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How to Study and Play Games at the Same Time

How to Study and Play Games at the Same Time

Let’s be honest. Everyone loves playing games. If you don’t, you just haven’t found the right one. Playing games is a fantastic activity, especially these days. With the current condition, we can barely go outside and take a walk. Let alone hang out with friends and have fun like we used to. All that’s left is to stay at home and play video games. 

However, you can’t simply play all day long (we bet you can) because assignments (along with parents) are relentless. Online education has resulted in a hectic load of tasks students must do quickly to meet the deadline. 

If you are in the same boat, you don’t necessarily need to turn off your PC or console and start doing homework. “But who will write my college paper?” you might ask. By reading this article, you will learn how to play games and complete your paper and any assignment simultaneously!

Play With Peers 

Everyone has friends and colleagues in academia. Thanks to such interactions, we improve the social skills that help us when looking for a job or simply adapting to society. With distance learning, all we can do is play with our classmates and have fun online. However, you can make use of such a situation and play games with your colleagues and do your homework at the same time. Indeed, it will be more intellectually demanding, but it is even better! 

First, you can discuss homework with your colleagues when playing games. For instance, you can divide yourself into groups and organize a debate club. Not only will it help you get prepared for classes, but it will also boost your concentration and flex your brain muscles.

Another excellent approach is to create competitions and define what the defeated team will do for the winners. For instance, suppose you have to write an essay. In that case, if you win, someone from the opposing team will serve as a speech-to-write tool. This way, you will be able to play a game and dictate your text, which you will get in the written form.

Have Your Study Materials Next To You

It is hard to play games without taking breaks. This strategy is simple yet very effective, and it doesn’t require playing with your friends. Simply set a timer for, say, 30 minutes and keep playing. When the time’s up, use the break (for example, 15 minutes) to work on your assignment. Although you won’t play and study simultaneously, you will follow a great technique that will help you incorporate two activities, remain productive, and, above all, have fun! 

Play and Watch Educational Videos Simultaneously

If you have a display monitor in your household, and you play games on your laptop (or the other way round), why not benefit from it? Indeed, following something coming from the background may not be very efficient. But it is way better than doing nothing, right? Find an educational video on YouTube or a course platform, run it on display, and keep playing a video game. While you are playing, writing service online may be provided by the experts of BestCustomWriting and this way you will have time to retain some basic information. 

Play and Listen to Podcasts

Podcasts are fantastic if you want to consume as much content as possible. You can listen to them anywhere and anytime. All you need to do is find the podcast, put your headsets in, and launch it. You can also increase or decrease playback speed. 

Listening to podcasts will require meeting one simple thing – turning off game sounds. But as long as you aspire to study, learn something new, and play games at the same time, it won’t be a huge problem.

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Play and Use Speech-to-Text Software

You don’t need to organize competitions to have someone write your paper (you still need to have friends, though). We live in an era when everything changes rapidly. Numerous speech-to-text software exists, and they improve every single day. By using them, you can have a practically error-free draft. 

Indeed, it hinges on an app. If you want an entirely correct draft, you will have to pay. Prices vary, but we suggest downloading free apps because you will have to edit and proofread your paper before submitting it anyway.

Play Games Pertinent to Your Assignments

Regardless of what people might say about games (that they make students procrastinate, lower their productivity, etc.), they are effective if played in moderation. For instance, role-playing games help eliminate writer’s block and boost imagination. The latter is essential when working on narrative essays. In turn, mazes, chess, and puzzles will enhance analytical and problem-solving skills that are critical in Formal Sciences. 

Playing games along with studying may well be challenging and less effective. But it is possible, and you can even have lots of fun! If you plan to combine both actions, the mentioned ways will make your playing and studying actions as productive and unforgettable as possible.