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How Video Games May Help Prevent Dementia

How Video Games May Help Prevent Dementia

While dementia isn’t simply an effect of the aging process, you may still be concerned that this is a condition that may affect you or a family member. However, there are ways that you might be able to prevent dementia, and one way is by playing video games. Keep reading for more information. 

They Help You Stay Active

One area of your lifestyle that might have an effect on whether or not you develop dementia is your exercise routine or how often you get your body moving. If you are against the idea of traditional exercise, there are video games designed to get you up and to move. 

For example, if you have a virtual reality headset that you play games with, there may be titles that you can purchase which will facilitate moving your body and sweating. You can play these games daily or every other day, and you might be able to see health benefits from them. 

To learn more about dementia, you may want to read BetterHelp. There are articles related to this condition, as well as its treatment options. 

They Help You Continue to Learn

Another way video games might be able to prevent dementia is that they can help you continue to learn. You can opt to play games that are designed to teach you a skill or those that require a great amount of concentration and time management. Perhaps you enjoy playing a game that teaches you how to play the guitar or simulates the running of a business. These can help you learn new things and how to manage many things happening at once. When you are able to continue to learn, this could help your brain stay healthy. 

They Can Help You stay Social

Even if you are often unable to leave your house, gaming can help you stay social. There are games that you can play online with friends, where you can talk about how you are, discuss gaming news, or anything else that you would like to. You may even have friends that you see in real life that you also play games online. This might allow you to have fun, laugh, and enjoy yourself while gaming. Keeping a positive attitude may be a big part of staying healthy as well, so consider being optimistic when possible. 

Keeping up with others and not isolating yourself can play a role in staying healthy, and if you interact with people that care about you, they may be able to notice if you start to develop symptoms of a condition like dementia. This can help you seek treatment quickly. 

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It Provides Something to Do

Video games are an activity you can take advantage of in your spare time. Instead of simply sitting around watching television or looking at social media sites, you can be playing video games, which are engaging and often include having to solve problems or decipher puzzles. 

Even if you don’t think there are video games that you will enjoy, you may need to try them to find out. There are many different genres, and there is likely something that anyone will like. If there are topics you are interested in, like history or true crime, you may want to research games that cover these ideas. 


There are many ways in which playing video games could prevent dementia. They can be beneficial when it comes to staying social, helping you learn a new skill, solve problems, and even facilitate exercise. Take some time to decide what games you may want to play and try them out. You will likely find something that you feel comfortable spending your time on.