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How to Spot a Bogus Online Casino in the UK

How to Spot a Bogus Online Casino in the UK


Few online gamblers make an effort to read the terms and conditions before signing up with an online casino. Once you sign-up and transfer the deposit money, you have no other choice to wager that amount on one of the games. This post is about spotting a fake online casino in the UK. Note that, UK-citizens are keen on signing up with hassle-free offshore gambling sites.

When signing up with an offshore online casino catered to the UK-users, you must check if the site is licensed under a gambling authority. Having said that, online casinos have more than one way to bully and exploit a novice gambler. Some casinos cut costs by outsourcing customer service to non-English speaking countries, whereas others sell player’s personal information.


Before signing up with an online casino in the UK, make sure you weed out the UK-based blacklisted sites posted on CasinoOnline.

5 Best Ways to Spot a Bogus Online Casino in the UK

They Are Not Registered With Gamstop

The UK Gambling Commission has made it mandatory for all licensed UK-based online casinos to sign-up with Gamstop. Gamstop is a self-exclusion scheme that allows chronic gamblers to continue their rehabilitation. Unlicensed and bogus casinos have no obligation to sign-up with Gamstop.

You will be glad to know that new canadian casinos 2022 are not on Gamstop. Unless you are a Gamstop-registered user and want to indulge in occasional gambling, do not register with a site that is no on Gamstop. You might be risking your money.

They Offer Poor Customer Service

As I mentioned earlier in this post, most bogus casinos either do not provide customer service or hire poorly trained professionals. For UK-based players, the customer service representative must be British (or speaks the language fluently).

Secondly, before putting your hard-earned money in an online casino, also check if the website has mentioned the company address, email address, and phone number. Online chat support also indicates the legitimacy of the organization.

They Do Not Protect Users Personal Information

A UK-based player cannot deposit money in an online casino with their credit card. Since April 2020, the UK Gambling Commission has barred them from doing so. Naturally, the only payment options left are PayPal, debit card transfer, digital wallet, and crypto.

Bogus casinos lure you into providing your personal information to sell it to marketing firms or hackers. Only provide your information to gambling sites registered under a governing body (for instance, Malta Gambling Commission).

They Host Lesser-Known or Unknown Games

To host a game on a gambling website, the website owner must produce a testing certificate. The game must be certified by a relevant authority. Only then can a gambler out his/her money on the game. Also, most popular games come with certification, so investing in them is a no brainer.

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However, on your first visit to a gambling site, you must check for the testing certificate if you see unfamiliar or lesser-know games. Do not register with the site if there is no certificate, or the testing certificate appears bogus. There is a massive chance that the game is going to be rigged against you.

The Website Has Spelling and Grammar Errors

Popular UK-based gambling sites like WilliamHill or Ladbrokes have their web pages designed by the top professionals in the country. The website content is most probably written by an in-house gambling expert or someone proficient with the English language. Such is not the case with bogus casino sites. Do not register with a website if you find obvious spelling or grammatical errors on its web pages.

What to Look for in an Online Casino

When looking for an online casino, you must first verify whether it is legitimate or not. An online casino licensed under a governing body can be relied upon. Welcome bonuses and rewards should come next on the priority list.

Most beginner gamblers prefer to have a no deposit sign-up bonus. Meaning, you can get your gambling journey started without having to invest a penny.

Lastly, google the online casino and read reviews by industry experts. Look for casinos with an overall rating above 7. Also, head to the comments section of the report and check out what the users have to say.