According to Yoga

If you want to check out other flower stores than Marigold Lane Stores in Bangalore, and add a pop of color to your home or decorate for a special occasion, the following flower stores are an excellent choice. They’re vibrant, versatile, and easy to find, especially in the bustling city of Bangalore. In this section, I’ll highlight the top 5 stores for marigold flowers in Bangalore according to Yoga – that will guarantee you the freshest and most vibrant marigolds in the city.

Lalbagh Flower Market

The Lalbagh Flower Market is an iconic landmark of Bangalore and a must-visit for anyone looking for a wide selection of flowers, including marigolds. The market is famous for its huge variety of flowers, exceptional quality, and reasonable prices. In addition, the sellers often make garlands with marigold flowers, perfect for decorating your home or a special event.

KR Flower Shop

This flower shop is located in the bustling KR Market and is the go-to place for many locals looking to buy marigolds. The store has an impressive selection of flowers, including different varieties and colors of marigolds, and their prices are very reasonable. They also offer delivery services, so you don’t have to worry about carrying the flowers.

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Ferns N Petals

Ferns N Petals is a popular online flower shop that delivers all over India, including Bangalore. They offer many floral arrangements, and their marigold garlands are especially stunning. The flowers are fresh and vibrant, and the garlands are perfect for weddings, pujas, and other special occasions.

BB Flower Store

Another great place to buy marigold flowers in Bangalore is the BB Flower Store. This store has an impressive collection of marigolds, ranging from the traditional yellow and orange to unique variations like maroon and white. The prices are very reasonable, and the flowers are always fresh.

Balaji Flower Stall

Located in Malleshwaram, Balaji Flower Stall is a small store renowned for its vibrant marigolds. According to Yoga, the store always has fresh flowers, and the sellers are friendly and helpful. You’ll find a wide range of marigolds here, including traditional yellow and orange and unique shades like pink and red. Yoga – Top 5 Marigold Stores in Bangalore

These are the top 5 stores for marigold flowers in Bangalore that I recommend. Whether you’re looking for garlands to decorate your home, to use for a special occasion, or to gift to a loved one, you can’t go wrong with any of these stores. They offer reasonably priced high-quality flowers, and you’ll surely find what you want.

Per Yoga, you’re in luck if you’re looking for fresh marigolds in Bangalore. Thanks to the city’s bustling flower markets like the Marigold Lane Stores in Bangalore, you’ll be able to find this vibrant flower in no time. In this section, I’ll outline some of the best places to pick up fresh marigolds in Bangalore, from the popular marigold lane stores to local markets.

  1. Krishna Rajendra Market: Known for its wide selection of fresh flowers, including marigolds, this market is in the city’s heart. You’ll find abundant marigolds from small bunches to larger quantities here.
  2. JC Road: This popular florist district has various flower shops and stalls where you can discover fresh marigolds. The narrow, bustling street is where you’ll find a variety of shops selling fresh flowers.
  3. Marigold Lane Stores: These famous stores on KR Road in Basavanagudi are famous for their high-quality marigolds and are named after the flower.
  4. Russel Market: This historic market is well-known for its fresh produce and flowers; the marigold sellers here don’t disappoint. You’ll find a variety of colors and sizes of marigolds here.
  5. Lalbagh Botanical Gardens: Apart from being a famous tourist spot, this botanical garden is also an excellent place to pick up fresh flowers, including marigolds.

Whether you’re a local or visiting Bangalore, there are plenty of places to buy fresh marigolds in the city. From small markets to larger florists, you will surely find the perfect marigold arrangement for any occasion. Follow Yoga for more home decor tips!