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How to Reach a VIP Casino Status?

How to Reach a VIP Casino Status? is a comprehensive online casino directory dedicated to providing the best and most up-to-date information on the latest new Australian online casinos. Our team of expert reviewers takes pride in carrying out extensive research to ensure that all of our content is accurate and fact-checked.

Attracting new customers is the main task for any gambling establishment. In online casinos, one of the most effective traditional ways to incentivize highly active gamblers is to give them VIP status. It is a special position with a lot of profitable bonuses. Gambling sites are designed for a diverse audience. There are foreign currency casinos for VIP players, but the vast majority of sites are positioned as universal. The user acquires a privileged status as they are active on the site.

The loyalty program works according to a set scheme. Upon registration, you are assigned an initial level by default. They are usually classified as bronze, silver, gold, platinum, etc. Some programs base this hierarchy on the total number of points achieved. For example, in the Columbus online casino, a client grows from a sailor to an admiral.

How Are the Usual Bonuses Different from the Program for VIP Clients?

A large number of clients of every casino are those who prefer playing free slot games, as it is a cool chance to have fun without the need to risk their own money. Other people would like to try their luck to win big. The administration of gambling resources pays enough attention to bonus offers for those who choose to play slot machines for money. As part of a standard loyalty program, new customers often receive welcome packages. They also get loyalty bonuses for the first and subsequent top-ups. The program provides cashback and other benefits too.

But VIPs are in a more privileged position. They receive benefits that are not available to ordinary players. Let’s see in more detail what VIP users are entitled to:

  • loyal wagers – reduced odds for winning bonuses;
  • increased cashback, a higher percentage of return of lost funds;
  • access to confidential information – earlier notification of future promotions, raffles, and tournaments with large prize funds;
  • accelerated monetary transactions;
  • high limits on deposits and withdrawals;
  • the help of a personal manager – a casino employee, forcing the resolution of disputes.
  • VIP status is not just an honorary title, pleasing pride, but exclusive opportunities for players.

How to Get VIP Status?

We want to let you know that VIP status is specific to only one site. It’s not valid on other sites, and you need to find out if a site has a loyalty program before registering.

Most casinos show the level system and bonuses that are available on each one in their promo section. In some cases, a link to this information is put in the footer of the page.

The administrator assigns the VIP status automatically. Most often, regular visitors to the casino spend a certain amount on deposit within the stipulated period. This state can also be obtained through a special program that involves obtaining and accumulating coins/points in games. Most often, it is a program in which players gradually move from level to level. And, by reaching the maximum limit of reputation, you get access to all the privileges of the institution. The rating of operators on the slots describes the loyalty program of each of them. Sites can be sorted by important criteria: bonuses, year of foundation, etc. Reviews are attached to the descriptions, by which you can evaluate how generously the operator encourages regular players.

There are several characteristics that will allow you to understand how realistic it is to become a VIP client of the site:

Features Rewards
Available deposit and withdrawal methods The more convenient the payment instruments offered by the operator, the faster the player will be able to move through the level system.
Limits Acceptable limits on the number of bets will allow you to effectively manage your bankroll
Choice of titles Playing on the site should be not only profitable but also interesting.

If the operator offers a meager assortment, it will be difficult to evaluate the benefits of VIP status.

Once the bet has been made and your desired game is available to play, you can head over to the registration page and make your first deposit. Be sure to verify your identity in advance & submitting scans of documents when possible, as this will help avoid any problems with withdrawing winnings later on.

The speed of progress varies depending on how much you bet as well as the casino’s loyalty program. For example, any bonuses you get for betting (e.g., “free play”) are not included in the calculation for promotion in their loyalty program, and if they have a real license, it might be worth your time to sign up with them instead of playing at random online casinos.

If an operator does not have official permission, it may not be able to fulfill its obligations or cease to exist at any time.

Differences of VIP Programs in Different Clubs

Each online casino has its own unique approach to the possibility of raising the status of the player. In some, gamblers are not given this opportunity at all. Others thus attract new and regular customers. Most often, on the sites of one company, such programs are almost identical.

It turns out that VIP is not just an abbreviation but a real opportunity to increase the chances of winning and smooth out the grief after losing. And for active users who like high stakes and also spend enough time in the game, obtaining such a status with privileges is not a problem.

Privileges for VIP Players

Each operator has its own way of attracting an audience. Their approach is the same, though; they all need to create engaged players who like high-risk bets and have a large betting budget. Clients are more likely to come back to an online casino if they feel they have a reason to. That’s why establishments in this industry give bigger bonuses and higher-stakes games. It’s been proven successful in many other industries, so there must be something to it.

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Airline passengers earn miles and upgrade their class of service; active online shoppers are rewarded with free shipping and additional discounts, bank cardholders receive cashback for completed transactions. The consumer is only driven by actual tangible advantages and benefits. Both sides are winning out here.

Benefits of VIP Status 

In order to somehow retain players and stand out from competitors, many casinos form different incentive schemes, for example, bonuses, privileges for regular players, etc.

Any platform is interested in attracting new players. This is especially true for large players who are ready to make big bets. Online casinos are constantly improving bonus offers and conditions, and they apply to both ordinary users and those who are ready to bet a lot. So, what benefits are supposed that VIP clients get:

  • First, it is important to note the existence of a bonus system. Such proposals help to emphasize the status of the player, to distinguish him from the rest of the crowd. As already mentioned, the casino always has a system that gives bonuses. This includes various bonuses without a deposit, accumulative points, welcome accruals, etc. Some slots also offer better bonus options for the most active players.
  • Secondly, it is worth noting access to closed tournaments. Sites often organize various competitions in which you can get valuable prizes. Among the privileges are also quite large prize funds.
  • Thirdly, VIP status means that you will be allocated support. This includes the highest level of player service. Any issues will be resolved as quickly as possible, and the withdrawal rules will be as loyal as possible. That is, such a player will be able to quickly withdraw money to the account without unnecessary delay.

Also, status players can be content with the following features:

  • High jackpot odds;
  • Personal tables;
  • Bonuses and prizes for the holidays.
  • High exchange rates.

Having a VIP status always gives maximum privileges to all casino players. But sometimes, it is difficult to achieve. You need to bet enough to eventually get access to the club of elite players.

Each status level unlocks its own perks and bonuses. The payoff limit is increasing, the percentage of cash back you earn is growing too. As your status improves, for example, by depositing more, money won is paid out faster, and there are better conditions for claiming a wagering bonus.

  • Service of a personal manager;
  • Access to limited VIP offers;
  • Personal gifts and bonuses.

Most of the time, VIP status is assigned automatically, but if it isn’t, you should contact customer support with a request.

Loyalty points can be used for promotion. This is an in-game currency that is credited to your account for any bets you place, deposits you make, and tournaments that you participate in. You can use it to receive bonuses, gift cards, and other prizes from the operator or exchange it for real money or status upgrades.


Having a VIP status is also a separate pleasure for the gambler. This status reveals many interesting benefits, as has been mentioned above. For getting this status, the best idea is to be patient and have fun with the casino games of the definite casino. The longer you are a participant of the casino, the closer you are to the VIP status.