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How to Make Successful Bets on CS:GO on 1Win Using Your Knowledge

How to Make Successful Bets on CS:GO on 1Win Using Your Knowledge

How to Make Successful Bets on CS:GO on 1Win Using Your Knowledge

Meta Title: How to Make Successful Bets on CS:GO on 1Win Using Your Knowledge

Meta Description: You can analyze winning CS:GO strategies and place your bets on 1Win. Analyzing these strategies will enable you to have an idea of various outcomes and when to place your bets.

Over the years, there has been an increase in the popularity of counter-strike global offensive in the esports betting space. The simplicity of the game is second to none, as it is a game with many tournaments and matches. Understanding the various CS:GO strategies of playing this game will help improve your winning chances when you bet on it with 1win; so read on and enjoy.

Understanding CS:GO

Counter Strike Global Offensive is a multiplayer game where two teams compete against each other. It is not an average or regular shoot-and-kill deathmatch as it requires players to use their intelligence over their technical ability.

Although it takes commitment to become one of the best in the game, you can harness your skill by learning the fundamentals. As the game starts, the players can either join the Terrorist side or the Counter-Terrorist side. The terrorist side plants a bomb while the counter-terrorist side tries to rescue hostages captured by the terrorists and also defuse the bomb.

Each round will end when the terrorists and counter-terrorists complete their goal and if all team members are eliminated. However, a competitive match may last 45 minutes to 1 hour, and the first team to win 13 rounds automatically wins. Any eliminated player before the round ends either leaves the game or becomes a spectator, as their voice cannot be heard by players who are still active in the game.

There are 34 weapons available for the players, and buy rounds enable players to use their in-game cash to purchase better weapons. Knowing the map rotations and timings in the game will also give you and your teammates an upper hand during a game. The game also has a total of 9 game modes, which are:

  • Wingman
  • Danger Zone
  • Demolition
  • Casual
  • Arms Race
  • Competitive
  • Flying Scoutsman
  • Retakes
  • Deathmatch

In CS:GO, there are several tactics players can use to increase their chances of winning a match. However, these strategies require good timing, communication, and coordination between the teammates for a positive outcome. Some of the best strategies are:

Split Tactics

Here, split your team and pressure the enemy from multiple directions.


You can also hit the bomb sites from several angles to create an opening in the enemy’s defense to give your team an advantage.

Misdirection Tactics

The plan here is to play mind games with the enemy by baiting the enemy and pulling off a convincing fake attack. This will help draw the enemy away from the real target site.


This is the best tactic for a team to regain control of a bomb site. You can create clear angles with your teammates to neutralize the enemy and make room for a successful retake. This tactic works best with teammates who have solid skills and teamwork.

Analyzing Teams and Players

You can also check some statistical and analytical sites for comprehensive data on previous matches. It will give you more insight into analyzing your matches to improve your winning chances. Watch some demo replays and analyze the synergy between the team players and how the teams win rounds.

Synergy is vital when creating timing strategies for good team play and increasing your kill rate during the game. Identify the winning pattern in the various maps on the game while identifying the pattern of the strategies and giving more win rates. Analyze the response of various teams to different in-game situations.

Learn about the ins and outs of the buy trends in the game. It will enable your team to be innovative with eco-force and buy-force strategies and get the most out-of-budget weapons.

Crafting Betting Strategies

One of the most loved features of the CS:GO game is its low entry points for budget bettors. It is vital never to spend more than you can afford when betting.


But in CS:GO, players can place bets with their in-game items as an alternative to spending their funds. Due to the wide range of tournaments available for CS:GO games, players can choose a suitable game according to their budget.

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Types of CS:GO bets

Before placing your bets, it is vital to consider your odds. Ensure you get a good waging value by finding competitive odds to improve your winning chances.

Match Winner

It is the simplest form of betting in CS:GO. Here, you can predict which team comes out victorious in a match. The bettor will receive a payout if the chosen team wins.

Total Maps Played

In this form of betting, the betting is placed on the total number of maps to be played in the match. Here, the bookmaker sets a standard line, and the bettor chooses if the actual number of maps played will be under or over the standard line.

Handicap Betting

Here, the bookmaker ensures fairness in the game by giving a team an advantage. Then, the bettor loses or wins the bet if the opposing team loses or wins based on the number of odds chosen by the bettor.

Other types of CS:GO bets are first blood, total rounds, outright winner, pistol round, map winner, and most headshots.

Leveraging Your Knowledge on 1Win

1Win is a popular betting app available on mobile platforms. It provides its customers with an effortless or seamless betting experience. This online platform has various gaming and betting options, like cricket betting and CS:GO. The app is a top choice for new and professional bettors because of its intuitive interface.

You can also use their live streaming of esports events to analyze teams’ performances. Here, you can make informed decisions and strategies based on available statistics and data. The following are some of the tips on how to adapt to strategies based on the changing game circumstances:

  • Ensure you manage your betting budget by not chasing losses
  • Always stay informed with the latest tournaments and gaming strategies
  • Always analyze your betting decisions to learn from your mistakes and successes


You can use several strategies to enhance your winning chances when placing bets on CS:GO games on 1Win. With 1Win, you can also bet on your favorite cricket games from anywhere with internet access. The CS:GO game involves two teams: terrorists and counter-terrorists where the former plants the bomb and the latter diffuses it. You can also use tactics, such as the split-push tactics, to improve your team’s winning chances.